When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


5. The New Song.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- We Were Getting Tired Of Shopping and Decided To Go Back To The Flat And Relax.

*At There Flat* We Made It And i Was Very Exhausted And Couldnt Reach Our Bed Then i Just Flat Out Sleep On The Sofa. The Louis Was Hovering Over Me Saying "Come On Babe, i Need To Get You UpStairs So You Can Sleep In Our Bed." i Was  Making Weird Noises And i Kind Of Mumbled a Bit Until i Felt His Strong, Warm Arms Around My Waist Picking Me Up. "Ok Lets Go." He Said. i Layed On His Chest And Past Out Asleep On Him. He Threw Me On The Bed And Took My Clothes Off And Helped Me Change Into Some Of His Clothes. His White American T-Shirt And Sweats. Then He Layed Right Next to Me Humming To How To Save a Life By The Fray and playing With My Hair And He Closed His Eyes Slowly And Fell Deep To Sleep.

*The Next Morning*

Louis' P.O.V-- I Woke Up By The Sound Of Beautiful Singing And Lovley Piano Playing Coming From Down Stairs. i Put On a T-Shirts And Jeans And Headed DownStairs Where Lead Mackenzie Playing And Singing To a Song. So i Listened To Her Closely So i Could Hear Her.

" i Cant Belive Your Packing Your Bags, Trying So Hard Not To Cry.

Had The Best Time, Now It's The Worst Time, But We Have to Say Goodbye..." She Sung.

i Listened While She Played And i Know i Tought Her Well With The Piano Because i Teached Her Myself. i Began Walking Towards Her And Wrapped My Arms Around Her Then She Jumped. "Louis...Uhmm i Didnt Know You Were Up.."She Says Nervous Like. " i Couldnt Go Back to Asleep Because Of The Beautiful And Lovely Singing And Piano Playing your Doing.." i Told Her. "Oh- My I'm Sorry i Didnt Mean To Wake you". She Says Apologizing. "No Babe, I'm Actaully Glad you Did." i Say. She Blushed And i Winked At Her. i Sat Down Next to Her On the Bench of The Piano . "So What Was That Song that you Were Singing There?" i Asked Her. She Looked Towards The Ground And Said. "Well It Was Suppose To Be a Suprise For you And The Boys .." i Say To Him Truthfully. "Oh ... Well Can i Here It?" i Asked. She Smiled At Me And Said "Sure!" Then She Begans Playing The Piano Again And Then She Says To me "Follow My Lead Ok?" i Nodded.

She Begins Singing,

" Dont Promise That your Gonna Write, Though Promise that you'll Call.

Dont Promise That you Wont Forget We Had It All..."

Then She Told Me To Sing the Chorus,

"You Were Mine For the Summer, Now We Know It's Nearly Over..

It Feels Like Snow In September, But I'll Always Will Rememeber...

You Were My Summer Love, Your Always Will Be My Summer Love. "

We Stopped Singing And Looked At One An Other Then Our Lips Touched. Out Of Nowhere The Phone Rang. i Went to Go Pick it Up "Hello?" i Spoke. it Was Harry Who Was Calling. He told me That Mackenzie And i Can Come Over and Hang out With The Lads. So Me And Kenzie Agreed. Then Mackenzie Ran Upstairs To Get Changed Into Somthing Decent, And So Did I

We Were all Ready to Leave Our Flat to Go To Harry's Flat And Hang Out.

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