Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


2. Getting home.

Chapter 2


I could feel the questioning look he gave me, so I figured I had to answer. Shit, what was it he asked? Right, if I was okay, right…

     “Uhm, yes, I guess… Liam?” I asked hesitantly. I heard him sigh.

     “Yes? You want my autograph, phone number, a hug?” he asked, clearly annoyed. I bit my lip again, to keep me from screaming in his face.

     “No, no… Uhm, at the concert you took my phone, remember? I was just wondering if I could get it back.” I asked. He was clearly shocked, from what I could sense from him.

     “Oh, uhm, it’s you… Uh, yes, of course, but I don’t have it here, sorry. A storm just came on, so I figured I’d leave it on the bus, but I forgot something down here, and now the power’s off, and I’m lost, and…-“ he said, sounding like he was going to cry any moment. I remembered I still held his arm, so I let go of him, and crossed my arms, a bit embarrassed.

     “No, it’s okay. Uhm, I’ll just… I’ll just go…” I said, turned around and took a step forward, getting ready to leave him.

     “No, stop!” He said as he grabbed my wrist. “Please stay here with me… I-I’m kinda afraid of the dark…” He sounded so shy! I turned to him, considered it for a moment, thinking of my friends waiting outside. But then I remembered that I was standing here with Liam Payne! They would understand.

     “Sure, of course I will. Uhm, why don’t we sit down?” I said. He didn’t say anything he just sat, still holding my hand. I sat beside him, trying to wake myself up – this was clearly a dream! I was sitting backstage in the dark with the guy of my dreams, holding hands!

     “So… What’s your name?” he asked, clearly frightened; his voice shook and his hand felt sweaty, not that it bothered me at all.

     “A-Ava. I’m 14…” I said. I wondered if I should ask his name, even though I already knew it.

     “So Ava, I assume you do know my name?” he said, spookily echoing my thoughts. I nodded, forgetting the fact that it was dark and he couldn’t possibly see it, but when he didn’t make a questioning motion I guess he didn’t need an answer.

     “I didn’t know you were afraid of the dark?” I blurted, and shut myself up instantly. Sorry, you don’t have to answer that…” I muttered, silently thanking the storm for the darkness so he couldn’t see me blush.

     “No, it’s okay. Yea, only my closest friends know. I guess no one would betray me to put it on a webpage.” He said, laughing quietly to himself. I tried to go through all of the webpages I had read about them in my mind, but I really couldn’t think right now.

     “I guess not… Uhm, what were you looking for down here anyway?” I asked. He shrugged.

     “I actually don’t remember… It suddenly got dark and then I literally ran into you, so I guess I just forgot.” he said. I smiled to myself; he was so cute, and I made him forget! I could so not believe this.

     We talked on and off for a long time. Nearly everything he told me, I already knew but he also surprised me more than just once by telling me stuff about his family and school. I mean, I knew he was bullied, but I hadn’t realised how bad it actually was. I also told him about my family and my friends, about how lucky we were to get our tickets.

     Suddenly we heard voices in the background. They sounded far away, but still very near. I couldn’t really figure who it was, but it didn’t come from the way I had been going. The voices came nearer, and Liam and I kept quiet, trying to figure out the voices.

     “I know my Leeyum. He would never just go. Besides, he told me he was going to get something.” I thought I recognised the voice, but I wasn’t sure.

     “Yeah, and what about, the phone? You know the one that belongs to that pretty girl from first row.” Another familiar voice spoke. It sounded like a boy’s voice; they all did.

     “I brought it, just in case we run into her…” I recognised that voice. It was Zayn’s voice. That meant the other voices were Niall and Harry’s, but where was Louis?

     “Hey, guys! I found them!” Oh, speak of the sun and it smiles, as my mum used to say. There stood Louis Tomlinson and the rest of the band, starring at us with a flashlight in their hands, pointing them at us.

     “Hey, Harry, isn’t she the pretty girl?” Zayn muttered to Harry. I don’t think I was meant to hear it, because Harry gave Zayn a stern look and blushed a bit. Liam and I stood, and looked at the lads.

     “Uh, hi,” Liam said. He still had his hand in mine and didn’t let go before Louis cleared his throat.

     “You two look like you ha-,” he started, but got cut off by screams. I’m sure I jumped 5 feet in the air and so did the others.

     “Oh my God! IT’S ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!” The owners of the screams came rushing towards us. I took one look at them and then put the hand Liam didn’t hold to my head, in shame.

     “Uhm, are they your friends?” Liam asked me. I nodded. Lola and Sarah were still starring at the lads with open mouths. When Liam asked me the question their eyes found us and then our entwined hands. And then they started screaming. Again.

     “Oh my God Ava! Liam James Payne is holding you hand! How? Why? What happened?!” They were screaming on the same time and I started to get a headache. I dropped Liam’s hand – against my will – and went to the girls.

     “Shh, girls, shut up. I’m as freaked as you but at least try to be cool. Now we get my phone and call my mum to pick us up, okay?” I said. They nodded and zipped their mouths. I turned to face Liam again.

     “Okay, we gotta get home before my mum flips…” I said, handing out my hand to get my phone. Liam looked at me with an expression I couldn’t read.

     “I don’t have it… sorry,” he said. Zayn got in front of me and handed me the phone.

