When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


14. The Date Part 2 / Tragdey Strikes For Love

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- After a Long Day Of Working On The Song For there Album i Decided To Head On To My Flat.

*At The Flat*

When i Entered The Flat i Checked The Time, It Was 7:25. Oh My- i Need To Get Ready If I'm Going on a Date With Harry! i Ran Upstairs Ignoring Louis Who Was Sitting On the Sofa Lonely. I Went Into Our Bedroom And Looked Into My Walk In Closet And Found a Long Red Shiny Dress. i Really Dont Remeber Who Got Me This But It Will Be Appropriate For My Date. i Put It On With Matching Black Heels And Went into a Mirror Which Shows My Whole Body To See How It Looks On Me. Then i Relized Louis Was IIn the Room With Me Staring at My  Every Move. "Like What You See?" i Say Joking And Pinching His Cheeck. He Smiled But Didnt Say Anything, Somthing Was Bothering Him.. But What?

Louis' P.O.V-- I Watched Her Move Around Near The Mirror. Wow She Looked Beautiful In That Dress. It Was Actually The Dress That i Got Her After Our Month  Anniversiary and i Choosen That Dress For Her To Wear. It Kinda Got Me Thinking Who Is She Getting Dress Up For? i Mean i Couldnt Be Anyone i Know? Or Is It? i Followed Her Downstairs And She Fixed Her Hair A Bit. He Long Brown Hair With Hiights Were Shining Out Of The Curls That She Had. She Was The Beautfuliest Creature i've Ever Seen. And i Still Love Her. But KNow That i Have Thought About It. She Moved On. And I'm Still Here Trying To Get Our Love Back Together Again. "Why Are You Dressed Up Thins Fine Evening?" i Asked Her. She Looked Towards The Ground Nervous to Say Anything. "It's Uhmm.... H-" She Said Until a Knock At The Door Cut Her Off Of Saying the Rest Of Her Sentence. "He's Here!" She Yelled. i Walked Her Towards the Door And I Opended It Revealing Harry At the Door Wearing a Nice Black Tux and a Bow Tie. "Harry..!" Mackenzie Yells And Hugs Him. i Had a Thought Going through My Head i Thought She Wasnt Dating Harry?... So The Kiss Was Somthing Between Them... She Lied To Me... How Could She..?' "Louis?" She Spoke Trying To Get My Attintion "Yes?" i Spoke. "Are you Alright? You Seem a Little Upset?"She Asked. "No I'm .. UHmm Just Fine.." i Say " Alright.. I'll Be Home Later Dont Wait Up. Bye Louis." She Smiled And Waved. Harry And i Smiled At One And Another. And Took Her Off And Into His Car and Headed On there Date. i Mumbled To Myslelf.. " By My Love.. "  i Shut The Door and Went Up To My Room and Grabed a Sheet Of Paper And Wrote,

Mackenzie My Love,

i Guess You Didnt Need Me In Your Life Anymore. And Defenially Not As a Boyfriend Huh? Well i Guess Not. The Day When i Went to Go Pick You up From The Hospital i Asked You If You And Harry Have Somthing Between You Two. And Obvously There Is. You Two Are Dating. i Cant Stand Being Lonley.. i Need You In My Life. You Are my Everything, My World , My Fouture. I Seems Like You Can Careless About What i Do For You. But i Dont Know If You Can Do The Same For Me. i Guess This Is The End Of Us, Our Life Together,Our Future, Our Generation Of Us as a Couple Or a Family. and Just to Let you Know. i Do Love You.. And i Always Will. Sincerialy, Your Love Louis.

i Set the Paper On The Couner top And Grabed My Car Keys And Went Out Somewhere i Can Get Away From Here and Think.. Or Do Somthing..

