Found Love in a Boarding School

Julia just entered London's finest performing art boarding schools but when she performs in a concert, she found love at first sight.


2. Brit Performing Arts Here I Come :)


Julia POV

I slapped my bedside table until I found my alarm clock to shut it up but I went back to sleep until an hour of peace and quiet, my phone rang.

*Sarahboo is calling* flashed on the screen.


"What up girl it's time to look in mail and I'll come over so we can open it together 'kay?"


I got up and took a shower and pulled on a teal strapless romper and a black blazer. I went out to my mail box and realized my mom wasn't home cuz her car wasn't there.

My Brit Performing Arts envelope was there along with some bills and junk so a ran inside my house and threw the other mail on the kitchen counter just in time to hear Sarah banging on the door.

She ran in holding her envelope. I followed her to the living room and she started a countdown, getting ready to rip the envelope open and when we open it.

Sarah POV

I called Julia about half an hour earlier before I cam to her house. Before I ran to the front door, I had to make sure that her mom wasn't there anymore cuz Julia's mom finds me "an irresponsible and a bad influence" but I didn't bother to tel Julia. Aside from that, Julia and I entered a boarding school of performing arts to continue the last 3 years of high school. We were told to get our letters today so I can't wait! I ran to Julia's house and burst through the door and count down from 10 and getting ready to rip the envelope open.

Julia and Sarah POV

"I got in! I start next week" Julia screamed

"Me too! I hope we get into the same classes!" Sarah replied


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