Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck

Zara is from Malvern,works in London.For One Direction from now on,she's 19.Has feelings for that damn Malik.


1. Boi U So Vain


I walked down to the studio to get the boys ready.I met Zayn,when I got there.He was playing the drums."Gosh,can you keep it down" i asked with my hand on my forhead.I had a terrible hangover."Why" he had his cheeky big smile on."My head is gonna explode....Why are you so happy?" i asked and went to the table to prepare the makeup and their clothes."Last night was amazing doll" he sad and got up from the drums."what happened last night?" i asked."You really don't remember" he laughed/smiled."No" i sad shocked."Than,you don't have to." he sad and walked away."Zayn...what did you do?" i asked him with a killer look."I didn't do anything" he had his cheeky smile still on his face.Than I started thinking.




"From now on,you're no longer working with Little Mix,you're working with One Direction" the menagment told me 4 days ago.Now I'm meeting them finally.

"Boys,this is your new stylist.Say hi to Zara.She's gonna be your new hair,makeup,clothes stylist.Lou's pregnant,so we had to replace her.She can't travel,she has to rest" Paul sad as we walked in.The boys stared at me.They didn't know about this."Hi boys" i smiled at them.They all sad hi,hugged me.Except for Zayn.He was weird.I mean,in a way rude.He didn't say hi.But on the other hand he was so hot.

 "So,guys.Do you have anything planned for today?" I asked them as i left my bag on the couch."We have an interview" Niall was saying,in the same time eating."Ok,what kind of clothes do you wanna wear?" i asked them "Casual,hipster,classy,funky?" i asked.They all agreed casual and harry sad hipster.I liked his personality,we've actually became friends in a way.I got sets for every guy different."So Harry i got you black skinny jeans,rolled up in the end,white Converse,sweater and Ray-Bans" and gave him the stuff,he started dressing. "for Niall,I got you hun,black Vans,black pants,white t-shirt,black hoodie,and a blue jacket." I added and gave him the Vans,and his stuff was on the hanger too. "Louis,I thought you could wear sweatpants,black and white t-shirt with stripes and your Vans." i gave him the stuff from the hanger. "Liam,You could go with dark jean/grey,checked shirt,hoodie,and a t-shirt" he smiled and took his stuff. "And you Zayn,i thought about grey jeans,varsity,black t-shirt,and Martens" "nah" he sad."why not" i asked."i don't like it" he came out so...vain? "ok,what about a leather jacket instead of varsity,you can pull your sleeves up to your elbows" i sad giving him the clothes."try it" i gave him the leather jacket"."I'm done" Harry sad."ok,Soo I'll just put a little bit of makeup and than what do you want for your hair,i know you always wear it like this,but i was thinking about giving it a little quiff" i sad as I put foundation on his face."yeah,i like that" he smiled."wait, just a sec" i put the foundation and than I went on his hair,i washed it.Than leave it like that and put hairspray but before the hair spray i put some hair mousse."What do you think" I asked him looking in the mirror."I love it" he put on a cheeky smile."you're really handsome with hair like this....I mean I'm not saying your not always" i laughed a bit and blushed because i was nervous.After him i put Niall's hair up,so it would be a quiff.I loved he had like a dip dye,cause half of the hair was blonde and half brown."i love your hair colour so much" i sad as i put hair spray on it.I didn't do anything with Liam's hair,i just put a little bit of foundation and cheek bronzer.Louis had his quiff slicked back.Zayn had a lower quiff.With no highlight.He wasn't into it.I just put a little bit of foundation.And they were off.I put everything in order and got some rest.

 I got to Starbucks for some coffee.And there they were on tv.Had to admit.I dressed them damn fine.Hah.I ordered a latte.I was waiting for my name to be called.Then the girl who worked there shouted my name "ZARA" I got to the counter and got my coffee.But then a filmiliar voice called my name.I turned around.There were all 5 of them."Hey,boys.Already done?" i asked them and walked up to them. "Yeah,half an hour ago" Louis sad with his big adorable smile."So what are you doing here?" i asked them.I looked over to Zayn he was drinking his...something."well we just wanted to go out and talk a little.Why don't you sit with us?" Liam sad looking over at the empty spot.Next to Zayn."Yeah,yeah.It will be fun,we'll get to know each other better" Louis waved at the waiter.I sat next to Zayn.He didn't look up.Than he whispered something into Harry's ear.I started to think I shouldn't have even agree on this."Can we get....ummm...what do you lads want?" he sad looking at the boys.Then they all sad what they wanted,i didn't order anything.I had my latte.The boys started asking questions about me so did i about them.Don't worry I didn't ask them how they were formed.I watched the XF. "Yeah,yeah I voted for you boys every week" i smiled."wow.Thank you so much" Louis sad with his sassy rough voice.I blushed in a way."So you're from Malvern?!Do you know Cher?" Harry asked me."Yeah,I went to school with her" I looked at him. "I have to go guys,it's been great today,you're really kind and nice,and you're talented and fit.I can't believe I'm gonna be working with you boys." i got up."Bye Zara" They all sad at the same time.I got all their numbers too.I went home,and just chilled for the rest of the day.Watched tv and skyped with Jesy.


