Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck

Zara is from Malvern,works in London.For One Direction from now on,she's 19.Has feelings for that damn Malik.


3. Birthday Girl


"Zayn" I shouted across the studio."yeah doll?" he sad as he ran to 'my' part of the studio with clothes,makeup & hair cosmetics.


"Can you take those skinny jeans off and put the shorts on" I handed him the shorts."ohh...I see.yeah thanks" he sad and smiled.I laughed a bit."Sure" I started laughing and turned around.I was preparing the makeup I had to put on him after he was done.I looked a bit up on the mirror.And he was changing his trousers still.I looked down and giggled a bit.Gosh he's hot.And he was really cute too, this couple of days.


"erm...Zara?" I heard Zayn talking and lifted my head."Yeah babe?" I asked looking at his pretty eyes."Where should I put those jeans" He asked smiling."Errm..give it to me" I grabbed them "you sit there and wait,I need to put makeup on you" I went to the back,In another room.

With piles of clothes,on the desk and on the hanger.I was back really quick."10 more minutes people" Paul yelled around the studio."Ok,than I'll make it...i think" I put a little bit of mascara on his eyelashes smiling.He looked at me and smiled.


"Niall hun,C'mon over here,we have to be done in 10" I turned my head and tried to say it really quick and loud.Didn't work out well."Relax" I turned my head and saw Zayn with his cute half-smile.He always had on of those,never a normal one.But I liked it,you could see how he actually felt.


I sighed."You're right" I pulled away,and grabbed the blush.I reached for my brush and put a little on Zayns face,cheeks.Than I started noticing his jaw line.It's really beautiful.Special.


"Here I am Zara" It was Niall.I could see him in the mirror from the corner of my eye,he was eating."You're useless if you're eating.Throw the food away" I sad putting the blush on Zayn's skin,staring in his jaw line."How can you even see that.I am not!" I heard Niall protesting in the back.I could tell he's pissed off."Niall!" I yelled a bit.

"C'mon man,time's not buyable" Zayn moved his head a bit so he could tell him in the eyes."Thank you!" I pulled his chin with my hand and finished with the blush.


"Ok babe you're done,soo that means,Niall,it's your turn" I sad and got a bit backward so he could got up."Hun sit stil please!" I told Niall,he was moving every second in another position."I can't work like this" I sad taking the foundation.

"Nobody can" I turned around to see Zayn giggling on the couch with his feet crossed on the table."I see" I turned around and put a bit foundation."Alright guys,gather 'round.Niall,Liam come up here" I heard John saying "hun goo" I let him get up and finally sat on the sofa.


"Gosh,how will I make it when I go on tour with you guys" I sighed."You'll make it...somehow" Zayn looked at me and made his half-smile."I hope" I smiled back and crossed my legs on the coffee table.


" have a few shoots to do,come over here" John yelled."Zara,you 2" he added.Great.Just when I wanna rest and chill for a bit,cause it's my birthday,but no.Can't even do that.But what can you do,that's life."Coming" I yelled."Guess we gotta go" Zayn sad getting off the sofa." me get up?" I looked at him with puppy face and put my arms in the air.He pulled them and I got up."Thank you" I tapped his back.


We got there and John was standing there with his camera,and Paul on his right side.They took like 3568790 shoots.And finally wrapped it up,around 7-8 pm."Guess we're done" Paul sad as we entered the part of the room where I did my work.


We all went to our things,I went to get dressed and  for a shower.I put my white Miss Selfridge Maxi Skirt,my Christian Louboutin Zoulou black heels,my black headband with little black roses and now I was putting my Geneva purple studded bralet.I couldn't zip it,cause the smartass I am,I didn't figure the zip.

"Need help with that" I heard this perfect voice behind me,I turned around."Yeah kinda" I smiled at him.I pulled my hair on one side & felt his warm hands on my body,I got a bit chills inside.


The only thing you could hear is the zipper going up."Thanks" I sad as he pulled away.He shoke his hand and smiled."So why are you all dressed up?" he asked looking as I put my necklace over my neck.


"Wait" he came closer and clutched it."Well,I'm going to my birthday party" sighed before I sad it."It's your birthday?" he looked at me in a shock."Yeah,I'm 20...yay" i giggled a bit.

"Why didn't you say so?" he asked.I was fixing my curls."Well,I didn't thought you'd care & It is personal" I sad looking at his eyes from the mirror.


"You're older than me now.congrats" he sad smiling.


I liked it how his 'older' would sound as 'alder' or how he'd always say 'emmm...yeah'.


I took my leather jacket and pulled my sleeves up to my elbows."You're really pretty" he told me smiling.I smiled and blushed a bit.I took my skull,& heart shapped rings and put them on my ring fingers."Thank you" I sad looking down on the floor.