     “Here you are, love,” he said. Of course I blushed – seriously! Zayn Javadd Malik called me love!!! I grabbed the phone and turned it on, when I remembered I didn’t have my mum’s new number. I looked at my friends.

     “Sorry girls, seems like we gotta find a bus somewhere…” I said, looking at my feet. Liam cleared his throat.

     “Uhm, guys, can I talk with you for a sec?” he asked the lads. They nodded questioningly. They got into a circle, discussing silently. I only caught a few words like “please” and “car”, but everything else was not understandable. After a few awkward minutes they seemed to agree and Liam turned to face me.

     “What about we drive you home?” he asked. When I didn’t say anything and just gawked at him, he added: “If you want of course, it’s just, the busses aren’t really safe, there could be creepy pervs and stuff-“. I cut him off by touching his forearm gently. I was grinning as I nodded my yes. We stood there for some time – I honestly don’t know how long; everything seemed to have frozen. Someone cleared his throat and Harry stepped forward.

     “Okay, so if you guys are coming with us, then we better get going. We don’t want your mum to flip, right babe?” he said, winking at me. Behind me I could hear the girls squeal. I blinked and turned my gaze completely to Harry.

     “Yeah, let’s go,” I said and started to go, but stopped after a few steps; I had no idea where to go. I turned to the lads again.

     “Uhm, you mind leading the way?” I asked them hesitantly. They grinned at me and nodded, walking ahead of me. As Liam passed me, he caught my eyes and smiled, blushing gently. My girls walked up beside me, smiling the biggest smile I had ever seen. I smiled back and followed the boys to their limo. Their fucking limo! I screamed in my head. They opened and held the door for us. I was the last to get in, and when Liam saw me coming he pushed Louis, who had been holding the door, aside to hold it for me. I could feel the warmth rising to my head. I smiled at him and got in. Inside the limo was yellow light, sparkling like stars in the ceiling. There was a tiny bar with all sorts of alcohol and some champagne glass. The boys got in, Liam sitting next to me. Even though the limo was huge in my eyes, it didn’t seem to be intended for 8 people; we were sitting seriously close, and if it hadn’t been Liam Payne whom I was sitting next to, I would have moved myself.


The ride home was hilarious. Well at least for me and the boys. It seemed like Lola and Sarah were too busy glaring at the boys than to have fun with them. I sighed mentally; they were such jerks! I was just as freaked as them, but at least I knew how to be cool around them!

     When we arrived home, the boys told the driver to stop. He got out opening for us. Liam and I were sitting closest to the door, so we got out first – actually Liam got out first and helped me out by grabbing my hand, sigh. Anyway, as we all got out, the boys followed us to the door. My mum had probably been watching the road in front of our house for nearly an hour, because she was ready to open the door. The look on her face when she saw us was hilarious! Her 14 year old daughter and her friends got home from a concert in a limo, with the boys from the band! So, there she stood, open mouthed, starring at the gorgeous boys and continuing starring at the even more gorgeous boy holding my hand. Omg. When she finally put herself together, she went out. She walked straight to me, hugging me, whispering how worried she had been. Then she stood beside me, making sure that Liam had no chance to be holding my hand anymore.

     “Come on in girls, I gotta have a little chat with you,” she said as she gave the boys a very stern look. Surprisingly they turned their heads to their feet, like someone who had just been yelled at by their mother. I couldn’t help but laugh at them, which made my mum give me the same stern look as she had just given the boys. I looked at my shoes, just as the boys had, seconds ago.

     “Come boys, we gotta get going too. It was nice to meet you girls, especially you Ava, you seem as a very nice girl,” Louis said, hugging me. Harry, Niall and Zayn nodded and followed his example but I noticed Liam didn’t move. I also noticed they only nodded a goodbye to Lola and Sarah, but that was enough to make them giggle crazily. When the boys started calling for Liam, and Sarah and Lola walked inside the house with me behind, head down, Liam grabbed my hand, pulling me back. I faced him, distinctly hearing my mum’s strict voice, telling me to get inside. I looked at her.

     “Just give me a minute… please ma’am,” Liam said before I could. She nodded and went inside.

     “What’s up?” I asked eagerly. Why did I have a feeling of what was going to happen?

     “Uhm, I, uh… I was just wondering whether you would like to go on a date with me?” he asked so quickly that I had to strain to understand him. But I did. Shit. What should I say? Yes, of course! He was my prince Charming! When he still hadn’t got an answer his eyes started to look hurt.

     “O-of course! Yes!” I said quickly, smiling like an insane person. His face instantly lit up.

     “Great! Uhm, should I just pick you up tomorrow at six?” he asked me. I could not believe this!

     “Yeah sure! Uhm, I’ll see you then!” I said, and without thinking I kissed his cheek. I soon realised what I did and I turned bright red. I looked at Liam’s face, half expecting to see anger, but his head was just as red as mine probably was. It made me giggle. Louis called again so Liam started to go, but came back and kissed my cheek. Then he ran back to the limo. Before the door closed I heard Niall’s “She’s stealing you from me, isn’t she?!” I smiled, still standing outside the house.

     “Ava!” my mum hissed from the door. I quickly went inside, getting ready for my mum’s flip, but I honestly didn’t listen; I was too upset about Liam, and the way his soft lips had felt against my cheek.

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