When You Wish Upon a Star

Hi My Name Is Mackenzie, I'm 19 yrs Of Age And Live In Doncaster With My Two Brothers and My One Sister And My Best Friend Since Kindergarten, Louis Tomlinson, And Louis Tomlinson From One Direction. What Happends If Two Best Friends Become Enemys Over One Girl, And Yes i Am That Girl, this Is How Both Harry And Louis Came Into My Life And Changed It.. Forever..


1. The Introduction.

Mackenzie's P.O.V-- One Early Morining In Doncaster, i Was Awoken By a Sound Of a Door Opening. i Head Down The Staircase And Found My Back Door Was Open. i Entered The Kitchen and Found My Bestfriend Since Kindergarten, Louis And a Blonded- Brownish Haired Boy With Him Digging His Head In The Refigderator. "Louis?.. Is That You?" i Asked. i Saw Louis Headed Looking Towards My Direction. "Oh- Mackenzie .. Hey i Thought You Were Asleep." He Says. i Smiled At Him And Laughed "Yeah. Right How Can i Sleep While You Two are Making all this Noise". i Say to Him. "And By the Way Who Is This Is Young Man In My Fridge?" Louis Laughed And Poked Him In The Ribs. His Beautiful Face Popped Out Of My Fridge With a Mouth Full Of Food. i Laughed. He Gulped Down The Food In His Mouth And He Coughed And Spoke, " Oh Sorry.. About That I'm Niall ". He Says. " Nice to Meet a Friend Of Louis". i Say Politly. He Smiled And Continues Eatting Out Of My Fridge. i Turned To Louis Who Was Sitting On My Nice Counter Top. "Well... Why Are you Guys Here?' i Asked  Louis Looked At Me And Took an Apple From My Bowel. "Well As You Can See. Were Hungry.. And We Had a Problem , We Have No Food In Our Flat." He Says. "Oh. But Why Dont You Go To The Store?"i Asked Them. Then Niall Looked Towards Us And Spoke "Because We are Broke". i Looked At The Both Of Them And Laughed. "Oh My Gosh! Here." i Say And Handed Them Money That Way Held In My Wallet. Louis Grabed The Money And Got a Hold Of Nialls Hoodie And Walked Out My Flat. i Sighed They Left My Kitchen a Totally Mess! But They Always Let Me Clean After Them, Which i Didnt Have a Problem With. i Headed Upstairs and Walked Into My Bedroom, And Entered My Walk-In-Closet And Got a Hold Of a Pair Of Skinny Jeans, a Bright Blue Top, Converse, and  Matching Benie. and Got Ready To Leave For a Another Boring Day Of Collage Learing. i Entered The Bathroom And Cuirled my Hair And Added Perfume, and Grabed My Car Keys And an Bannana And Entered My Car And Left.                                                            

a\n my first chapter fanfic on here , like it !!!

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