He's making feel as if the bad side is the better side. Where everything is easy.

Where you let go. Where all you worry about is yourself.

Honestly, hes getting to me. This is it. This is my choice, and my choice is yes.


Jason is not the guy you think he is. He looks cute, innocent, and pure. Once you get to know him, all he does is drink, party, sex, and kill.

Ryan is exactly who she is. Boring, 17 year girl that everyone sees her as. Her mom died, and her dad is all she has left. She dreams her life in dreams. And reality, is something she wants to exscape.

Jason is going to fix everything.

Well his definition of 'fix.'


1. DayDream

Ryan's POV

   I closed my eyes day dreaming up a field, with all kinds of beautiful flowers. I lean my head against my hand, as I hear my teacher drown on about the history of our Founding fathers. 

I licked my chapped lips, and now making a guy appear in the middle of the field. Making sure the guy had amazing hair, and body. My dream guy pretty much summed it up.  My daydream took off on its own from there, and I felt myself turn warm from the images that played in my mind.

    A smirk fell upon his lips, and he made his way towards me. When he reached me, he cupped my cheek, and lightly placed a chaste kiss on my cheek.

  "So I see you dreamt me up again, love?" He tilted his head to the side, and smiled.

  I couldn't say anything, just nodding in response. He chuckled, it amazing how it that one chuckle made my stomach erupt in butterflies. 

  "You know--" 

The image disappered when I heard my teachers screechy voice call my name.   

"Ryan." She said, as calm as she could, but I could here her voice waver.  I opened my eyes instantly, clamping my lips together, nodding towards her, showing that i aknoledge her presence.

  "Why don't you share to the class Ryan what is it that has your thoughts?" She hissed, and glared at me slightly.

    I licked my lips again nervously, and open my mouth but nothing came out. Oh dear lord, someone help me. 

"Im here, miss me?" I voiced rasped. 

  Everyone turned, including the teacher, thank god. Jason was here, and of course everyone had to know.  I felt the anger radiate off of Mrs. Teagen, and shudder at the rath Jason was about to get. 

  "Before you get your panties a bunch, Mrs. T. I got a pass from the office." He winked, and smirked.

  I saw in the corner of my eye, that all the girls in the class room biting there lips when he winked. I lean back, and rolled my eyes. 

  "Sit down, now Jason." She snapped, and pointed at his desk.

    He rolled his eyes, and made his way to his desk. Normally, if a normal student had said that, they'd be down in the office in a second. But you see, Jason doesnt care what anyone says. Like he says, " I do what I want, when I want." Thats why sending him down to the office wouldn't do much. 

    Mrs.Teagen looked at me, and shook her head. Then she made her way back to the front of the class room. I sighed in relief, and sat up straight trying to keep my attention on Mrs.Teagen.  Feeling something hit my back, I turn around in confusion. Jason was trying to get my attention, shocked, I made sure my mouth hadn't fell open.   

"Hey gorgeous, got a pencil I can borrow?" He winked, giving me his infamous smile of his.

    I handed him a pencil, turning back around. I kept focus on the teacher again, and by the time it was time to go. The teacher had told us that we had a partner project due, and we'd be allow to pick our partners. I turned to look at Kayla, but a hand grabbed my elbow, whirling me around. Brown orbs stared into my hazel ones, and Jason once again came into my view. He licked his lips, and let his hand drop from my elbow. 

  "Your pencil, baby?" He smirked, and handed me my pencil. 

  I took it from him, squeaking out a pathetic 'Thank you.'

He chuckled, and winked. Im such a dumbass.

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