He's making feel as if the bad side is the better side. Where everything is easy.

Where you let go. Where all you worry about is yourself.

Honestly, hes getting to me. This is it. This is my choice, and my choice is yes.


Jason is not the guy you think he is. He looks cute, innocent, and pure. Once you get to know him, all he does is drink, party, sex, and kill.

Ryan is exactly who she is. Boring, 17 year girl that everyone sees her as. Her mom died, and her dad is all she has left. She dreams her life in dreams. And reality, is something she wants to exscape.

Jason is going to fix everything.

Well his definition of 'fix.'


2. Bitch

Jason POV

"Wake up, time for school." I heard Mason hiss.

  I groaned not wanting to get, and licked my lips. It felt as if an elephant was stepping on my head, and kept stomping on it repeatdly.

  "5 more minutes." I grumbled, pulling the covers over my head.

  Surprised he left me alone, I slowly was falling back asleep, untill I felt pericing icecold water hit my skin. I siting up quickly, and growling lowly.

 "Mason, I will fucking murder you." I snapped, and rubbed my eyes.

  I heard someone giggle, and looked to my right. There was Lilly, with nothing on, but the bedsheet cover around her. I eyes narrowed at the now empty bucket in her hands.  I felt anger boil through my veins, I got up, and pinned her agaisnt the wall.

 "What the fuck was that for, Lilly?" I spat, and slightly digged my nails into her wrist.   

She whimpered in pain, and cringed back. I could here her heart beating, and I smirked. Bitch needed to know her boundaries. I brought her over cause I wanted sex, and I get what I want. Simple as that, that didnt mean that this bitch could be here spilling water on me.  I letting go of her hands, and hissing.  

"Leave, now." I threw her clothes at her, and ushered her out the front door.

Once she was out, I slammed the door infront of her face, and ran my fingers through my hair. Mason glanced at me, and chuckled. I felt my anger rise more, and I charged towards him. I pushed him agaisnt the wall, and connected my fist with his jaw.   

"What the fuck man!" He bellowed, and pushing me away.  

I rolled my eyes, and walked away. Fucking bastard.  I went back in my room, pulling off my boxers, and head to the bathroom. Was to rough on that Lilly, bitch? She was asking for it though.   

I sighed, jumping in the shower. Groaning slightly in exsparation when the cold water hit my body.   I usaully showered with cold water. But I had enough cold water to last me today. I changing the water tempture I felt myself calm down. Quickly taking my shower, I get out of the bathroom.   

 Wrapping a towel around my waist, and licking my lips. I got dressed quickly, throwing on clothes, and chuckling to myself.  Mccan looked great in everything. I mean look at me.    

I head out the house, slipping on some shoes, and grabbing my keys. Here goes my day in the hellhole.  

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