When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


12. Confustion

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- i Woke Up And Saw Louis Next to me With His Arms Wrapped Around My Waist And He Looked Pretty Conmfutable There So i Easily Sliped Out Of His Arms Without Waking Him. i Went Downstairs And Put On Friends On The The Telly And Cooked Breakfast. i Cooked Scrambed Eggs, Pancakes And a Side Of Apples. By The Time The Cooking Was Over i Cleaned And Made a Plate For Louis And i Sat Outside Of My Flat On The Balcony With The Cool Breeze Hitting My Face. When i Was Finshed Louis Stil Wasnt Up So i Found a Piano Sitting In The Livingroom. It Was Black And Very Glowy. It Looked Like It Was Played a Couple Of Times But Not Too Much. i Really Didnt Know How To Play Very Well So i Tried My Best to Learn It Myself.

Louis P.O.V-- i Woke Up And Mackenzie Was Gone.. Uh Oh Were Could She Have Gone? i Got Out Of Bed And Went Downstairs and Then Again i Saw Mackenzie Trying To Play Piano. As i Think Of  It. She Might Even Loss How To Play Piano Because It Was Differntly Played Than Before The Accident. But Here's My Chance To Show Her My Romantic Side, And Her Fall In My Arms And We Become Boyfriend and Girlfriend Again. i Walked Over to Her Sat Down On The Bench And Taught Her How To Play. i Grabed Her Hand And Slowly We Bouth Moved At the Same Motion With The Keys. i Noticed She Kept On Looking At Me And Watching My Every move Like i Did When When We Were At The Collage Building. i Smiled At Her And Then She Lean In Closer To My Face and She Kissed Me, I Kissed Back. Fireworks Were Spreaded And It Felt Like a Long Time Since i Kissed Her, It Even Felt Like Years! She Let Go Of My Lips And Standed Up From The Bench. "What's Wrong?" i Asked. "Oh Nothing .... " She Says Nervous Like. "Kenzie You know You Can Tell Me Anything.." i Say To Her She Stoped And Looked At Me. " i Know But, Do You Love Me Louis? Like I'm Being Serious." She Asked. I Smiled at Her " Of Corse i Love you Mackenzie, i've Always Do And Will. i Would Do Anything ust to Make You Happy." i Say Truthfully. She Didnt Smiled She Just Looked At The Ground Like Somthing Bad Happend. "Well That Kiss... i Cant Do This Louis.. I'm Sorry.." She Says. "Sorry For What? What Can You Not Do ?" i Asked Her. " i Cant Be In Love with You.. It's Not Right.." She Says. i Didnt Answer i Just Sit There Speechless. "I'm Sorry Lou.." SHe Says Apologizing. Ok. Now I'm Pretty Confused. i Dont Know Why She Dont Love Me Back... What Have i Done Wrong? i Sit There Crying And Thinking In My Mind She Will Come Back Begging Me To Love Her And We'll Live Happly Ever After.. But i Guess Not Because That Only Happends In Fairy Tales.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- That Kiss With Louis Was Strange Even Though Somthing Is Going On In Louis Mind, That i Dont Know Of. But i Mean I Cant Really Tell Him How Much I Feel About Him. i Trully Love Him. But It Doesnt Seem Right To Date Him For SOme Reason. And i Did Let Him Down. And i Kinda Regret It. But i Thought To Myself ... He Can Do Much Better Than Me.. Louis Told Me He Had To Go On A Tv Interveiw Today So, in Would Be Here All By Myslef. But I Didnt Have a Problem With That.

*Couple Minutes Later After Louis Left For The Interveiw*

i Sat On The Sofa Drinking a Cup Of Tea And Watched Some Tv. Then i Got a Text From Danialle.

From Danialle,   Turn on Channel 9, The Boys Are Performing nd i Think There Talking About You And Louis...

From Mackenzie.. Ok I Will Thanks Dani... Xxx.

i Sent Te Message and Turned The Telly To Channel 9 Like Danialle Had Said To Do. And There Appread Our Boys. It Seems They Were On The Allen Carr Show. Which i Think That Man Is Hularious. i Watched Him Alot When i Was a Young Child. "So Louis .. It Seems That You Have Had a Load Of Stress On You Latly Huh/" Allen Said. Louis Looked At the Boys And Back At Him "Yeah It's True..." He Says Trailing Off.  " Well What's Been Shaking You?" He Says. He Smiles And Looks At Allen. "Well There's This Girl.. Mackenzie She's Really Lovley And Very Sweet And Fun Plus Adventurus Like Me. She's My Everyting To Me.." Then in The Background Audience Began Doing Aww's. "i Mean i Loved Her Since We Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Until One Day Some Girl That Harry's Was Dating And Now Broke Up With Came Up And Kissed Me Without Me Knowing And Then Mackenzie Walked in On Us. Her Mouth Dropped And She Ran Outside The Building And Into a Street Of Traffic. Then When She Crossed By Looking Both Ways She Got Hit By a Car.. And She Almost Ended Up Dead. Amd i Would Have Loss Her With Saying i Love Her And My Goodbyes Which I'm Never Good At... " Louis Spoke. The Whole Audiince Went Quiet Then Allen Spoke " What Happend Next?" He Asked. "Well.. SHe Uhmm Loss Her Memory.. " He Says Upsetting Like. "Did She Remeber You?" He Asked. "Yeah She Only Remeber Me As Only a Best Friend Not Any More than That.." He Says Looking Down Trying Not To Cry.." i Sat Back Of The Sofa And Cried As Well.. I Mean Was Louis In This Much Pain Because Of Me? And i Regret Of Diding It In The First Place. and Like i Said I Cant Date Lou It ust Doesnt Feel Right.. i Dont Know.. Allen And The Boys Shook Hands And The Boys Went to Go Get ready to Perfom a Song For the Audenience. By The Time Chermmicals Were Done They Were ALready Sittning On a Stool With Niall Hold His Gutiar. Liam Spoke To The Crowd. "This Is a Song Louis Choose To SIng Today And This One Was Written By a a Special Girl Of Louis' and Himself. This Is Change My Mind.." He Spoke.. i Thought For A Moment i Did Write This Song But i Dont Remeber Louis Helping.. So i Watched And Seeing What Will Happen.Louis Began The Song Looking Into The Camera And Staring At It Will Tears About To Roll Down His Cheeck.

" The End Of The Night, We SHould Say Goodbye..

But We Carry On, While Everyone's Gone..." Louis Sung. Then It's Zayn's Turn

"Never Felt Like This Before.. Are We Friends Or Are We More?.. As I'm Walking Towards The Door I'm Not Sure... 

i Stood There And Listen To Every Word that They Had Said And i Shutted The Telly Off and Ran Up To Me And Louis Bedroom and Cried My Eyes Out Say "Why Me? Why Di i Have to Be The One Causing Pain To The One i Hold Close to Me.." I'm Sorry Louis." I'm Sorry...." i Yelled In Between Sobs. 

A/N: How Was It? Any Emotional. It Made Me Emitional When i Wrote this Part.. Thanks For I'll Update Later On.. Byee. Lots Of Love ..- Kenzie xx.


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