Found Love in a Boarding School

Julia just entered London's finest performing art boarding schools but when she performs in a concert, she found love at first sight.


5. First Day Together

*Julia's PoV*

I woke up early in the morning smelling bacon in the little kitchen we have in the dorm. I got up and saw that Harry was out of bed. "I guess he's cooking something but I never knew he could cook" I thought to myself. I walked in the kitchen to see Harry cooking but he was in boxers! "HARRY PLEASE PUT ON SOME PANTS!" I screamed. Harry turned to me and ran towards his closet quickly putting on some jeans. "I am so sorry I thought you would still be asleep so I made breakfast and was gonna dress up." He quickly explained but for some reason I thought it was kinda cute. Wait what did I just say? I thought he was cute? I jogged the thought in my head. "Its okay Harry just remember I'm a girl and I room with you 'kay" I replied with a "motherly" tone. He looked to the ground and I could his cheeks blush to a bright red. I went to my closet and picked out a strapless floral pattern dress with black studded heels. I went to the bathroom and changed since it wasn't a walk in closet like the one I had a home where I can just change in and put simple make up like black eyeliner and BABY lips chapstick since I wasn't a big fan of lipstick. I walked out to see a plate with two eggs and bacon so I guess it was for me so I ate it without permission and packed up my blue duffle bag looking purse (sorry I don't know the name of it) that I was too lazy to do last night.

I heard Harry put a plate n the table. "JULIA!!!! Did you eat my food?!" He screamed 

I ran to the dinning room "Oh I thought that was mine sorry" I said apologetically batting my long eyelashes. That was my way to always butter someone up when I made a mistake or I wanted something from someone. I saw him give me sympathetic look and forgave me. "Kay thanks and I loved the bacon" I skipped back to the couch. Surprisingly, I had an hour left since school starts till 8:30 and it was 7:25 so I watched Family Guy

*Harry's PoV*

I woke up surprisingly early and decided to make breakfast for both of us. I was still in boxers and I still saw Julia sleeping. I thought that she will wake up late cuz she was a heavy sleeper. She proved it alright.


I heard pounding on the door and opened it to find Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall we are in a band called One Direction. I checked to see if Julia was awake but she was fast asleep maybe jet lagged.

"Guys, my new roommate which is a GIRL so quiet down " I cautiously said

"ooooooooh do you like her? I bet you do" I hear Niall say but I just roll my eyes

They were a little loud but all Julia did was roll over to face the wall that was on the other side of her bed and pulled the sheets over her head.


She looked so cute when she slept and she doesn't look like she has bed hair but unlike me, my hair is all over the place but I don't care. I went to the kitchen to make food then I hear Julia screaming at me "HARRY PLEASE PUT ON SOME PANTS" I quickly ran to the closet to put on some jeans and apologized. I think she went to change but she was too cute in her Hot Mess tanktop with melted ice cream and matching pajama shorts. wow I'm falling fast and hard for this girl who I only met for a day. I finished with my food and I way making hers now but when I came back, it was gone so I yelled "JULIA!!!! DID YOU EAT MY FOOD?!" Then I heard her running to the dining table with a cute floral dress and heels then she apologized and batted her long eyelashes. I melted inside but as soon as I forgave her, she thanked me for the food and skipped back to watch Family Guy, my favorite show but then I knew that she tricked me. I just sighed


Sorry not updating sooner :(

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