I got up next morning around 7,Jesy woke me up.She called me in like 6:54."Why so early" was the first word I sad when I accepted the call."I don't know hun,just bored without you.Btw How's One Direction going with you?" she asked with her I WANNA KNOW MORE voice."well ok.They're great lads.But Zayn's strange.Like he's so shy.I met them at Starbucks,Zayn literally didn't say a word" i sad and sat on my bed."well he's like that sometimes" she replied "well.Still,I'll be with them the whole year,maybe even more.He didn't even say hi" i sad dissaponited and got off my bed.I went to my window "He's strange,but i have a weird feeling every time i see him" i sad looking into the window."oooh,maybe someone likes Zayn" she sad teasing me."No,I don't" i sad and turned around to my bed,tried to fix the sheets."There's no need for hiding" she sad.I walked over to my bathroom."So what are you're plans for tonight." i asked her."well,we're going to the club,right?" she asked."yeah,yeah" i replied and  made a bun on my hair."what are you going to wear?" she asked me."i don't know,that's the problem" i sad,i sounded like a little 4 year old brat."well you better wear something tight,short,sexy...Zayn's gonna be there,I tell ya" he sad and I sighed." have to win him,there are milions of girls dying to meet him,grab your chance" she sad trying to convice me to go."maybe,I'll see" i sad and opened my closet."well,call me.I have to go,bye bye" "bye bye" i ended the call and took some clothes i could wear today.Than I got to work around 10,I had to make a few styles for the boys.For a photoshoot.Zayn tried like 10 shirts,he wasn't into any.Or he just wanted to anoy me. "So?" i tried to cheer up,and give a little hope of getting over this. He just shoke his head,left to right."no" he sad staring at me,like he was checking me out ."are you kidding me,this is the best one" i sad looking at him,I sat on the table.I just wanted to get this over.I took my phone out and checked my messages: "ok" Zayn sent it,2 seconds ago."seriously?" i asked looking at him."one condition" he made one of his famous faces."What is it?" i typed into my phone and sent SEND


"you have to kiss me" was Zayns response." about no." i made fake smile/weird bitch please face."ok,than I don't have shirt for today after all" he smiled on pourpus."ooh gosh" i rolled my eyes.I went to the doors,to the rooftop.To smoke.Yeah not the best thing right.But he came the second I put my cigarette in my mouth."since when do you smoke?" he asked laughing/smiling after a moment of silence."Since when do you care what I do?" i looked at him."since I met ya" he sad and pulled out his cigarettes."Since when do you smoke?"i asked with a shock.He stood next to me."Since when do you care?" he sad that so he could get to my nervs,100% sure."I don't" i sad,and let out  the smoke out of my mouth."soo...when do I get a kiss?" he asked looking at me. "you're not" i added  and throw the ciggarette on the floor.And than stood on it."why not" he pulled my wrist as I went for the doors."cause" i  sad looking at his lips."You know you want to" he sad and pulled me closer.He pressed his lips hard on mine.And tried to get with his toung into my mouth,I made a little space between my teeth and he slide his toung in.After a few seconds I pulled away."I knew you want me" he had a cheeky smile.I pulled my wrist from his right hand,smiled & went in.The rest of the day he bothered me every single second.They did a photoshoot,and than I had to put all the clothes for Dry-Cleaning,and all that.It was already 6:30 or something.I went out again to smoke,when I got there,there were only Liam and Zayn.Liam was talking on the phone,probs with Danielle and Zayn walked up to me.I walked down to the table and "sat" on the edge of it.Than he sad "YOU SHOULDN'T SMOKE,IT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH" i looked at him,laughed cause he was talking things I should tell HIM.He got close to my ear and whispered "But you make it god damn hot". "Are we done here?" i asked him grabbing my bag."why hurry?" he put his hand on arm."I have to get going,my friends are picking me up at 8 and I have to get home to get ready" I took my phone to see what's the time."Where are you going out?" he asked looking at my phone."to the new club that's opening tonight" i felt something vibrating,my phone."can I take this?" i asked.He sad yes and I awnsered on the phone in another room."hey girl" Jesy sad over the phone."Hey babe" i sad and put a smile on my face."are you going" she asked all exited."Yes" i  sad looking at myself in the mirror.She started screaming "calm down Jesy" i sad laughing."ok, anything new know..Z" she asked."Well.He kissed me" i sad laughing/smiling."omg Zara.that's awesome" i she sad,all fangirling."well,i guess.But vain" i sad looking in the mirror.I saw Zayn standing close to the doors."I have to go.See you tonight than.xx" i sad and ended the call."What are you doing here" he came closer.He laughed/smiled."that was a way.You shouldn't have sad vain at the end though" I went for  the doors."see you tonight" he sad looking at me."right" i went to the other room to get my stuff."bye Liam" i shut the doors.




Sorry if it has mistakes.Hope you like it xxx


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