Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


7. Lucky


                                              Chapter 7

”Ava?” A voice from behind me made me jump. I turned around and saw right into my boyfriend’s eyes. For a moment I forgot about my problems; I had just come out of the shower and had went into my room, only wearing a towel – one of those old, short ones. Instantly, Liam covered his eyes, bright red filled his cheeks. “Sorry, I uh,” he stuttered. I could also feel my face burn and my hands tried to cover the rest of my skin. Liam tried to back out of the room, still covering his eyes, but kept hitting the wall. My eyes wandered down my body to see if anything was showing. Accidently as my hands fluttered around, they touched the end of the towel that held it wrapped around my body. The towel fell to the floor and a gasp escaped my mouth. Before I could cover my breasts and downer parts Liam lifted his head to see why I had gasped. His chin dropped and I felt my cheeks get even hotter.

     “Oh, uh you have, I mean, uh,” Liam choked out. He looked so shocked that it made me laugh. He reminded me of a little child. He smiled and turned his beautiful eyes from my body to my eyes. They were filled with such love and relief that it made me want to kiss him. I took a step towards him, but the wind on my body made me remember the fact that I was naked. I quickly bend down to pick up the towel and awkwardly touched my hair. Liam seemed to get the point and bowed his head and found the door. Before he went out he shot me one last look and then closed the door. As soon as the door closed I fell on the floor, incapable to understand what had just happened. Liam just walked in on me naked. But that shouldn’t be such a big thing, should it? I mean, he was my boyfriend, after all. And he had seen a girl naked before. Of that I was sure. But, did he like what he’d seen? Danielle, his ex, was a beautiful, professional dancer and had the body of a Goddess. I was also a dancer and, sure, I was skinny, but not beautiful. Just average.

     The thought of Danielle made me remember my former problems. The age difference. How much did that mean, now he had seen me naked? Did that even mean anything? It was an accident, not anything intimate. But then again, the way we had looked at each other, the love and trust that seemed to be between us; that had to be something. To me that look meant more than a kiss or something physical.

     Slowly I got up and returned to my searching for underwear. I had some very boring underwear; my mum didn’t like thongs and those kinds of sexual things. So, one of those days where my mum and I had fought, Lola and Sarah took me out shopping. We went to an underwear boutique and bought a couple of really daring sets. I had forgotten all about it, but just then I found myself looking at it in my drawer.

     “Really Ava, are you seriously considering it?” I asked myself. I only spoke to myself, if it was an emergency, and it seemed to be at the moment. I considered wearing the underwear, because… I mean what the heck? He had already seen me naked. That made up my mind. “Okay, let’s do this,” I said and picked up the most decent and put it on. The string scratched a bit, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable. The braw fit perfectly and like that I went out of the door. My mum wasn’t home; she was always working late on Mondays. Now the time was about 1 p.m. and that meant she would be gone for at least 7 more hours. This was going to be interesting.

     I went out of my room, checking for anything unusual, like my mum’s car or something. But everything seemed normal so I put the towel in my hair and went out into the hall. From the hall I was able to get a look into the kitchen, where I could see Liam sitting by the table. He seemed to be very focused on a magazine and didn’t even glance in my direction. I went into the bathroom and quickly removed my old make-up and blow-dried my hair. When my hair was dry I put on some new make-up, trying to make it as natural as possible. Finally I felt decent in my underwear and went out as casual as possible, acting like I always walked around in my underwear.

     “I’m starving,” I said and went to the fridge. Liam mumbled something I didn’t catch. I sighed, why didn’t he notice me? Wait, maybe he already had, but didn’t want to make it awkward for me. Huh, well, if that’s the case, then I guess he doesn’t mind. I closed the fridge and went around the cooking-area. Liam looked up briefly, without really caring, but when his mind caught up with his eyes, his head snapped up and his chin dropped again. I smiled flirtatious at him and went to sit beside him. He followed me with his eyes, closing his mouth.

     “A-Ava, are you aware of what you are wearing?” he asked a bit confused. I smirked at him and touched his cheek.

