Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck

Zara is from Malvern,works in London.For One Direction from now on,she's 19.Has feelings for that damn Malik.


5. 'Only yours'


"Can you please get your feet off the couch" I asked Zayn frustrated.We were in the tour bus,he was sitting opposite of me,and put his feet besides me.


"Why?" He asked with his annoyed,rough voice."Umm....just manners" I sad looking like I' gonna punch him.


"Chill" He sad looking at Harry.He just looked at me."Relax" Harry whispered.I rolled my eyes.

Than Niall came in."What are you doing?" Niall asked with a hamburger in his hands."Anyone wanna eat?" He added.


"I'm fine." I sad looking though the window.

"I'm not hungry" Zayn sad looking at Niall."I'll go for a bite"Harry sad getting of the edge of sofa and left the bus.


"Thanks tho" i sad and looked at Niall.He went outside too.

I looked at Zayn for a minute and than got up.


But someone caught my wrist.

"Zayn let go" I sad frustrated."No" He turned me around holding tight for my wrist."That hurts" I sad pulling out.

"Why are you like this" he asked looking into my eyes.They were so beautiful.Changing color from chocolate brown to green.

"Yes" he sad,tone of his voice was high.

"What do you want?You expect me to be perfect mood.For what? So once again you can disappoint me?" I started breathing very deep and anger started coming out of me.


"Why didn't you tell Perrie?" I asked

"No...I just...she doesn't want to break up...she begged" He sad explaining

"Yeah,And I'm gonna believe you and everything will be like before" I sad with a fake smile and a teary eyes.I looked down on the ground and shook my head.


"I'm sorry...what do you expect me to do" He sad throwing his hands in the air

"Break up with her" I sad with a sigh

"I can't do that...and even if we break up we have to have a fake one cause of the publicity" he sad frustrated and grabbed my hand


"Please" I sad looking into his eyes.He didn't say a thing.

"Fuck you Malik" I yelled and pulled out of his hands.

"Shh" he sad and pulled me close."Don't Zayn" I sad looking down on the floor trying to avoid him."you fucking sad you loved me" I started crying.And dugged my head into his chest.


"Don't cry baby" He sad whipping my tears."I do love have no idea" he kissed my head,"how much" I looked at those big beautiful eyes of his.I turned around.


He had his hands around my waist "please do it for me" I could feel his breath splashing my neck."me" he brushed his nose down my cheek and his soft warm lips on my jawline.


The sound of opening the front bus doors interrupted him.I backed up and went for the doors."Hey Paul" I smiled and he just nodded.I walked outside.I saw the guys were playing football."C'mon Zara,join us" Josh yelled across the parking."Sure" I sad joining next to Louis.He had a beanie,shorts a print t-shirt.And a sassy look.


"What?" I asked Louis.He shook his head and his beanie almost fell."Are you ok" He asked looking at my eyes,"Yeah.Couldn't be better" I smiled and turned to the other boys.



But there's something that I couldn't get away from.i had a really weird feeling.It was in Sweden,It was while ahead.


The boys were in the studio,and filming for the documentary.Zayn sad he broke up with Perrie.But something told me he didn't.I don't know.


We were having dinner,In the hotel.With only us,the crew.


I was by the table with El,Lou and Zayn.

Pretty much the whole time those two were kissing.And right now,they were taking pictures.


I was wearing skinny jeans,ankle booties,tunic,and a cardigan that had bits of leather here and there.In black.El had a pretty dress and flats,and the boys usual.


Zayn was sitting next to me,and those two opposite of us.Every 5? every 2 minutes I felt his hand on my thigh.I felt light circles,made by his fingertips.


"Please don't Zayn" I sad looking down at my thigh.I felt goosebumps,on my whole body."what's the mater doll?" He asked with his half smile and a small smirk.

Looking directly at my eyes."We need to talk.Lat-" He stopped me by pressing his hot lips on mine."I don't wanna do this" I sad trying to awoid moaning.


"You have Perrie" I sad and turned my head in other direction."I'm not with her" He sad trying to kiss me.I felt his worm breath touching my skin."Sure" I sad biting my lip,and looking at those two.Lou and El.They're so cute.


"I'm serious.Ask any of the boys" He brushed the palm of his right hand over my face,removing my hair that was in the way and planted a little small kiss near my eye.


"Louis,tell her" Zayn sad pointing with his hand over to him."What mate?" He asked as he looked at him."Tell him everything about me and Perrie" He sad leaning on his chair." broke up,now it's just for publicity,and as I see,you like Zara" He sad looking at him,and than at me.


"See baby" Zayn sad putting his hand around my shoulder.It did felt nice,but there was still something bothering me.


"Ok.I believe you" I sad mumbling and kissing him on the cheek."I love you" He replied with his hands wrapped around me.My head reasted on his chest.


"Wanna go down to the bar" Lou asked looking at every one of us."Yeah.I'm for a couple of drinks" El sad all happy."Sure" Zayn sad.I didn't say anything,I just enjoyed the moment.


"Going doll?" Zayn asked looking down at me."Yeah" I sad and pulled away.


