When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


2. Collage ...... And More.

Mackenzie's P.O.V--   I Made It To The Collage Building, My First Class Of The Day Is English. "Ugh!" i Thought To Myself. i Hated English It's My WORST Subject, i Walked Into The Classroom People Were In There Being Loud, Hanging Out, Texting On There Phones And Talking To One An Another. Then i Reconized Five Boys Sitting In The Back Of The Room Talking And Making So Much Noise i Could Here Them From The Hallway. i Sat Next To Louis Then i See Him Turning Facing Me. "Hello Beautiful." Says Louis. i Smiled At Him And Replied Back "Hey Lou.", i Set Down My Stuff On The Ground And Said Hello To The Boys And Our Teacher, Mrs. Janson Walked Into The Room Wearing a Old Brown Colored Shirt With a Matching Long Skirt. "Good Morning Students." She Said While Lifting Her Glasses From Her Nose. We All Took Our Seats Then She Began Her Lesson For Today. "Students We Are Learning About Grammer Use." Mrs. Janson Spoke. i Was To Bored To Listen To Her Speak Any Longer, So i Sat There Daydreaming About When I'm Ever Going to Meet Mr.Right, I Slowly Closed My Eyes And Daydreamed.  

*Daydream*    I Looked Around The White Colored Room, Then i Noticed i Was Wearing a Wedding Dress, With Matching Clear Glass Shoes. The Room Was Very Bright And i Couldnt See Anything Then a Darker White Apeared On the Other Side Of The Room. It Was a Man Wearing a Black Tux, Then Room Became Dimer Than Before And i Couldnt See the Man Still Then i Spoke "What Is Your Name?" He Looked At Me, But i Didnt See His Face. "Wow Mackenzie You Are Just Beauiful.." The Man Says With a British Accent. He Was About My Height And Very In Good Shape. i Have To Say He Is About As Good Looking As Louis. Not Saying That i Would Think Louis Is Mr.Right...'Wait' Or Is He? i ad To Know Who This Man Is So i Asked "Is Your Name ..... Louis?.." i Spoke. He Looked At The Ground And Back At Me With a Smile, He Walks Over To Me And Grabs My Hand, As That Happend The Light Gets Dimer And Dimer So i Could See The Mans Face Clearly. Then i Saw His Amazing Blue Eyes. And His Adorable Smile. And Then i Hit Me ..... Louis Is My Mr.Right??... As Before i Tried To Speak to Him His Face Comes Closer..... And..... Closer And Then i Heard a Loud 'BANG!' He Lifted His Head And Backed Away From Me So i Couldnt See His Face Anymore Then He Was Gone.

*End Of Daydream*   'BANG!' I Heard Again i Opened My Eyes and Noticed Everyone Was Looking At Me And Mrs. Janson Was Standing In Front Of My Desk "Well... Mackenzie, Like Sleeping In My Class Dont You?" She Says. I Looked Over To Louis And The Lads Trying Not To Laugh At Me. i Looked At Mrs. Janson "What Do You Have to Say To Yourself?" She Speaks With a Weird Tone. " Yeah, i Do.." i Say She Crossed Her Arms So She Could See Why i Was Sleeping Or As i Call It Daydreaming. " For Advise Mrs. Janson, Try Not To Teach Somthing As Boring As Using Grammer. And By The Way That's Like 3rd Grade Stuff  And Plus Were In Collage". I Contined On Talking About Her Boring Teaching Then She Sadly Agreed Which i Didnt See Coming " i Guess Youir Right.." She Says. My Mouth Dropped. Then i Looked in the Corner Where Niall Couldnt Control His Laughter Then He Just Blurted Out Laughing And So Did Everyone Else. i Smiled And Mrs. Janson Walked Away Without a Word  Coming Out Of Her Mouth.


A\N  Hope You Like It So Far, Comment On What You Think And i Appericate On All The People Who Love It So Far. And Dont Forget to Like It! Thanks - Kenzie (: x.

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