When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


7. Harry's Story On Elizabeth Part 2

Harry's P.O.V-- I Walked Into The Bedroom And Found Mackenzie In There, Looking Through My Childhood Pictures And She Was Smiling At One Picture. Then She Headed Out the Balcony And Grabed The Gutair That I've Never Played Much And Tuned It. "Mackenzie?.." i Say. She Looked Up From Where She Is And Smiled "Oh.. Hello Harry.." She Says. " What Are you Doing Out Here?" i Asked Her. She Continued Tuning, " Oh Nothing .. Enjoying The View.." She Said. i Looked At The Full Moon Shining Bright On The Two Of Us. " i See your Enjoying The Gutair Too Huh?" i Asked. She Looked At me And Smirked "Yeah.. i Really Do Love Playing Gutair.." She Said, i S.at Down On The chair Next to Her And Asked " You And Louis' Relationship Going Well Huh?" She Lifted Her Head up Again And Said " Yeah. Were Going Along Pretty Great! What About You And Lizzie?" She Asked Me. i Look Towards The Ground And Glared Back In Her Direction, "Well... Uhmm... It's Not So Great i-i Guess..." i Say Nervously. The One thing Is i Still had Feelings For Her, But i Dont Know If She Has Feelings For Me.. "Oh- My Why Is That?" She Asked Worriedly. " It All Starts Back After i Left your Flat... After We Kissed.." i Say. She Looked At Me With A Sad Face. Then i Started Continueing the Story " i left Your Flat And Headed To Starbucks Then i Bumped Into a Girl With Short Dark Brown With Red-ish Hilights, She Was Shorter Than Me, Very Beautiful Brown Eyes Like You.. " She Blushes At the Comment. then i Continued The Telling Of The Story. " Then She Dropped All Of Her Belongings In Front Of Me, So i Helped Her Pick Up Her Stuff And She Thanked Me And We Told Me She Had a Little Crush On Me, So We Exchange Numbers And Later On Through the Week She Would Get On To Me About Little Things i Would Careless About.. Like What She Did Two Days Ago, She Came To My Flat While I Was Checking My Twitter Then She Slams The Door Open Almost Breaking It And Yelling At Me About Not Getting Freash Bannana's From The Market. Which i Thought is Crazy! Then She Came Over to Me And Slapped Me Across My Face Which Left A Red Mark On My Cheek." i Tell Her. She Was Speechless And Couldnt Say Anything. " Wow Harry.. i Didnt K-.." She Spoke Until i Cut Her Off And Said " It's Fine Love. I'll Be Fine.." i Left The Balcony Leaving Her Behind And Entering The Livingroom And Trying To Not Kill Elizabeth After All The Bad Things She's Done To Me.. i Thought To Myself. "I'll Be Fine, I'll Be Fine.." And i Also Think " I Hope.....

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