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- Me And Harry Decided To Eat At a Very Fancy Reseraunt. Five Star i Belive. Harry Was Sweet and Order For Me. Oh What a Gentlemen He Is. We Talked About A Load Of Things. What's Our Intrest, That Sort Of Thing. When We Finished Our Food We Headed Out On the Board Walk Near the Beach And We Walked On The Shore With Our Shoes Off. The Harry Stopped Me And Grabed My Hand And Says "I've Always Wanted To Do This When We First Meet And I've Always Felt Nervous Of Doing." i Smiled And He Leaned In Closer To My Face, But Until he Was  Inches Away From Our Lips To Touch i Recived a Call. It Was Liam.. i Picked It Up Still Grabing a Hold Of Harrys Hand "Sorry Harry It Will ONly Take a Moment." I Say To Him. He Smiled And i Picked Up The Phone. "Hello?" i Said. "Mackenzie! Thank god Your Picked Up1 We Need You Down Here! Now!" He Yelled."Liam1 Liam! Slow Down i Cant Hear Anything Your Saying!" i Yelled Back. " It's Louis!!! He's Been in a Accident! ..." He Yelled. i Dropped My Phone On The Sand And Said Nothing.. My Mind Was Blank. i Could Hear Harry Screaming at Me To Respond But i Never Did. "Harry It's Louis!!! he's Been in a Acciedent.! " i Tell Harry. We Hurried Into The Car And i Called Liam Back To Tell Me Where They Are. They Were Inbetween a Pub ( A Bar ) and a Top Men Store. We Headed That Direction and There Stood Liam, Niall, Zayn, Danielle, and Perrie With Sad Faces. i Ran Out the Car And i Was Stopped By a Few Police Officers "Where Are you Going It's a Closed Scene.!" He Yelled. "Well I'm His Girlfriend! So Move!"  Screamed At Him. He Let Me Through and Found Louis Unconsiouis, And Not Responding He Was Still Breathing Which Was a Good Thing. He Was Getting Lifted Into a Ambulance Which Let Me Inside. i Was Crying Deeply Hard and Held His Hand Tightly. Then We Made It Into The Hospital.

*At Hospital* The Doctor Still Let Me Inside His Room So i Could See Him. He Thought i Would Be Throwing a Huge Crying Fit If i Dont See Louis. So Now I'm in the Same Position as Louis Was, When i Was On The Hospital Bed. The Doctor Told Me There Was a Note He Left Me Before The Accident Happend. I Read It. Tears Were Streaming Down My Cheecks And Regreating Everything That i've Done To Louis. i Was Shocked that He Would Do Anything For Me to Love Him Again.Then i Choosen a Wrong Choice and Told Him i Couldnt Date Him And I Was Ready to Date Louis. Deep Iinside Me i Really Love Him More Than a Friend Then It Brought Back Memeorys When Were Dating Again. The Piano Playing The Song Summer Love, The Song Me And Louis Created Together Change My Mind. It All Comes Back To Me. But Now i See Him Laying In The Hospital Bed Unconsious. He Maybe In a Coma For All i Know.i Slowly Reached Down An Grabed a Hold Of Lou's Hand And Mumbled In His Ear. " I'm Soo Sorry Louis.. It's All My Fault... I'm Sorry.." i Say Inbetween Sobs. a Tear Drop Landed On His Face And He Awoke By It. His Beautiful Blue Eyes Were Brighter than Ever. And He Looked at Me and Smiled. "Louis?" I Say Slowly Still Crying. He Smiled "Kenzie?.." He Says "Oh My Gosh! Louis! Your Not Dead!!! I'm So Glad your Not Dead!!" i Yelled Exitedly. "Well Of Corse I'm Alive I'll Fight For you Anyday." He Says Smiling and Winking. i Leaned My Face Towards His and Kissed Him. He Grabed My Waist And Pulled Me Up Where He is On The Hospital Bed Without Unconncting Out Lips.After a Couple Of Minutes Went By And All The Good and Happy Memory's Went By Of Us Dating. The Cuddling, The Messing around We Did When Were Bored. His Jokes Which Made Me Laugh When i'm Down, His Beautiful Singing And Pianio Playing He Did.And i Knew Louis Can Keep Me And Himslef Happy.And He Would Do Anything To Put Me Back In His Life and Most Importantly To Keep Our Love Strong... He Grabed My Face one Last Time and We Both Kissed And Slowly Let Go And i Soke "Louis... I Love you..." I See Him Smile Then Suddenly His Heart Meator Went Flat Lined and Doctors and Nures Rushed In And Kicked Me Out Leaving Me Crying Once again On The Cold Hard Floor...

                       The End Of Book Number 1 Sequeal Is Coming Up..

A/N: There Is a Sequal Coming Up And Hope You Loved The First One. Happy Reading Lots Of Love Everyone - Kenzie Tommo Tomlinson xx.


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