When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


11. The Make-Up.

Louis P.O.V-- I Watched In The Doorway My Girl And  My Bestfriend Smash Lips Together Then Mackenzie Relize I Was There. " Louis Is That you?.."She Asked. i nodded And Harry Told Her "I'll Be Right Bac Me And Lou Needs To Have a Talk Outside." He Stoods Up And Lets go of Her Hand While Harry and i Head Outside The Room and In The HallWay So We Can Talk About This Sistuiation. " Why? Are you Kissing My Girl?" i Say. "Well She Did Say She Didnt Have a Boyfriend.. Right?" He Told Me. "I'm Her Boyfriend.."i Say Trailing Off. "Remeber What had Happend Today? She Loss Her Memeory and She Said Herself That She's Single.!" He Yelled. i Was Angry And I'ver Never Done This Before With Anybody Harry, Nor The Lads. i Pushed Him Against the Wall And Yelled. "NO! ALL WRONG! SHE'S MINE AND I LOVE HER! EVEN IF SHE DID FORGET I WAS HER BOYFRIEND. I CAN STILL CONVENSE HER TO BECOME MY GIRL ONCE AGAIN! AND I'M NOT LETTING YOU A "Player". MESS WITH MACKENZIE'S HEART.. SHE'S SMARTER THAN THAT HAROLD AND YOU KNOW THAT! AND BY THE WAY,  WOULDNT THINK YOU WOULD FIGHT FOR OUR LOVE LIKE  AM RIGHT NOW..." I Yelled. After that He Didnt Say Anything, He Just Stood There Wide- Eyed And Shocked Of What i Had Said About Mackenzie. i Turned To The Doorway Of The Bedroom and Noticed Mackenzie Crying a Bit After Seeing Me Saying All That Stuff About Her. i Glanced Towards The Ground And Let Go Of Harry's Hoodie And Stormed Out the Hospital and Headed Back to My Flat

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Watched Louis Storm Out the Hospital And Looked Really Fustrated, i Looked at Harry Still Shocked and Wide-eyed. i Asked Him To Leave and Go Get some Rest. he Agreed ad Left And i Fell Back Into Bed Still With Thoughts Going through My Head About What Had Happend.And i Thought To Myself What Did I Miss?

*The Next Morning* i Woke Up Still With Confustion Of Last Night And The Doctor Luckly Told Me i Could Any time When i Feel Like It. So i Called Liam,

Liam: Hello?

Me: Hey Liam It's Mackenzie.

Liam: Oh Mackenzie1 Hello Love How are you?

Me: I'm Good, The Doctor Told Me That i Can Leave any time So Can You Do a Favor for Me?

Liam: Sure Love, Anything .

Me: Can You Call Lou And Tell Him To Pick Me Up From the Hospital and We Need To Talk.

Liam: Sure i Will Love! I'll Call Him Right Away.

Me: Thanks Liam.

Liam: No Problem Love.

i Hung Up And Gathered All My Belongings And Such And Waited For Louis To Come. Still thoughts Were Going through My Head. Louis Loves Me? What Have I've Missed? Then Luckly Louis Came "Hi Louis." i Say To Him "Hello..."He Says Trailing Off. "Louis Are you Alright?" i Asked . He Struged His Shoulder's " i Guess.. I Dont Know.." He Said. He Grabed My Bags and My belongings And Helped Me Into The Car And Headed Towards a Flat Comple I've Never Seen before. it Was A Few Blocks away From The Collage Campus. " Louis? Who Lives Here?" i Asked Him. He Turns To me And Spoke With a Charming Voice. "This Is Our Flat Love. We Share This Flat Toghether." He Says. i Entered The Flat. it Was a Beautiful Place. Marbled Counter Tops, Nice Flat Screen Telly. " Wow.." i Spoke. " i Lie Here Huh?" i Say. Louis Noddeds He Went Upstairs and Helped Me Put My Belongs In a Drawer And Closet. "Louis I'm Hungry.." i Told Him.  He Turns To Me and Chuckles a little. "i Bet You Are Love." He Says Winking At Me. And i Thought To Myself i Could Get Used To This...

Louis P.O.V-- We Both Went Downstairs and Baked My Famous Suprise Pizza. It Was Our Faviorite Food. We Made a Total Mess In the Kitchen and Usually Makenzie Vounteers to Clean Without My Help But i Help Her Anyway Like a Gentelmen i Am. We Cleaned For about a Couple Of Minutes Then Mackenzie Brought U a Question " Louis? Do You...Uhm Have Feelings For Me? Or Was There SOmthing I'm Suppose To Know That i Dont?" She Asked. i Sighed And Told Her To Sit Down And So She Did. "Well.. It Started That i Had Feelings For You And You had Feelings For Me. Suddenly You Called Me One Night And Told me You  Loved Me And We Feeling IN Love and So We Hanged Out Watching Titanic As a Couple Would Do, Cuddle And Play With Your Hair And Stuff.i Saw That Se Blushed. and One Day We Were Recording a Song And Out Of Nowhere Elizabeth Came Up And Kissed Me Which Made You Think i Kissed Her And i Was Cheating On You Which i Would NEVER Do. So You Ran Out the Building and Into The Traffic Looking Both Ways Before Crossing and Then You Were Hit By a Car and You Were Carried INto an Ambulance, i Was Crying My Eyes Out Because i Knew that i Made you Took This Pain and Now You Loss your Memory Of Me And Even Being Together.." i Say While Tearing Up. "Oh My Gosh Louis.. I'm Sorry..." She Says Apologizing. " No Love Dont Be Sorry This Isnt your Fault. It Was Mine.."i Say Truthfully. She Tears Up and i Grabed Her Into a Hug And She Cried On My Shoulder. Then i Hummed "Look After you" By The Fray To Her So She Could Calm Down Which Usually DId The Trick. She Fell Asleep On The Sofa While I Was Washing The Dishes and To Be Honest i Still Kinda Feel Bad Because Washing Dishes Was Not Very Fun Without Someone Next to You Helping Thats Probley How She Feels and i Totally Regreat it. i Carried Mackenzie Up To Our Bedroom Like i Used to after Shopping at the Mall And She Was Exhausted. i layed Her Down Help Her Change Into Some Clothing And Let Her Fall Asleep. i Changed Into Some Clothing To Sleep In And Climed INto Bed With Her and Wraped My Arm Around Her Until She Woke Up And Looked Shocked At Me " I' Sorry Love. i Didnt Mean T-" i Say Until She Cut Me Off " It's Alright." She Says Putting My Arm Around Her and Layed Down Next Her Witha Smile On My Face, And Knowing Everything Is Alright.

A/N: Hope You Loved It!! Have any Questions Just Ask I Will Answer Them And i Also Take Any Request On What Should Happen Next.. Ok? Thanks For Reading I'll Update More tommarrow. - Kenzie Tommo Tomlinson xx. (:


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