Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


4. Rough start.

Chapter 4

Liam’s chauffeur drives us to a very nice restaurant. As we walk out of the limo, hand in hand, paparazzi come rushing towards us. Liam begins to run towards the door to the restaurant, when one of the paparazzi yells something at us that he apparently can’t ignore.

     “Liam, why would you date a girl so young and ugly, compared to you ex, Danielle Peazer?” the man calls. Liam’s eyes seem to glow of rage.

     “Ugly? Yes she is young, but ugly? How dare you?” he says, scarily calms, and starts walking to the man with big steps. He lets go of my hand and lifts it into a fist, ready to hit the man who has shrunken in fear of Liam’s fist. I stand here, starring at what is going to happen next. Then I snap back to reality and run to Liam, putting my hands on his chest.

     “Hey, Liam, look at me. Hey! He’s not worth it,” I say to him, surprising myself by my calm voice. He looks at me and reminds me of Edward from ‘Twilight’ with a troubled look in his eyes. It almost makes me smile, but not really, because of the circumstances.

     “Liam, please just walk away. If you hurt that man, you’ll also hurt me,” I tell him, which seems to snap him back to reality. His fist relaxes and falls to his side. I put my hand in his and pull him with me, towards the restaurant. When we reach the door, I can’t help but laugh. He looks at me as if I was crazy, and then begins too.

     “What do you think about starting our date over again?” Liam asks, winking at me.

     “I think that’s an absolutely great idea,” I grin at him. Our hands entwine and we walk in. Of course a bunch of the girls in here start to scream and cry. Oh dear, and that was me a few days ago? Liam smiles at them, pushing himself through and making space for me to come with him.

     “Girls, please! I’m on a very important date, so please step away from me,” he yells at them, and some of them moves and go to their tables, while others just stand and glare. At me. Dammit. I decide to try and ignore them, and just walk to our table. It actually works; they give me the death glare and walk off. I look at Liam; he is standing beside me, just looking at me. I smile at him and he leads me to the chair where I’m supposed to sit. He pulls out the chair and signals me to sit down. I do and he sits on the other side. A waiter comes to our table and takes our orders. I’m seriously hungry, so I order the menu, which seems to have the most food in it. It takes nearly five minutes for me to order; there are the starter, the main course and the drink. When the waiter finally leaves with a rather shocked face I look at Liam, who sits with the same expression.

     “What?” I ask. He just shakes his head, but I don’t give up. I keep on asking until he gives in.

     “It’s just… You are really disgusting,” he says, laughing really hard. My smile instantly fades. Oh, I haven’t thought about that. I guess so.

     “You’re like the perfect girl for Niall!” Liam laughs. I can feel my eyes sting from unwanted tears. Whoa, is it really that bad? Everyone knows Niall’s dreamgirl is as disgusting as he is which is pretty bad. When Liam looks at me through his tears, from laughing so hard, he sees me with wet cheeks and running make-up. He instantly stops laughing and jumps up from his chair and runs to mine.

     “I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t mean it like that. Oh gosh, really, you’re perfect for me! Not Niall! I won’t let him take you from me. I’m so sorry, Dani,” he says. I just stare at him before I grab my wallet and run out from the restaurant, crying like mad. I catch a cap and get in, telling him to go to my place.

     When I finally get home I pay the chauffeur and run inside, right into my mum’s arms.

     “Hey honey, what’s wrong?” she asks, sounding worried. I look at her with tears streaming down my face.

     “Liam called me Dani,” I say, my words followed by a loud sob. She pats my back, telling me that everything will be okay. Apparently my mind doesn’t want to hear that, because I push myself from her so hard she nearly falls backwards and then I run to my room, slamming the door.

     The rest of the week goes on like that, except for the school, where nearly every girl hates me. Even Sarah and Lola seem to hate me now! They won't talk to me, and they hang around the girls who have bullied me since kindergarten, so now I'm all alone. There are a few girls, who ask me about, how Liam is privately, but I never answer; I just walk away. I can't bear to talk about him. At all. Every day when I go home, I eat ice cream. Ben&Jerry’s, to be honest. It actually helps, but not much. Liam has been texting me all week, but I just cannot bear to pick it up, to hear his beautiful deep voice. Just then, my phone starts to buzz. I gaze at the screen: Private Number. Hmm, who could that be? I decide to just pick it up.

     “Hello?” I say.

     “Hi sweety!” a male voice in the other end practically whispers. I frown and try to figure out the voice, when it hits me.

     “Harry! Why are you calling me? If it has something to do with… Liam, I do not want to hear it,” I say angrily, having a hard time even to speak his name. Harry sighs loudly.

