He's making feel as if the bad side is the better side. Where everything is easy.

Where you let go. Where all you worry about is yourself.

Honestly, hes getting to me. This is it. This is my choice, and my choice is yes.


Jason is not the guy you think he is. He looks cute, innocent, and pure. Once you get to know him, all he does is drink, party, sex, and kill.

Ryan is exactly who she is. Boring, 17 year girl that everyone sees her as. Her mom died, and her dad is all she has left. She dreams her life in dreams. And reality, is something she wants to exscape.

Jason is going to fix everything.

Well his definition of 'fix.'


3. Text Message

 Ryan's POV

  I sighed in frustration as I sat in the passenger seat of my best friend car. School just ended, and we were on our way to my house. Kayla, and I have a hate/love relationship. Sometimes were nice, but sometimes its like a full on war. But we move on, always next to each other.

 But off of that topic, sense it was Friday Kayla was sleeping over. Our plan? Sneaking out, and partying all night long. Seems fun, huh? No, not really, Kayla here is making me. I offered watching a movie, and resting cause we had finals Monday. But no, we have to go. Hence my frustration.

 I hoped out of the car when it stopped in front of my shabby house. My dad wasn't the richest, and sense it was only me, and him. We didn't mind, and honestly, it was home-y. So I love it.

"RY!" Kayla hissed, jumping in front of me.

Raising my eyebrow, side stepping so I could keep walking. But Kayla had other plans in mind. She side stepped to so I couldn't.

 "What?" I hissed annoyed, and licking my chap lips.

She rolled her eyes, and ignored my tone,"Were you even listening?" 

Shrugging, I looking at her blankly,I answered, "No."

She huffed in esparation, and turned away from me. I smiled, walking to my door, and quickly unlock it. I kick off my shoes, and walk to the kitchen. My stomach growls on que, chuckling I open the fridge.    "Want anything, Kayla?" I yelled out enough for her to hear me. Pulling out cold pizza from last night out, putting two on a plate.

 "Water Diet, baby." She smirked, and strut to the kitchen as if she were a model.

 I rolled my eyes, murmuring under my breath, "Suit your self."   

Putting the pizzas in the microwave, and taking a seat on the counter. I ran my fingers through my hair, and stared down at my jeans. Honestly I wanted to sleep early tonight, so I could dream about Justin. I know it sounds weird, but Im falling in love with my dreams. My god, I'm such a loser.   

"Ry. Guess who just texted me?" Kayla squealed, and jumped up.   

I groaned, and looking up to her, "Who?"   

"JASON MCCAN!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, and hopped around the kitchen.   

I narrowed my eyes at her, shaking my head,"Calm the fuck down."   

The microwave beeped, signaling my food was ready. Smiling, I opened the microwave, grabbing my food, and sit on the floor. Noticing Kayla face flatter, feeling bad instantly.   

"Hey, sorry." I sigh, and lean back against the wall.   

She shook her head, and hands me her Iphone. I read the text message, and was shocked.   

From: Jason Mccan


Aye sexy, I was wondering if you give me Ryan's number?

I felt my heart drop literally out of my ass, what did Jason Mccan want from me? Giving Kayla back her phone, averting my gaze to my pizza's and felt Kayla sit beside me.   

"What do you want me to do?" She said blankly, and avoiding eye contact.  

"Tell him to fuck off." I say, and nodding at Kayla.  

She looked at me shocked, but obeyed. I knew how much Kayla loved Jason, even though she never talked to him. I still dont want a guy to get between us. Expecially Jason Mccan, the biggest player around town. But yet, I wanted her to give him my number. You cant blame me. He's hot. But you know what they say, hard to get is the way to go. 

Even though, he is a  Badass.

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