"Why so shy?" he pulled a bit of my hair that was on my face."That's me" sad with a bit of a giggle.We looked at each other for a while."Anyways,need a lift" he shoke his head asking."Umm..I'm getting a taxi,so no." I sad tooking my Domino clutch(Charlotte Olympia).


"C'mon.Where are you heading?" I looked at him and after a few secs I replied "Funky Buddha" I sad with a half-smile."It's on my way.I'll take you" he sad with a grin." don't have to" i sad trying to talk him out,even though I didn't want to talk him out.


"Sure I do,It's in my rute,+ it's your birthday" he sad with a grin again."Ok" i sighed."Just a sec"he went to another room.I guess he had to get his keys.I went outside,to the driveway of the studio.He walked out of there in a minute.He was soooo hot.He had black skinny jeans,black shirt,black leather shoes & leather jacket.


"Hey...lets go" he pulled my hand and we were heading to the car.He opened the doors for me,like a true gentleman.

We were there in 20 minutes.I kissed him on the cheek"Thank you...for everything".


"Sure you don't wanna come?" I added.With my puppy eyes."I don't wanna get in the way" he shoke his head."You won't" I giggled.


"Ok,if I have to" he had his grin again."You have to" I smiled and so did he,but with his half-smile."Lets park than" he sad and turned right on the parking.We went out,and we were surounded by the paps but we got in somehow.


There was Jesy,Anna,Cher,Leigh-Anne,Jane.And a lot more."Happy Birthday my birthday girl" Jesy ran for a hug."Thank you babe" I smiled."Can't believe you're 20" she screamed in my ear.


"easy there" I laughed a bit, "Soo how come Zayn's here too" She asked,yelling in my ear."Shhh...gosh...umm...well..I invited him." I sad blushing a little.


"He sad yes?" she looked shocked but happy."Yes" I yelled as I went over to Anna and she went to Zayn.

"birthday babe" she screamed and hugged me."hey...thanks" I sad smiling."How are ya feeling,20 is biggggg" she yelled,cause of the music,but i think she was already drunk.


"Girllll,happy birthday" Leigh-Anne gave me a big tight hug."Thank you so much baba" I smiled."love you" we hugged as we swang left-right of the excitement."you 2" she smiled.


I went to say hi to everyone,cause everyone was on the other sides of the place.


"Babaaa happy birthday" i felt someone hugging me from behind."Cherrrrrrr" i screamed."hey love" we both smiled."heyyy" i giggled."vas happenin?"she asked "btw,Zayn?" she looked at me with a confused look.


"What...nothing.Shh" i sad smiling."We need to talk one day,haven't seen you,huh,in a long time" She sad tapping my back.

"Yeah,you need to come by,but not this week,it's crazy!" she nodded her head."Well,I need a drink,want one?" I asked."No,no i have one,see" she held her glass in the air."Yeah I see" I smiled and went to the bar.


"One s-" someone cut me off," Sex On The Beach" I turned my head,and it was Zayn."right" i laughed.The barmen gave me the drink.

"Thanks babe" I smiled and went to Cher.Zayn was talking to Leigh-Anne,i think.Cher was talking about the new album,that she wants me to be her stylist.


"awh,hun.I'd love to.But you'll have to talk to Paul about that" I sad smiling.I turned around,watching what everyone was doing,and saw Zayn infront of me."Hey" I smiled looking at his pretty puppy eyes.


"Steel you for a minute?" he asked."Sure,you go kids" Cher joked,I saw he bite his lip.


"vas happenin" laughed a bit."I thought I could have a minute with you before they steel you cause of the cake and everything" He took my hand,and went for the little separe.He was talking about something,idk about what,I was staring + I was drunk.

"Sooo" he sad smiling,he came a little closer and leaned in.I was just staring again,he gently put his lips on mine and I closed my eyes."Happy Birthday" the sound of champagne opening got us.It was midnight.


"Hey...oh...C'mon the cake is waiting"  Cher came out of nowhere and pulled me by the hand."Ok" I sighed as she pulled me all the way through the club.Zayn was walking behind us,I think.


When everyone gathered around they got the cake,and the drinks.Josh(DeFINE:),Leigh-Anne,Andy & a few more people had those big champagnes in their hands.


And they were all popping it in the same time."HAPPY BIRTHDAYY" everyone yelled."Awww" Than my cake came.

Gosh,it's perfect.It had like a little me,but the profile of my face,with my famous hair and a headband.And a little hair wax,eyeliner,clothes on it.


"It's so cute" I fangirled."Thank you" I put my hands over my mouth cause of the exitement."Who wants cake?"

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