     “Yes, of course. I just didn’t feel like wearing clothes right now. Do you mind?” I asked innocently. He shook his head a bit eager. My smile widened and I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the couch. He dropped himself on it and grabbed the remote. I sat down beside him a bit awkwardly; what now? With his feet on the table, he opened his arms, signalling me to snuggle into him. I did and he locked his arms securely around my waist and kissed my hair. I turned my head a bit so I could see his face. Smiling, he bent his head and kissed me passionately.

     “I’m really sorry for – “ he started but I kissed him to cut him off.

     “Shh, don’t think of it, it’s fine, really,” I said, and I meant it. I didn’t mind. It just seemed to have brought us closer. He smiled thankfully and we started going through the channels, discussing whether or not to see Disney Channel. Ironically I was the one against it.

     Somehow we ended up watching it; he had started tickling me and I gave in at last. He smiled superiorly at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. After about an hour I got hungry and I got up to make some food. ‘Good Luck Charlie’ started on the television and I sang along to the title song. I was a terrible singer and it just made it all so much more fun. I was singing so loud I didn’t even hear Liam behind me, so when he was suddenly kissing my shoulder I gave a little squeak.

     “You startled me,” I said teasingly. He didn’t stop kissing; he started moving up my neck, making me moan.

     “Mmh,” he mumbled against my skin. Grabbing my waist with his strong hands, he spun me around, kissing me fiercely. I threw my arm around his neck and pulled him closer. He moved his hands from my waist and down my bum, lifting me onto the counter. I spread my legs, so that he could stand between my legs. I felt the tension in his body and the hard bulge in his pants. It made me smile between the kisses; my plan had worked. But even though I really wanted him, I didn’t want him now.

     “Liam not today, please,” I begged. I knew Liam was a gentleman, so he wouldn’t make me do anything I wouldn’t do. Besides, I was underage.

     “You sure?” he asked. I nodded. “Okay then. Come here, you,” he lifted me down and took my hand and let me back to the couch where we snuggled again, still watching ‘Good Luck Charlie’.



“Babe, you have to wake up.” Liam’s beautiful voice woke me up. Huh, I didn’t even know I’d fallen asleep. Slowly I woke up and crept out of his arms and stretched my own arms over my arms. Behind me Liam sat up too, his short hair all messed up. He smiled sweetly at me and leaned in to kiss me. I met his lips, but pulled quickly away, worried that my mum would burst in. I looked down at myself and saw my half naked body and fast covered my body with the nearest blanket.

     “Anything wrong, love?” Liam asked confused. Of course he was confused; earlier the same day I was naked in front of him and afterwards put on some seriously sexy underwear.

     “No, not at all, I’m just a bit cold,” I said, which was true; I had goose bumps all over me. He nodded understandingly. “How long did I sleep?” I asked him. He shrugged.

     “I don’t know. About an hour I think; I fell asleep as well,” he said, smiling sheepishly. I giggled and kissed his cheek before I stood up. I started towards my room, hearing Liam following close behind. I held my hand backwards and he grabbed it without hesitation. Together we walked into my room, where Liam dropped himself on the bed. I ducked into my closet, searching for clothes.

     “What to wear, what to wear,” I muttered. My bed squeaked as Liam got up. He motioned for me to get on the bed, to make room for him. He started searching my closet and held out a nice, casual dress I wore when I was in a dressy mood. I looked at him, questioningly.

     “I just want you to make a good impression,” he said with a smirk. My expression got even more confused and he laughed, probably because of my wrinkled forehead; it always wrinkled when I was confused. “I’m taking you to my parents’ house tonight.”

     “Wait, what? N-no, you can’t!”

     “And why is that?”

     “I-I have school and… my mum! She won’t let me,” I stuttered. Just then a car drove into the driveway. Liam smiled superior and handed me the dress. Why, oh why did she come home on time today? I shot him a glance that told him to drop dead and put the dress over my head. I loved that dress; it was pastel coloured with a weird, black pattern and it fit me perfectly. It was a bit short, though, so I grabbed a pair of black leggings and put them on, just in time for my mum to enter the front door. I rushed past Liam to the bathroom to put on some more make-up and brush my hair. In the hall I heard my mum and Liam talk. I couldn’t figure out the words, but the voices were happy and polite. Great, just great! Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to meet his parents! It was just, what if they didn’t like me or was like Louis’ mum? Then we would probably have to break up and I didn’t want that. Shit, I wasn’t even out the door yet and I was already paranoid. I took some cleansing breaths before I went out of the bathroom. My mum and Liam had moved into the kitchen and appeared to be having a very serious talk.

