Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck

Zara is from Malvern,works in London.For One Direction from now on,she's 19.Has feelings for that damn Malik.


4. I want you

"Why so rough?" Zayn asked as I zipped his leather jacket quick.I didn't say anything.At this point i hated him.

Everything was working fine.A week ago.


He was rougher but I could stand him more,I felt more and more from him.Not just that arrogance,there was something in that boi.

"Does this fit?" I asked looking at him in converse,baggy chinos and a normal t-shirt.He had a similar look in WMYB

"no" gosh he was getting on my nerves."Try it" I throw him the clothes.He tried it.But of course,he didn't like it."than try the other set" I gave him the other hanger,filled with clothes.

He was annoying me 24/7.Like he hated me,like he knew I had a thing for him,since the kiss.

Than he tried the other set,skinny jeans,martens,checked shirt.

It was perfect on him."what do you think?" I asked him,sitting on the edge of the table/shelf,hopefully he'd say "I love it"."this is good" he replied looking himself in the mirror.

God his abs,tatts,everything about him really.He was driving me crazy.


"so we're done?" i asked hopping on getting home soon."No,there's still 2 more" He rushed into the room next door.I was behind him.He opened the doors.All the clothes and makeup were on bunches on the table "fine" i sad and looked at the piles.I was picking his sets for another hour.I was standing turned around looking at the table,at the clothes,he was shirtless behind me.

I had to sort everything up.


I felt his breath behind my neck.His hands slid from my shoulder to my thigh.I just felt chills."Zayn" i sad quietly,trying not to moan.


"shh baby doll" he kissed my shoulder,collar bone. "I WANT YOU TO R-O-C-K ME" he kissed everytime he sad a word (letter) .


"Paul will caught us" i looked in the mirror in front of me.Gosh he was perfect.


His quiff was tickling my cheek. "don't worry,he went home already"


he turned me around ,grabbed me by the neck and pulled me closer.He pressed his lips on mine.

Than he sucked every lip,one by one.I kissed him again.And bite his lower lip. "that'" he sad between the kiss.


I had my hands on his chest.He started taking my leather jacket,he just pushed it down rubbing his hand over my arms.We were kissing the entire time.

Than he started taking my tank top off.


Before he rolled it up,i bite his lower lip when we were breaking the kiss."gosh" he took my tank top over my head.

I went with my hands all the way down than I unzipped his jeans.I put his hand on him.Than I started pulling them off.


He was now only in his sexy black Topman boxers.I went back up with my hands and put them behind his neck and we finally kissed.


"you're so kissable" he added while he was kissing me from my ear to the visable parts of my breasts,cause of my bra.

He slide his hand under my bra and with the other he tried to unhook my bra.I helped him with my one hand,cause the other was on his cheek while we kissed.


He throw it on the floor,and pulled me on the floor.The fake beach for the shooting.It had night sky on the ceiling and sand below us.


He sat down ,and i was on top of him,he was kissing me,little on the lips and then he moved on to my breasts.He kissed every part of skin,& than he sucked my nipples.

5 minutes later he moved on to  my stomach,my hips,and went a little lower.Every time he'd press those warm,soft lips on my skin,i just got chills.


As he was pulling my panties  he kissed every spot of my skin."I want you baby doll"


The rest is history......HAHAHAH NO.


Seriously,since that happened he got vainer and harsher.I don't know.And than I find out that he has a girlfriend.But of course he doesn't say a thing to me.Like I'm some kind of idiot.




I felt someone crashing into me,and something hot,like coffee.





"Seriously boi?"  i looked up,Zayn spilled his coffee on me."sorry" he looked at me with his perfect orbs,trying to make it better.He didn't.

"well that's not gonna make it up,for ruining my favorite shirt" I added.He tried to remove the stain "what are you doing" i asked laughing."Well i can try at least?" he looked at me,with his shjdfksfgx smile."sure" i smiled at him.He took off his shirt,Guns N' Roses one.