     “Please, just let him try to make it up to you. He won’t eat, talk, laugh or work in this state. It’s even worse than when he and Dani broke up,” he says, sounding worried. I sigh.

     “Fine,” I grumble; God he is annoying… and sweet. Dammit.

     “Great, ‘cause we’re right outside,” he says and then hang up. About two seconds later the doorbell rings. I run to the door, pushing my mum aside, giving her an apologetic look when she wrinkles her forehead as a sign of her anger. She walks away without a word, though. I open the door, and right enough, there Liam, Harry and Niall are – Liam blindfolded. Harry puts a finger to his lips as a sign for me to be quiet. I press my lips together and they come in. Liam keeps asking where they are, but not showing any emotions. When we enter my room the boys remove the cover, running out of my room and leaving me alone with Liam. Shit. Liam turns in confusion, not sure where he is, until his eyes finds mine. We stare at each other for about ten seconds, before he starts towards me with big steps. I consider pulling away, but he is quicker than my mind; suddenly his arms are around me, pulling me into a very close embrace.

     “I’m so, so sorry,” he whispers. I feel the tears on my cheeks again. I pull myself out of the embrace, and can see the hurt look in Liam’s eyes clearly.

     “You called me Dani. As in Danielle Peazer, your superhot and really sweet ex-girlfriend,” I say softly, trying to control my feelings.

     “I know, I know! And I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. Danielle and me are over, totally,” he says, tears streaming down his cheeks. He moves uncomfortably, waiting for an answer from me. I sigh and close the distance between us, hugging him hard. He just stands there for a second or two before he wraps his arms around me. It is obviously better than words, but I have this feeling like I need to say something. So I step out of the embrace, still wrapping my arms around him though. I start to say something, when his lips softly touch mine, hesitantly, giving me time to pull back - I don’t. It’s my first kiss, and I’m practically frozen in place. The kiss slowly gets hotter, and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, while Liam’s hand is on the bottom of my back and pulling me closer to him.

     When the kiss ends, we’re both breathing hard. Whoa, I would never have thought my first kiss would be like that, and especially not with Liam Payne, my celebrity crush. He looks deeply into my eyes, begging me for forgiveness. I tip-toe before him, pulling him closer as if I’m going to kiss him again, but my lips reaches his ear and I whisper:

     “You’re completely forgiven.” He smiles and lifts me in a big hug.

As we get out of my room about ten minutes later, we are laughing and our hands are entwined. We move slowly to the kitchen, where we find Harry and Niall sitting by the table, talking with my mum. Huh, I hadn’t seen that one coming; my mum is always so pissed at ne for talking about them, telling me that they’re just regular lads, and probably enormously mean, but yet, there she is, flirting as a teenage girl. I clear my throat. Harry and Niall snap their heads startled up, but when they see me and Liam clinging to each other their faces relax. We walk to them and Liam sits in the bar stool by the desk. He pats his lap and I sit on top of him. My mum smiles at us and could feel Harry and Niall’s eyes upon us.

     “Hey Ava, Mrs Johnson asked us if we wanted to stay and eat supper with you guys. We didn’t want to say yes before we knew if it was okay with you, sooooo?” Harry asks. I smile at him. I’m just about to assure him that for me, they will always be welcome, when I start wonder.

     “That depends, who is ‘we’?” I ask. He smiles again, making his dimpels pop out.

     “Just the lads,” he says. I laugh and tell him to come by any time they want. Whoa, I just told Harry Styles, a lad from One Direction, a world-known band to come by my house any time he wants. Holy cow. He nods and return to an apparently very important conversation with Niall about some football stuff. I notice Liam has been patting my thigh and, hopefully, without noticing his hand slips further up my thigh. I hadn’t noticed myself, but it is obvious my mum has; she clears her throat several times before she gets up and walks upstairs, without a word. I stare after her, but Liam’s face is in the way; his beautiful face with the perfect eyes, and abnormal gorgeous mouth. Without thinking I put my fingertip to his lips and follow the outline. Behind me I distinctly hear questioning coughs, but I barely notice them; Liam’s eyes are locked on mine. In them I could see a lust and desire I have never before seen. He looked as if he was trying real hard to control himself. I close the small distance between us and kiss him passionately. Behind me I hear the boys get up and say something about getting Louis and Zayn, but again I barely notice them. I change my position, so I sit with my whole body turned to him; it makes it easier to kiss him, and that is all I want to do. He kiss me back, just as passionately, rubbing his hand at the bottom of my back, sometimes letting it slip to my butt, but he is very keen not to go out of line.