     “No drugs, no alcohol and no sexual behaviour, yes ma’am,” Liam said. I felt my face blush. Was my mum really having that conversation with Liam? I took another cleansing breath and went in.

     “Don’t worry mum. I don’t do drugs and if I were to drink I wouldn’t want to do it alone and Liam only has one kidney, so he doesn’t drink. Plus, I’m underage for both drinking and having sex, so you can be all calm,” I said, smiling sweetly. I went directly to Liam and he put his muscular arms around me. I looked up at him with a, no doubt about it, loving look. He looked at me with the same look and kissed me gently. Not that intimate as it could have been, probably because my mum was there.

     “Okay, now get out of here! Have fun,” she said and went upstairs to her office. We went out to put outwear on.

     “Which shoes to this?” I asked, twirling in my dress. He went to my shoe-closet to check it out.

     “These!” He held out my favourite stilettoes and handed me them. They were black and glistening. “I love your make-up, by the way,” he said and kissed me. I smiled and kissed him back.

     “Thank you,” I said and put on the shoes. When he was ready we went out to his car.


We drove a bit in silence, but that soon changed.

     “Liiiiaam, you’re on the radio,” I squeaked. I had never had a boyfriend who was on the radio. Well, actually I’d never had a boyfriend at all, but… You know what I mean!

     “Yes I am, thank you for noticing,” he teased. I felt the heat in my cheeks and started singing along. It was Little Things and I knew every word by heart. I swear, if you asked me to sing it, without instruments or anything, I would do it. “You can it by heart?” Liam asked me, a bit amused.

     “Yes, well, you would too if you spent a whole year of your life obsessing about a boyband!” I said acting insulted.

     “A whole year? Seriously? Wow, my girlfriend’s literally obsessed with me,” Liam said, chuckling. I stuck out my tongue at him and continued my terrible singing. After a couple of words, Liam started singing along too. I stopped instantly and stared at him; I’d never heard him singing without instruments or the rest of his band. I’d only heard him live once, the same day I’d met him. “What?” he asked. I just shook my head, unable to speak. He just smiled and sang along to all the following songs. I had never in my life heard such an amazing voice and I loved every bit of it.

     “So, where are you taking me?” I asked after a couple of songs. I hated interrupting his singing, but I just had to ask.

     “Home of course,” he said, smiling at me. His smile was as beautiful as the rest of him and I couldn’t help but smile back. “Oh, here we are,” he said and drove down a byroad. I watched the bypassing houses eagerly, expecting something like Louis’ lane. But no, there was a lane full of regular houses. I felt a relaxing comfort wash over me; I felt like I could fit in here, not like I was an outsider like I did at Louis’ – which made me remember the magazine Ell had shown me. I looked up at Liam. I had to talk to him about this, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be a very nice conversation and I didn’t want that right before I was about to meet his parents. “Anything wrong, love?” Liam asked and frowned his forehead concerned.

     “No, yes… Let’s talk about it tonight, okay?” I said. Oh dear, even in my own ears it sounded mad. I smiled at him reassuringly. “Don’t worry babe, it’s nothing,” I said, though I wasn’t sure whether that was true. I really had to figure out how I was going to start this off, but that would have to wait, because we were driving up his very regular driveway by now.

     “Home sweet home,” he said and opened his door. He half-ran around the car and opened my door, handing me his hand. I took it and looked around. There was a nice front garden with a lawn and an apple tree. The house was big, but not huge, and yellow. It looked so welcoming! We walked hand in hand with entwined fingers up to the front door. “Ready?” he asked, grinning.

     “No… let’s do this,” I said and took a deep, cleansing breath.

     “Hey, you’ll do just fine. They’ll love you just as much as I do,” he said and bent down to kiss me. And then the door opened.

