When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


10. The Unexpected Kiss...

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- Louis Looked At Me Shoocked And Stormed Out The Room With Zayn And Liam Following, Leaving Me , Niall, Harry, And Danialle And Perrie In the Room. " How Do You Feel Love?" Harry Asked. i Turned In His Direction " I'm Good.." i Say. We Sat There In Silence Then Niall Spoke "I'm Hungry..!" He Shouted. The Girls Nodded There Heads In Agreement. "Well i Guess We Could Let You Sleep For a While, And We Go Get Somthing To Eat ." Said Harry. Niall And Danialle And Perrie Left The Room And Harry Said His Goodbyes And Left me There To Sleep.

Louis P.O.V-- i Stormed Out Of Her Room And Exited Through The Main Lobby. Then i Heard Liam's Voice Behind Me " Louis! Mate Stop!" He Yelled. i Turned And Faced Him And Zayn. "Why Should I?" i Asked. "Running Away is Not Going To Do Any Good ." Spoke Zayn. "Well For your Information i Wasnt  Running Away... I Was.... Well... Uhmm ... Thinking .. Yeah Clearing My Mind a Bit ." i Told Them. " Well Alright But i Mean You Could Have Said Your Goodbyes To macenzie.." Liam Says. "Why? She Doesnt Remeber I Was Her Boyfriend.. Like Our Love Never Happend." i Say. "I Need Some Time To Think About This Clearly Ok Guys, Please?" i Asked Politly. The Agreeded And They All Hopped Into There Cars and Left to Somewhere. i Sat On The Sidewalk Of The Hospital And Thought To Myself. Was This Suppose To happen? Was Our Love To Weak? i Mean i Could Do Anything For Our Love, i Can Even Risk My Whole Life For Her. And For Now that She Doesnt Even Remeber That We Were Even Dating i Have To Make Her Be My Girlfirend Once Again. And i Hope Nothing Gets In Our Way.. Hopfully.

*That Night*

Harry's P.O.V-- i Was Laying In My Bedroom Thinking About Mackenzie. Thinking That Now She Doesnt Recall Of Having a Boyfriend As I Put , Louis Isnt With Mackenzie Anymore. But The One Problem Is That If Louis Finds Out That i Was Trying To Hook Up With Mackenzie He'll Freak! But The Part Of Me Wants Me To Try To Get Mackenzie To Be My Girlfriend. But the Other Says No You'll just Hurt Louis Feelings. But I Was Getting Out Of Control. So i Grabed My Keys and Sneaked Out the Flat As Quietly As i Could And Headed Towards The Hospital.

Louis P.O.V--- i Was Rolling In My Bed And I Couldnt Sleep At All! it Felt Like I'm Missing a Part Of My Life And It's Magically Gone. i Couldnt Wait Any Longer To See My Girl Again And Tell Her What Really Happend And That i Have Feelings For Her And We Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Then We'll Kiss And Everything Will Be Alright. i Guess. i Grabed My keys And Headed To The Hospital To Straighten This All Out.

Harry's P.O.V-- i Made It To The Hospital And i Sneaked Through The Front Lobby So i Wont Get Caught For Sneaking In After Visted Hours. i Made It To Macenzie's Room, She Was Peacefully Asleep With Ballons And Stuff Around The Room From Us And Her Family. i Saw HerCuddling  With a Teddy Bear That Louis Had Gave Her I Wrote,

Mackenzie, i Know This Maybe a Bad Time To Explain But i Just Want to Let you Know ... I Love You.. I Would Do Anything For You, i Will Fight For Our Love To Be Strong.! i Love you Kenzie, Your Love Lou. (:

i Sat Right Next to Her And Grabed Her Hand And She Spoke "Louis.." She Says Quietly "No It's Harry Love." i Say Back. She Opened Her Eyes And She Sat Up a Little. "Harry?.. What Are you Doing Here?' She Asked. "For you Actually.." i Say Looking Towards The Gound. "Why's That?" She Ask. i Smiled And Relied "i Cant Stand a Beautiful Girl Like You To Be Stranded Here In a Cold Room Do I?" i Say.  She Blushed And She Touched My Face. "Aww Harry That's Sweet Of You." She Says Sweetly. " i Touched Her Hand and Leaned In Closer And Closer Then Our Lips Smashed Together. Fireworks Were Spereaded In My Mind And Sparks Too, i Thought To Myself i Missed Her Sweet Kisses. She Was Just So Differnet Than Other Girls. She Stops Kissing me and Lookes Up And Finds a Dark Shadow In The Doorway Of The Room Then She Sopke "Louis.. Is That You?" My Mouth Dorpped And i Knew For Fact that i Was Going to Get Hurt After This.. Hofully Not.

A/N: How Was It? Any Suprsing To You Guys? Well Hope You Liked It i Will Update Soon Enough So You Can Enjoy The Drama And Suprises In The Story. (: Thanks For Reading "Live Life For the Moment Because Everything Else Is Uncertain." - Louis Tomlinson

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