I think it’s been nearly 10 minutes, but we still haven’t moved. He’s still making sure to be inside the line, which actually started to annoy me a little. I was just about to pull back when I heard a loud gasp, a “Told you so!” and a “Liam, what are you doing?!” I managed to break the kiss and saw the lads – Louis and Zayn looking as if they had just caught us doing the nasty and Harry and Niall looking superior. In the middle are Liam and I, Liam’s hands still on my butt and me still sitting on top of him like in those movies, where the girl is sitting on top of the guy in that really naughty position. Wups. Liam gets up so quick that I probably will fall if it isn’t because of his strong arms, still carrying me. He puts me down real quick though, when he sees the lads’ expressions. It’s like everything is frozen in place. Finally Louis moves. He practically runs to me and pulls me into a tight hug. Oh snap, was it that bad? Does he think Liam raped me?

     “Ava, can I please talk to you?” Louis asks. I look at Liam, but he is just staring at Zayn, who is staring back with an expression I can’t really read. I nod and he takes my hand, asking me about where my room is. I lead him to it and he closes the door shut behind us.

     “Ava, what was that?” Louis asks. Okay, I know he is super-protective because of his sisters and stuff, but seriously?

     “I kissed him. That’s what happened,” I answer, making my voice gentle, even though I am blowing up on the inside. He doesn’t look convinced, so I try again. After opening and closing my mouth a couple of times I finally manage to say:

     “Look, I can trust you, right Louis? You won’t tell Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and especially not my mum?” I ask him. His answer comes instantly:

     “Of course you can trust me! Just tell me,” he says, eyes filled with concern. I decide to just tell him, and just thinking about it makes me blush. Hiding my face I start telling.

     “Okay, good. Here goes: I’ve never had a boyfriend, never kissed anyone or done anything else. Actually, ever since you guys were on the x-factor I’ve told myself, the reason for my lacking boy-company was because God was saving me the right guy, which had to be one of you guys. And it seems like I was right. Today, Liam kissed me when he came here to apologize, and it was my very first kiss,” I tell Louis. He looks shocked and a bit amused, but I continue, feeling my cheeks getting hotter and hotter. “And that made me think about how lucky I am, and how much I want him,” I say. Louis’ hand pulls me to my bed and I sit beside him, never taking my eyes from my feet. He wipes a tear from my cheeks and start talking:

     “Honey, that’s perfectly normal. I seriously can’t understand such a beautiful girl can go around without a boyfriend, and the fact that you haven’t done anything at an age of 17 is seriously well done-“, he says.

     “Wait, what? I’m 14 not 17,” I interrupt. His eyes nearly pop out of his head in shock.

     “14? Are you sure?” he asks. I can’t help but laugh.

     “Yes I am quite sure of my age,” I say, smiling at him. He narrows his eyes, as if his sight is blurred.

     “But, you say you want to do a 19 year old?” he asks. He doesn’t sound judging or disgusted, just concerned and curious. I feel the blush again in my cheeks and nod. His hand finds my cheek, making me look at him.

     “Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You want to be with your boyfriend and that’s okay. But maybe you should wait until you reach the sixteen, or at the very least fifteen. And maybe it would be a good idea not to start it in the kitchen,” he says, smiling at me. I feel the heat in my cheeks again and playfully hit him in the chest.

     “Yeah, I see what you mean. Thank you for listening” I say, hugging him. He hugs me back and we leave the room together, returning to the kitchen. Liam and my mum are standing by the stove and the rest of the lads are sitting by the bar stools. I can practically see them drool. Louis and I split and I make my way to stand beside Liam, sniffing in the incredible smell. Liam looks at me with a discreet, questioning look in his eyes. I mouth later and he nods, returning to the food. I back out of the kitchen to sit with the lads. We start talking about everything and nothing, just laughing and goofing around. That is about everything we do the whole evening, and I keep wondering how it will be to go back to school on Monday, without friends. Suddenly Liam startles me, coming from behind, giving me another kiss. I really like kissing him, and he seems to sense that.

     After dinner Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall leave, but Liam is allowed to stay for a little while. We go to my room and sit on the bed. We turn on the television and put on a movie. I cuddle up beside him and we put on the duvet. Liam bents down and kiss me with a mixture of gentleness and greediness. When the kiss ends, we’re both breathing heavily. Then we watch the movie, which is ‘Ted’. I only get to see the intro, before I fall asleep with my head on Liam’s chest.

*Author’s note*

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for commenting, liking and favourite it. It means a lot. I am so, so sorry for the waiting, but I had absolutely no time to write. I promise; that will never happen again!

Love you all! xxx

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