Found Love in a Boarding School

Julia just entered London's finest performing art boarding schools but when she performs in a concert, she found love at first sight.


4. Sharing a dorm with a guy?!?!?!

Julia's PoV

"So mom, I know we had money problems since dad left but when I applied to Brit, they loved me with my singing and instrumental talent and my current grades that they offered me a tuition free scholarship for my high school years. So can I take it?" I anxiously asked my mom hoping that she would agree.

"Julia, you know that we had problems but if you have it sorted out and you read the fine print, fine but you better earn good grades and don't be too distracted." she replied with an unexpected smile an hug from her that I haven't seen in ages.

I called Sarah that my mom agreed and if hers did too.

"My mom said that I can go on one condition. I cant be distracted with guys and parties."

"Mine too so I'm gonna go pack up 'kay? Ill text you later about the tickets. Bye"

I went to my room and packed my two huge blue suitcases. One was all my make up and school supplies I bought earlier that week and the other suitcase, I neatly folded everything so all of my favorite clothes and some accessories. In my carry on,I brought my Beats Headphones and my iPhone, wallet, and emergency make up (duh)

Sarah and I agreed on buying our own tickets and wow can you believe it is near 300 bucks just to get there? But anyways, I scratched up the money from my after school job in Starbucks and a little help from my mom.

*Next Morning*It was the day that everything is going to change. I woke up right when my alarm clock rang which is very unusual but today is SPECIAL.

I took a quick shower and put on my blue crochet crop top over my white tank top together with my black leather jacket. I was wearing my blue skinny jeans to match my crop top and black combat boots I had to admit I looked GOOD (jk)

My mom was going to pick up Sarah to drop us both in the airport. "SARAH KATHIE HUNTER!!! If you aren't out in 5 minutes I'm gonna leave you and won't regret it" I screamed in my phone trying to hold a laugh. Then, I see Sarah running out to that car and putting her several bags in the back of the car. I was just glad that we had a van or we would be filled with bags. Gosh, does this girl ever carry light? She ran back to the door to lock it and jumped in the car with the biggest frown on her face while I had the biggest grin ever.

After a half hour ride in the car, we finally reached the airport and just in time cuz they were boarding in 20 minutes, just in time to get all the passport and that metal detector thingy checked. "Now boarding fights to London, England" the man announced over the PA system. Sarah and I boarded and surprisingly found our seats quickly right after putting our luggage on the compartments above our heads. I pulled out my phone and put on my headphones. I was so into that new song by One Direction, Little Things cuz I thought of all the girls that earn self esteem. Maybe I was one of those girls. I think I fell asleep cuz I was awaken by Sarah singing the worst song she can possibly can make up. Probably revenge from making her panic.

"Wakey Wakey 'lil Julie ! Wakey Wakey the precious Jewel!" she sang over and over again. When we walke out the big hallway leading outside, we saw a sign "Overseas Brit Students" held by a man with a sort of a driver look. We told him who we were and brought us to a limo type of car. 

We were brought to the school campus where we registered in the main office and received our timetable and dorm room. Unfortunately, Sarah got the "Classical Building Room 22a" while I got the "Jazz Building Room 32b". We went our separate ways and I found the building and went into the lift to the 2nd floor. I found the room and slid the entry card in the slot where the doorknob was. I entered and to my surprise there was a guy who was shirtless on his bed. "Hello? Are you my roommate? Cuz I wasn't informed that I was paired with a guy." I said awkwardly

He quickly put on a shirt and kicked some stuff under his bed and he shook my hand. "I'm Harry, Harry Styles? I was told there was a chance that I was going to be paired  with a girl. Sorry about the mess. I was alone here for quite a while." He said out of breath. 

"It's okay. I'm really sorry about the inconvenience of having a girl here. But, I am a fan of your band so I kinda feel fan girly ." I truthfully admitted

I went to my side of the room and started to unpack but I felt a pair of eyes on me so I just cleared my throat and kept going.

Harry's PoV

"Hello? Are you my roommate? Cuz I wasn't informed that I was paired with a guy." a girl behind me with a sweet voice asked

I turned around to see a girl with her suitcases behind her I think she's the girl I was told to be my new roommate.I quickly pulled on a shirt and kicked stuff from the floor to under my bed.

I talked to her for a bit and let her go to her side of the room and unpack but I just kept on staring at her until she cleared her throat indicating she knew that I was staring at her.


Sorry that I haven't put in other people's Ponits of View but I'll try please comment if you like it cuz i don't think im doing a good job

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