Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck

Zara is from Malvern,works in London.For One Direction from now on,she's 19.Has feelings for that damn Malik.


2. Music Video


(still flashback)


I had a bubble bath for 20 minutes.Than I started dressing.I chose a tight black dress,with straps.It had a sequined thin line on the left side.I wore black ankle booties with it,red lipstick,curled hair.I met Jesy and the girls,except Perrie,Anna(my friend who's also celebrating her birthday today),Olly,Cher,Caroline,etc.

We went to the VIP part.Jesy,Anna and I were dancing the whole night,I was pretty much drunk already,I was going for my 10th drink.I ordered "Sex On The Beach" i stood in front of the waiter."To go or?" i heard someone behind me saying."Nop" i turned around and saw this tall,hot,with black hair,big eyelashes,black jeans,black shirt,leather shoes.I grabbed my  drink and he grabbed my waist "C'mon and dance with me baby" he pulled my to the dancefloor and I left my bag and my drink,but had some before we went to the floor.There was some sick music going.He pulled me closer and bite my neck,few times,a kissed it.I was dancing the whole time.His hand was on my bum.He whispered "you're sexy doll" i smiled and pulled his neck to kiss him.He was such a good kisser.He grabbed my waist and sucked my collar bone.I let out a moan.I didn't think he could hear it,But i guess he did cause he smiled.I kissed him again.He turned around,and so did I.He was now behind me.I was moving my body by the music,and he was going all the way with his hands on my body.


~end of flashback~


That's was all i remembered,other was blur."ZAYN"  i yelled going out to find him.I found him on the rooftop."I'll kill you" i sad as I went out."No,you won't" he put his cigarette in his mouth."You remembered right?" he sad smiling/laughing "Yeah" i sad sitting on the edge."watch out'll fall" he sad looking at me."why do you always call me that" i asked looking as he finished his cigarette."I just do" he pulled my hand."C'mon,don't seat here" he sad and pushed me in.He kissed my shoulder as I walked down,he had his hands on my shoulder."So did you like it,last night" he asked as we were waiting for the lift."you care,right" i sad as i pressed the button."yeah I do....actually" he touched my hand.The lift came,i didn't say a word,i just went in.I watched him straight in the eyes,weird....but than again,plesant.We didn't say a word."Where were you too" Paul asked the second we walked in."I just had to show something to Zara" Zayn sad trying to get me out of trouble."well you could of done that later" he sad holding something in his hand."well...i guess I could" he looked at me."Where was I...right.Guys you have a shooting for your new video 7 days in a row.You'll have one day free.Zara,you'll be going with them.1st day;here in the studio,today.Second day is also in the studio.3rd day is at the lake.4th is at the set,on the other side of London.5th day is at the studio.6th day is at your recording studio.7th is center of London.You'll be wearing different styles every time.Zara will set everything for you.You'll decide if you want to wear it.But mostly,not much change.John Urbano is directing it.You remember him from What Makes You Beautiful.And you won't have any models,i think.John will tell you everything now,when he comes.And Zara,you'll be talking with John about the style and everything.That's about all.John will be here in 15 or so.He's flying from America." Paul sad.We all sad ok.And waited for John.When he came,he sad hi,left his things,explained everything to me.It took for an hour.Than he explained everything to the boys,that also took somewhere round an hour.Than we went for lunch.And  got to the studio at like 5 so we only had to shoot the message for fans.And the counting days till the video.I was standing and watching Liam filming,and I had some shirts of theirs in my hands.Than someone put his arm around me and  hang himself on me.It was Zayn."You still haven't answered" he whispered in my ear."well...I'm I ain't planning" i sad."whatevs I'm next,just so you know" he sad and kissed my ear."boi go get changed" i throw the clothes on his face.I had to put makeup on him,and make his hair.He had his hair normal,with no quiff.Than he had to go and film.I was on stand by,watching every sec,cause i had to put some makeup or tide some clothes on them.Than John sad I had to put a bit makup.So i did it with a big brush.He just teased every second saying it's not enough.and then i rubbed it into his face hard."that enuff?" i asked sarcastically."yeah.perfect" i walked down to my makeup and he filmed again.I had only Harry to get ready "so what's up with you two" he asked while I was putting makeup on him."nothing" i sad and put the brush on his face."please...i see it" he sad looking at me."shut up"