We went to that bar,of theirs.I had wine.El had votka,Lou had...I think- I dunno actually.

I do remember the dizziness.


I was woken up at 8 by Paul.He yelled across the whole floor that we have to be done.

I was practically sleeping,while I was walking across the room.I went for a shower,but I had that weird feeling again.I don't wanna think about it.I can't.I have to work.


I got dressed in high waisted jeans with a sweater and martens.I put the little headband on my head.


And left the room.I only had my phone and the card to my room.Paul was waiting in the lobby.


Josh,Niall and Liam were up.The "Hi" everyone mumbled,we were pretty much drunk.I didn't drink a lot actually but I get drunk easyly.


The other ones didn't came.We waited for 15 minutes.Than Joey came,and Elounor came.


No Zarry.


Than Paul went to get them and we went outside.Oh my god,so many fans.Had to be 200 for sure.

I went next to Joey and El was behind.We waited next to the bus,and the vans.


Than around 10,they showed up.


Harry was yelling something to Paul,guess they were fighting.And Zayn was smiling.


Ok."What's up with the smiling?" I asked him as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind."I saw yoU" He sad and kissed my as the others were going in the van,nobody could see us.


The ride was quiet.Harry was just staring.El was resting on Lou,cuddled together.Liam was texting i guess Danielle.Phone was buzzing every 2 seconds.Zayn had his hand behind my back and with the other he was resting his head on.I just looked through the window.And Niall was eating next to me,I could see him in the corner of my eyes.Gosh how does he get hungry.


The best part of the day was when they sad they didn't need me today,so I could go to the hotel.El offered to go with me but i protested.I just grabbed a cab and went to the hotel.

Zayn looked like he was dissappointed,cause El stayed and I didn't.But I didn't care.I just wanted to stop thinking about something I didn't even know what is it.And sleep.


And I slept.Till 7 pm.I missed dinner,It started already.I decided to stay in the room,I could order if I was hungry to bring me.


I just went for a bath.A long,long one.


I dressed into my underwear(bra,panties),in my bathroom and put body lotion on my neck,arms,legs,stomach.


I saw some dark hot boy standing next to me,on the doors.He came up to me and put slide his hands around my waist.


"What are you doing" I asked brushing my cheek against his."Bad Boi" I contineud and stood a few seconds like that.

I slowly put my arms around him.My eyes were looking at his shoulder.


"I want you" I heard him whisper."I'm not in the mood" I sad and moved my head a bit so I tucked my head into his neck."You still don't believe me" He sound dissappointed and frustraited.

"It's not that it's ju-" he cut me of pulling my head with his thumb and rubbing it a bit."I wouldn't kiss you infront of everyone than"He sad with a smirk and stared at my eyes.


I put a pale smile on my face."Why are you such a flirt?" I whispered giggling as I went for a kiss but I bite his lip.

"Tease" I heard his voice as I looked up,he had a grin on his face."Where were you at dinner?" He asked.I looked at his lips."I was sleeping" I sad with a puppy look."Oh.Guess cause of last night,right?" He sad slightly shooking his head and looking at my eyes."What were you doing with that guy last night anyway?" He asked.What guy? Drunkness.


I didn't anwser."I thought you were mine doll" He kissed my cheek bone,down to my lips and stopped there."I thought you were mine" I sad staring at his lips."I'm yours,only yours" He pecked me on the lips."You know that" I felt his lips pressed on my forehead.


"With what guy was I yesterday?" I asked looking away and pulling out of his arms."I don't know" He sad as he watched me go to bedroom.


"You're a heavly sleeper aren't you?" I heard him,standing leaned on the wall."I don't know" I sad pulling a baggy t-shirt out of my suitcase."why?" i asked as I walked over to him.

"No reason" he had a grin on his pretty face."what did you do?" I asked with an i'll-kill-you look.


"I just carried you to your room last night" He sad smiling."Sure you did.....was I heavy?" I sad sarcastically.


"No" I saw him smirk.I slowly went to the bathroom"where are you going" he asked with his strong accent."I'm gonna dress" I sad looking at the doors,and than him.


"You don't need to dress" He looked with his flirty eyes.I felt him grabbing my t-shirt."What are you doing" I asked.His hands slowly pushed me on the bed.I heard the madress as I fell on it. "Za-" I could hear his lips pressing on mine."Shut up" He sad heavyly breathing.I put my arms around his neck and felt his weight pressing my body.I kissed him and he pulled away and took his jacket off.


Than he lay on top of me with his hands holding my head.He looked at my eyes and than my lips.he leaned slowly and kissed my bottom lip.I didn't open my mouth.After he kissed my upper lip for a few times I slowly opened my mouth,there was a tiny gap between my teeth and he decided to slip is tongue in as he saw the opportunity.I played along.


He was playing rough.His tongue,like it was fighting.Trying to make me moan.




But soon he pulled out and continued on my neck,he knew it was my weak spot.





hello,I didn't make time to make a better chapter,i just wrote it,tomorrow another one if you're interested,sorry if there are mistakes,hope ya enjoy xx





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