When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


3. The First Kiss

Mackenzie's P.O.V--- I Walked Out Of The Classroom Proud And Glad Of What i Have Said, But My Parents Would Have Killed Me For Saying That to One Of My Teachers But i Was Lucky That i Move Out After Graduation And Bought a Flat In Town Near the Collage. i Went Straight Towards My Locker Then i Noticed Louis Was Next To Me Making This Weird Look By Following His Eyes With Every Move i Did. "Why Are You Staring At Me Like That?" i Asked, He Looked Into My Eyes And Spoke "Because i Was Looking At your Beautiful, Lovley, Face You Have." He Said Smiling And Winking At Me Which Mad Me Blush. "Oh, Louis You Know i'm Not That Beautiful". i Say Smiling Back At Him. "Oh No Your Beauitiful Kenzie i Promise, Because Your Actually The Only Girl Out Of  This Collage Who Is As is My Type," Louis Said Smiling At Me. i Looked Towards The Ground At Back At His Beautiful, Adorable Aqua Blue Eyes. "Aww Lou Thats So Sweet Of You To Say". i Say While Blushing Very Wildly. He Pinched My Cheek And Smiled And Walked Off With The Boys. i Kept On Thinking Why is Louis My Mr.Right, i Mean We Are Best Friends But i Never Knew That i Would Fall in Love With Him. And Besides i Do Kind Of Sorta Had Feelings At One Point Or Another But This Is Different. i'm Actually Love This Boy! i Still Do Imagine Myself In The Fouture On Louis Lap Sleeping On His Chest While He's Playing With My Hair And Singing Along To 'Look After You' By The Fray, And Watching Titanic, But I Dont Know If That Can Be True.

I Walked Onto The Sidewalk Near The Collage Campus And Near The Collage There Was a Starbucks And i Go there Mostley Everyday. i Walked Into The Starbuck And Ordered a Coffee And Sat At a Near Table Close To The Window. i Sat Down And Took Out My Laptop, Phone, And Sheet Music And Started Doing Work. I Work At a Recording Studio Downtown North Of Doncaster And I'm Working With One Direction, And That's Why Me And Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall Are Close Of Friends But Not As Close As Me And Lou Are. i Also Took Out My Pair Of Beats Headphones And Plugged It Into The Laptop And Did My Magic. i Was Working On the Boys New Album "Take Me Home." And i Was Adjusting The Boys Vocals So It Could Be Just Right For the Album, Then a Light Tap On My Shoulder Was Felt. i Turn And Found Harry Standing In Front Of Me With His Huge GrinOn His Face Reveling His Dimples. "Hello Love, What Are you Up To?" He Asked. i Looked At Him From My Work And Spoke "Oh Working On The Album." He Smiled And Took A Seat Next to Me.

After a Couple Of Minutes Talking Harry Decided To Leave and i Was Ready To Leave And Go Home And Rest. He Said His Goodbyes And Left Me While i Packed My Belongings Together and Left Starbucks And Headed Home.

*At My Flat* -- i Changed Into My Comfutable Clothing And Grabed My Phone And Layed On My Sofa Watching Friends. Then That's When My Phone Vibrated And Noticed i Got a Text Message From Harry. It Read.:   

Hello, Lovley I Was Getting Pretty Bored And i Was Wondering if You Would Love To Hang Out At your Flat? If It's Ok With You i Suppose. - Harold (: x.

I Was Getting Pretty Bored Too As Well And Decided Since It Was a Weekday And i Didnt Have to Go to Class Until The Asfternoon. So i Replyed,

Yeah, Sure That's Alright With Me, Come On Over! - Kenzie.

Harry's P.O.V-- I Made It To Mackenzie's Flat And i Was Wearing Somthing Basic a T-Shirt And Skinny Jeans And Converse. And i Only Had One Thing On My Mind Is That, Tonight Is The Night Where I'm Going to Kiss Her and Let Her Be my Girlfriend. But the Problem Is That Louis Already Had Dibs On Her, And I Couldnt Distreat My Bestfriend Like That. I Walked To Her Door And She Already Was There, Beautiful As Ever. Wearing Sweats,a T- Shirt And Slippers. i Thought She Looked Adorable In That Outfit. She Lead Me Into The Livingroom Which Was Huge And i Landed On The Sofa And Then She Asked "What Movie You Want To Watch?" i Looked At Her and Said "Titanic?" She Smiled And Happly Agreed And Put The DVD In.

It Was In the Midle Of The Movie Were Rose Was Looking For Jack So She Could Save Him And Herself And Get Off The Boat Before It Sinks In An Deeper. I Relized Mackenzie Was Laying On My Shoulder And Crying To Every Sad/Happy  Moment. i Couldnt Help It But Having This Part Of My Gut Telling Me To Lean In And Kiss The Girl! And The Other Half Saying Dont It Will Ruin The Whole Thing. But i Couldnt Stop It. it Was Hard To Keep Me From Kissing Her, Then i Leaned In Closer............And Closer...... Then Our Lips Smashed Together. Sparks And Fireworks Were Made. But i Dont Know If She Liked It.. She Looked At Me And Stood Up Walking Toward The Kitchen Grabing a Bowel Of Popcorn. i Stood Up And Followed Her. "Mackenzie- i'm Sorry.. i Couldnt Help It-" i Say Apologizing Then She Cut Me Off "No Harry it's Fine. It's Just a Kiss. i Mean It Happends Right?" She Says. "So Your Not Going to Slap Me Across The Face Or Somthing?" i Asked. "No Harry. Why In The World Would I Do That?" She Says Smiling. Then i Checked The Time, It Was 11:30 And i Had to Go Back To My Flat to Get to Sleep.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Got Kissed By Harry And Loads Of Questions And Concerns Were Going Around In My Head Saying "i Dont Love Harry! He'a Not My Mr.Right Remeber?" Or "i Love Louis Not Harry!" i Told Harry That He Needed To Leave Because One, It Was Getting Dark And Second, Is That i Need Time To Think About This.... He Agreed And Left My Flat While Entering His Car And Winking At Me And Waving,And  Saying Goodbye. i Walked Out To My Balcony And Saw A Few Stars Out In the Dark Night Sky And Spoke "Who Is Mr. Right?" I Say. "i Need To Choice!"i Yelled. Then I hit me.. I Knew All Along That Mr.Right Has Been There For Me From My Up's And Down's And He's Also Been There For My Roughest Times, And Including Boyfriends And Break-Up's And i Knew Who My Mr. Right.. It's Louis William Tomlinson.


A/N: Sorry About The Long Chapter. Tell Me If It;s Any Good And Like It Please! i Would Really Appriciate It. Thank you For the Reading. - Kenzie (: x.

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