I was done around 8."need a lift?" Zayn asked,he stopped with his car on the entrance as I was going out."I'm fine" i sad and walked away from the car."I'm pretty sure you're not"."and you know everything" i asked sarcastically."I know you like me.Does that count?" he asked opening the doors."Are you always full of yourself or just with me?" i stood in front of the doors."only with the ones I like" he had a cheeky smile "C'mon,get in.It's gonna rain" he sad holding the doors."do I have to" i asked putting my hand on the top of the doors."yes" he sad and let go of the doors.I got in and shut the doors."So what do you think about us" he asked after a moment of silence."You're ok.Really laid back" i sad looking at the road."well some of you" i mumbled into my chin."what did you say?" he looked at my eyes than my lips."nothing" i fake laughed and looked at the road."you know you still haven't answered" he looked at me and put his warm hand on my chin and pulled my head."there's nothing to answer" i sad looking straight into his brown chocolate,caramel eyes."why are you so hard to get" we stopped at the light. "you have to go right" i sad changing the topic."don't change the topic" he had his arm on the little thingy you put your arm on(lol) in the car and studied my lips the whole time,there were maybe 3 millimetars between us."green" i turned my head towards the road."tease" he sad pulling right into my street."So you live here" he sad pulling by my house."thanks for the ride" i sad going out of the car."so I can't even walk you to the doors?" he looked at my eyes."it's gonna rain" I sad and slammed the doors.I blow a kiss and waved and walked out.I searched for my bag but i didn't have it."Great" i slammed the floor with my right leg.I took my phone out of the pocket.And called Zayn's number.He didn't answer.I called him one more time.He finally picked up."Zayn" i sighed."Can you come back,I left my purse with you" i added."what,you're afraid I'll see what's inside" he joked.It wasn't funny."ha-ha.Please" i begged."can't it wait.I'm already half way" he sad." I can't go in my house" i begged."ok.I'll be here in a sec."thank you" i sighed.In a good way."no problem" I could tell he was smiling."well.Bye" i sad and ended the call.I waited for a few minutes."once again,Zayn comes to a rescue" he sad going out of the car with my purse.I looked at him with a killer look "thanks" i sad and got the bag."don't I get a 'Would you like to come in',or something" he sad playing with his car keys."want to come in?" i asked."sure" i unlocked the doors and turned the lights on.He was behind me."lovely place" he added as he put his hand on my back.I walked down to my bedroom not saying a thing.Than came back to the living room."wanna drink?" i asked walking into the living room."i guess" he sad sitting on the couch."what do you wanna drink?" i asked looking at him."maybe just a bear" he added.I went into the kitchen.It's 'in' the living room,just  on the other side."here you go" i brought him a bear.And one for myself."since when do you drink bear?" he asked smiling/laughing."It's not like you know me" i sad and put the drink into my mouth."well,you don't let me" he sad looking straight into me."What do you wanna know" i asked."i don't wanna get to know you like this.Shooting questions" he sad with a poker face.Than he smiled."Than" i sad looking at his lost orbs "I should get going,I have to prepare everything for tomorrow.And I wanna get some sleep.I'm dead tired this days" i sad getting up."Well,I should go than" he sad getting up too."you don't have to...unless you're in a really good mood for picking things for me,like dresses,bralets,skirts." i joked."I'm sure I'd entertained and everything,but i gotta go" he sad slowly pulling me against my doors.We stared at each others eyes for a minute."goodnight beautiful" he leaned in and kissed my forehead.Than he opened the doors and got out.



sorry if it's short of has mistakes:) xxx

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