All my life I was told the Toothfairy doesn't exist, but at 36 I knew the truth.


1. Prologue

My daughter lost her last tooth before she finally got braces. I was about to tell her who the toothfairy really was when I saw this blue light over my sleeping daughter's head. I went over to see what the light was and saw a tiny fairy. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Kimberly, you know who I am."

"You can't be." I looked towards the door then back at the fairy. He had my daughter's tooth in his tiny hand. "Your a man, not a woman."

"I'm not sure where everyone gets a toothfairy as a woman." He made the tooth disappear from his hand and a dollar appear. "All toothfairies are men since we can carry 10 times our weight."

Then he was gone. I was shocked and wanted to hear more.

"Mom what are you doing?" My daughter's eyes were staring at me waiting for a reply.

"I thought I saw something. Go back to sleep." What was I suppose to tell her. That the Toothfairy is really a man?

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