A middle-aged woman stood in the doorway. I recognised her from tons of images from different fanpages; this woman was Karen Payne, Liam’s mother.

     “Ahem, hello?” she said it as a question, which I understood. She was probably wondering what her son was doing, snogging a very young – too young – girl. I started to move away from him, embarrassed, but Liam held me close by the waist.

     “Mum, this is Ava, my girlfriend,” he said it as if he was trying the words; we had never really used it before, but it felt well. It felt right.

     “Oh, Ava! Yes, I have heard quite lot about you,” she said and smiled kindly at me, but didn’t pull me into a hug like Louis’ mum had, and I was glad she didn’t. “Liam James Payne, she is way prettier than you described. Or, no, you said she was like an angel walking on earth, Aphrodite, to be precisely,” she said and chuckled a very motherly laugh. I couldn’t love her any more than I did now.

     “Thank you Mother. I think you have done what you could to embarrass me, so can we come in now?” Liam asked a bit annoyed. I looked up at him; his face was bright red and his jaw tensed. He looked just like a little boy who hated his mother, like any other teenager. My mum always said that celebrities were just regular people and now I believed her.

     Mrs Payne opened the door enough to let us in. Liam walked straight into the house, but I hesitated, not sure whether to take off my shoes or just leave them on. Mrs Payne must have noticed.

     “Just put them here, dear,” she said and motioned towards a shoe rack in the corner.

     “Oh thank you Mrs Payne,” I said automatically. My mum had raised me to always say Mrs or Mr, unless they said otherwise.

     “Call me Karen,” she said, squeezing my arm. I nodded and hurried to take off my shoes and get inside the kitchen. The kitchen was big and bright; the walls were white but there were really many colours. It looked top modern, nothing like my old one. There were three doors, all white, all closed.

     “Uhm,” I said, not sure where to go.

     “First door on the left, dear,” she said, as if she could read my mind. I smiled thankfully and walked into a fairly big room. It was also white and plain, just as Louis’. In here the bed was made and it looked fairly clean. No clothes were thrown everywhere. I laughed a bit to myself; Liam had probably told his mum to clean the mess before he’d show up. But then again, we all know how tidy Liam can be, so he might just be like that. Speaking of Liam, where was he? I spun around, but he was not there. I wondered if I had taken the wrong door, but the picture frame of the band and of his turtles told me this was his room. I lay on the bed and searched his drawers, a bit afraid of finding Playboy or something like that. But no, there was ‘How to kill a mockingbird’ but nothing else. I took the book and read the back of it. I had never read it, which said some; I loved to read. I opened the book and started reading. It was one of those books I couldn’t figure out if I liked or not.

     “What a beautiful sight to enter my room to,” Liam said from the doorway. I snapped my head up; I hadn’t heard him come in.

     “Hello to you too,” I said as he moved through the room to get to the bed. He sat down next to me and looked at me. Then his eyes fell upon the book and he smiled.

     “You like it? I haven’t started it yet,” he said.

     “I don’t really know. And I definitely didn’t know you like to read,” I said, grinning.

     “Oh, I love to read,” he said, leaning closer.

     “Mmh,” I said, losing track of… everything. Our lips met and he moved on top of me. He definitely liked the dominance. Too bad I wasn’t giving it to him; I rolled him around so he was on his back, sitting on top of him, but never breaking our lips. We smiled between the kisses. Suddenly Liam rolled back so he was on top of me, this time breaking our contact. He grabbed my wrists and held them over my head. I struggled to get free, but he was too strong.

     “Oh no, don’t think you have a say in this,” he said and leaned down to kiss me again. But just before our lips touched I managed to get free from his grip and I pushed his chest so he fell backwards with me on top.

     “Don’t you think I’m giving up that easy,” I smirked and kissed him. This time we just stayed down and snuggled, with a hot making out scene and all I could think of was how lucky I was.


**Author’s note**

Hey you beautiful people! I have decided to make this story a 15+, because I have noticed that a lot of the best stories I’ve read has sexual scenes in them. So, if you’re not 15 and you are reading my story: I have warned you now. But please, PLEASE, tell your friends about this story, throw a like or a comment, it would mean the world! And I will update some more in the future!

Love ya’ll! <3

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