When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


8. The Acceident..

Louis P.O.V-- Mackenzie Had Came Back Which Took A Longer Time Than i Expected It To be. "Where Have you Been?" i Asked Her. She Smiled "I Was In the Loo And You Knew That.." She Answered. "Oh.. Well Anyway's We Should Be Leaving We Have a Load Of Things To Do In The Morning." i Told Everyone. I Took Mackenzie's Hand And Told Everyone Goodbye And So Did She And We Left Harry's Flat.

*Next Morning*

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Was Downstairs Making Breakfast For Me And Louis, i Had Put Music On From Pandora From my Phone And Let It Play Random Songs Really Softly In The Back Ground. Then i Heard Footsteps Coming Down The Stairs, Louis Came Up To me And Grabed Me Around My Waist And Said Into My Ear "You Know i Love You Right..." She Says Sweetly. "Of Course I Know, i Love you More.." i Say Back. He Went to My Phone And Then Jessy Mcartny's Beautiful Soul Was Playing, I Was Me And Louis' Song. He Took Me By the Hand And Waltz Me Around The Kitchen Singing- Along To It. His Voice Made Me Melt As Always, Then Out Of Nowhere i Feel Onto The Floor And He Came Along With Me, With Me On Top of Louis. We Stood There For A Moment And Just Looked At Each Other, So It Turned Out to Be Us Kissing Passinately, When Suddenly The Stove Began Beep Which Ment That the Foods Ready to Serve. Me And Louis Got Off Of Each Other And ate Breakfast As Usual. After Breakfast Lou Told Me He Had to Go to a Interview With The Lads. He Took My Hand And Lead Me Upstairs And Entering The Bedroom Then i Watched Him Go Into The Bathroom So He Could Take A Shower. The He Creeked The Door Open a Little, His Perfect, Nice, Body Structured Chest Was Showing. Then He Asked " Want to Come In?" i Looked At Him With a Shocked Look. "Uhmm I'll Pass.." i Said To him He Looked Down Then Back At Me. " Are you Sure Babe?" He Says Pouting. I Nodded My Head " I'm Sure Lou. I'm Sorry.." i Said To him. He Smiled At Me And Said "It's Alright.. When Ever Your Ready Just Tell Me..Ok?" He Says. i Nodded My Head Again And Left So i Could Let Him Finish Taking a Shower. Afterwards It Took Louis Probley About 20 Minutes To Take a Shower And Get Changed Then He Headed DownStairs. He Said His Goodbyes And Saying That He Wont Be Gone For Long. And i Remeber i Had To Go To Work Today.. And A Least i Can Try To Work On The Song I'm Writing.. We Kissed And He Left. i Headed Upstairs and Changed Into Somthing Work Appropiate, And Left My Flat Wearing a Dress With a Top Cut Low And a Color Of Navy, i Hopped Into My Car and Heading To Work..

*At the Studio*

i Entered My Studio Not Expeting Anyone But Myself Today, So i Can Be Alone. i Headed To The Recording Booth and Put Headphones On and Pushed Record On a Button That i Was Controling. i Sung a Differnet Song To Make Sure It Works Good .

" White Lips  Pale Face, Breathing In Snowflakes, Burnt Lungs Sour Taste.

Light's Gone Days In Struggling To Pay Rent, Long Night's Strange Men." i Sung Along To The A Team By Ed Sheeran Then At the End i Heard Clapping On The Otherside. i Found all Five Boys There Smiling And Cheering. Louis Came Up To Me And Kissed Me Lightly On The Lips And i Gave all The Others Hugs. " Wow.. You have an Amazying Voice Makcenzie.. "Liam Starts. "Oh Thank you.. i Was Actually Not Expecting Anyone Here Today.. So I Tested The Booth." i Told Them. " Well You have Talent .." Says Niall. "Thank you Guys." i Say To All Of Them. i Looked Over To The Corner And Found The Boys Girlfriends Danialle, And Elizabeth And Perri Standing In a Corner Smiling At me Exept Elizabeth Who Was Giving a Death Glare to Me. i Ingored It And Continued On With Me Work. i Let Zayn Go into The Booth First Since He Starts the Song. "What is The Song Called?" He Asked. " It's Called Summer Love.. " i Say and Looked Towards Louis Who Was Standing Behind Me Kissing My Forhead. So I Started The Song For  Zayn and He Began Singing.

Harry's P.O.V-- I Found Louis Right Next to Me Kissing On The Top Of Her Forehead , i Never Meet Anyone Who Shared a Lot Between Each Other. They Shared There Love Each Other. i Was Getting a Little Bit Jelous. Until i Saw Elizabeth Tapping Louis On His Shoulder, And Pointed to Him To Exit The Room. i Was Getting Pretty Concerned.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- I Was Doing My Thing On The Controls With Louis Kissing My Forhead Still Then His Warm Hands Left My Cold Body . i Turned And Watched Him Exit The Room and i Was Getting Worried On What's Going To Happen. i Told Zayn To pause For a Few Minutes So i Could Find Out Where Louis Left to. Then Harry Grabed My Hand "What Are you Doing Love?" He Asked . I Looked At Him "i Would Ask The Same thing." i Say Back And he Released My Hand Free. So i Went On Serching Him Around The Building. The i Found a Door Shut With Lights On In The Next Door. i Opened The Door And Found My Louis' Lips Smashed To Elizabeth's Lips. ... i stood There In Shock , My Mouth Dropped. " Mackenzie..! It's Not What It Looks Like!" Louis Screamed. i Didnt Listen And Went Outside And Headed Towards The Traffic Road Up Ahead. "Mackenzie! She Kissed Me I Would NEVER Do This To You."He Screamed Again. i Looked Both Ways To The Road And Crossed And Looked At Louis And The Boys Then Louis Screamed Out Louder "I Love You....!!" After those Words "BOOM!!" A Bmw Car Hit Me On My Side And Everything Went Black...

A/N: Wow! How Was It? Be Honest. Hope You Loved It.

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