"No it's ok" i tried to not take his offer." don't have any other clothes" he was smiling and looking at me deeply with his beautiful chocolate orbs.

"and I have an extra shirt somewhere,out here.Lads can give me one" he gave me his shirt.I took of my shirt and by the time I put his shirt,he was staring.


"You're really beautiful" he smiled."Did I tell you that before?" he added."no,don't" i took my shirt but he grabbed it.

"I'll get it.Dry cleaning" he put it on the desk when we got to it.

"ok" i smiled and went for the doors."thank you for the shirt" i put my hand on his arm."it's fine baby doll" He just smiled.


We got  to the boys,and everyone was like "what were you 2 doing out there" we just laughed."he gave the shirt cause he spilled coffee on mine" i sad and put my hands down,holding the makeup.


"can we just start" I added."I'm hugry" Niall had to add that."I'm in a mood for coffee" Zayn sad and I was like "really".


So we ended up at Nando's,Zayn had to wear Niall's shirt cause we were out.


"I full" were Nialls words that he sad like for the first time in his life."you're full?" Liam sad in a shock."You're kidding?" I asked."nah" he sad and started eating again."Gosh" Louis sad as he drank his Pepsi.


We went down to the studio again after 2 hours,to shoot some scenes,and I had to get them ready,yaaaaaaaay *pokerface*


"So Zara,free tonight,me and the lads are going out" Niall asked as I put some foundation on his face."I dunnoo.I'm not in the mood" I added looking at Zayn.I hopped he got the note.


"C'mon It will be fun,maybe you meet somebody" he tried to convince me  winking  at me."Maybe,If we're off earlier cause I have to get ready and all." i sad finishing his makeup."We'll give you a lift" Zayn added."No,there's no need really" i sad cutting him of.


I had to do,ok that sounds wrong,I had to get Liam ready only and then they were filliming,I went to the rooftop and smoke a few.It felt right.


at 8 we were finished and I was heading home,but of course Zayn insisted that he takes me home and picks me after.I didn't mind,except for the part i  hated him,In a way.He was being an idiot,a hot irresistible one.

"Soo want me to wait for you or?" He asked shaking his head."I'll go there by myself" I replied."No you're not,c'mon,I'll wait for you" he sad looking deep into my eyes."As you wish" I got out of the car,and so did he.I unlocked the doors and left my jacket near the doors."Make yourself at home" I sad yelling across the flat.I got to my room and took a quick shower.

I picked a red lace dress,was see through.Above the knees.I was putting my arms through the sleeves and heard something,I turned around and saw Zayn standing,about to 'knock' on the doors.

"Hey" I sad putting my arm quickly."It's not like I haven't seen you" he sad coming closer."What" I cut him off."Do you want" i added.He leaned closer and whispered "you" into my ear and kissed below.

"go to the living room...please" I sad fixing myself in the mirror."No,I won't leave you" he left a wet kiss on the back of my neck.I was about to moan but I didn't want to.He saw it.

"C'mon like you can hold it together" he sad looking at me from the mirror."I saw you that nigth,don't think I'm stupid" he added and did his smirk.

"Ok...what about Perrie?" I asked as I turned around so I could see him."What about here?" he asked with his smile."Since when are you two dating?" I asked.

He looked on the floor and than my lips."We're done.We haven't seen each other since September properly.+ she cheated." he sad looking at my face,like he was studying it.

"I'll leave you now" he moved his hand from my shoulder and went for the doors.

"Wait...Zayn....what's with us...where are we standing at?" i asked catching his hand."what do you mean?" he asked."what do you take me for?" i asked looking into his eyes.

"I like you a lot" he sad with his checky accent and letf the room.

I put my red lipstick and my bag and I went after him,5 minutes later.

"We going?" I asked walking to the doors.I took my leather jacket and put it on."yeah" he opened the doors and waited till I got out.


hello,haven't updated in a while.this is really short(at least it seems) and I have absolutely no inspiration,sorry for the shitty chapter,next will be better,longer,better.x

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