Bad Boy

Lucas was a bad boy. Everyone knew it, especially me. I was determined to stay away from him and concentrate on college. But he certainly didn't want to stay away from me.


8. The date

A/N- Sorry, don't normally do A/Ns, but I changed the ending of the last chapter. For future reference, he doesn't cut her, just crush her wrist.


I pulled a small black dress out of the wardrobe, holding it up against me, then throwing it to the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor. No way. He'd just leer at me all evening.

I grabbed a black skirt and white blouse out, then chucked it onto the pile without it holding it against myself. I wasn't going to work, I didn't need to look like I was.

The bed creaked angrily as I collapsed onto it, breathing heavily. Why was I so frustrated about this? It wasn't a big deal. He;d said it himself, he'd leave me alone afterwards. I just needed to sit through it, smile, then tell him to go away. Problem solved.

I decided on some skinny jeans and a grey silk top. Suited to wherever he was taking me. Nice, but casual. I quickly put on some mascara, and adjusted my necklace, picking up a small clutch bag. If I didn't leave soon, I would be late. I walked over to the door, then turned back. It couldn't hurt to have some extra help.

I walked back over to my bed and knelt down beside it, placing my hands together and closing my eyes. 

Dear God,

Thank you for helping University go well so far. Thank you for protecting me from Lucas, and giving me the strength to resist hurting him.

Please send love to my family, and let them know that I miss them everyday. Please let my date tonight go all right, and keep me safe.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,



I stood outside Starbucks, jumping from foot to foot nervously, unsure whether or not I wanted him to show up. I hoped he wasn't planning on taking me here. I also hoped that he'd pay, as he'd pretty much forced me along. And I'd spent this week's wages on my rent.

I pulled out my phone, too stressed for anything complicated. 1 new message.

WTF? You're going on a date with TWATFACE?

From Lana. How on earth did she hear about that? I sent a quick reply.

Sorta :p He made me go. I'll explain at party.

"Hey, babe." I spun around to see Lucas grinning at me, hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. He still appeared to have not change clothes. He probably had a wardrobe full of jeans and white t-shirts.

I sighed, stuffing my phone in my pocket. "Let's just get this over with."

"Babe, you have to have fun on this date. or at least make an effort. Or I won't go away."

That was going to make this even more enjoyable.


"Dormios?" I asked sceptically. "That sounds like a tomato sauce brand."

Lucas held the door open and I followed him in, walking up to the hostess's desk. "Do you like Italian?"

I shrugged, trying to act cool. But when this guy's seen you in your underwear, it's quite hard. "It's all right."

In all reality, I loved Italian. But I was hardly going to tell him that. The Hostess walked up to the desk, looking down at some papers on it. "Have you got a reservation?"

"Romano," he replied. He was Italian? Well, it probably explained the black hair and flawless tann, but I was surprised that I'd never known.

"You're Italian?" I asked, as she led us over to a small table in the corner. 

"Yeah, on my Dad's side," he answered casually. I looked up in surprise, not believing that he'd actually answer. I'd known him two weeks and I barely knew a thing about him. He rode a motorbike, his name was Lucas and he lived in a one bedroom flat. He'd been incredibly secretive.

We sat down and took the menus, thanking her as she walked away. I browsed the list, debating whether to get pasta or pizza. Pizza, undignified to eat. Pasta, slurpy. My phone buzzed but I ignored it, deciding to check it later.

Lucas set his menu down, leaning back in his chair and looking perfectly at ease. "So, why'd you come?" I put mine down too and raised an eyebrow, trying to figure him out.

"You're a prick and I want you to go away. If I pretend to have fun and eat free food then you will," I answered flatly. He grinned, but said nothing.

Lucas reached over to my hand. I started to pull it back, thinking he was going to take it. No way was I letting anything remotely romantic happen. But instead he took my bracelet, gently pulling it up my wrist. The ring of bruises showed up clearly against my skin in the dim light, blue and black, circling around my wrist. He gently probed the skin, making me wince where he touched it.

I snatched it back, placing it on my lap and shoving the bracelet back down to cover them. "I'm sorry," he told me, sounding genuine.

"Funny how you didn't think about that then," I replied moodily. He held his hands up and shrugged, before sinking back into the chair.

"I got a bit angry."

"A bit? I'll remember to stay away from you when you're furious."

Lucas sighed exasperatedly. "Can we just move on from this?"

"You can try," I muttered. At that point the waitress walked over, smiling widely at Lucas. I think I recognized her from Uni. 

"Have you decided?" She asked cheerily.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Lucas cut across. "We'll order everything now, please. We'll have the Red Cisco please. And two carbonaras." He looked at me for confirmation. I stayed put. "Yep, that'll be it."

"Oh, okay," the waitress stuttered, taken aback by his forwardness. "I'll get that as soon as I can." She walked quickly away, her already short skirt riding up her legs. I grimaced.

"So," Lucas leaned forwards. I leaned backwards. "This is a date. Tell me about yourself." I raised an eyebrow. "Come on. We can't exactly sit in silence."

I groaned, sitting up straight and pulling my chair in a little, searching my mind for something to say. "Um, well. I'm from Manchester. I have 2 brothers. My Dad is a physiotherapist. I'm studying Law. I'm lodging with a family." 

"Why are you studying law?"

"It looks good on a CV. Plus, I enjoy arguing with people." 

True fact. 

"What are you studying?" I asked curiously.

The waitress interrupted him as he opened his mouth, coming over with the win. "Would you like to try it, or-" As Lucas looked up at her, she seemed unsure of how to finish the sentence. 

"We'll have it now," he said, taking it off her and filling our glasses. She trotted away, casting one nervous glance back at us.

"You never said what you were studying," I said quietly.

Lucas sighed, picking up his glass and swirling the crimson liquid round. "Journalism."

I snorted, almost coughing up the wine I'd just swallowed. "Journalism?" I asked, unable to believe it.

"Yeah. Anyway, what's your family like?" He skilfully changed the subject, sipping coolly at his glass.

I reached for my napkin, folding in the corners and playing with it as I talked. "Oh, I have 2 brothers. One's finishing university, and the other is in Sixth form. My Mum doesn't work, but she's always out doing something. And my Dad is really tall."

"I've got a little sister, and she's annoying as hell," he chuckled. I struggled to imagine her. Putting Lucas's face on a girl's body was slightly disturbing. I automatically imagined her riding a motorbike.

"Maybe she thinks that having a big brother is, as you say, 'annoying as hell'." I made quotation marks in the air with my finger, grinning as I did.

"Come on. Would you like My Little Ponies scattered around your house?"

"Well, I used to have My Little Ponies scattered around my house."


I grabbed my bag, thanking Lucas as he opened the door for me. I shivered in the cold breeze, wrapping my cardigan around my arms. 

"So, um. Bye?" I asked, unsure of what to do next.

Lucas stuffed his wallet into his pocket and I grinned, remembering that I'd got a free meal. "And you'll leave me alone now, right?"

"Yep, just like I promised." Surprisingly enough, Lucas didn't grin, or make a smart comment. He just looked slightly frustrated.

A bit confused, I turned to leave. "Wait!" Lucas called. Bewildered, I turned back to face him. 

He leaned down, placing one hand on my cheek, the other on my waist. He leaned in, and kissed me. My heart raced as I remained stock-still, in a complete dilemma. Pull away, or kiss him back? Either seemed good to me. In fact, I was enjoying it. Just a little. Which was a worrying fact.

Lucas pulled back, watching me with careful eyes. I remained a statue, staring solemnly back. He walked to his motorbike, swinging one leg over the seat. He twisted the key and it burst into life, the engine roaring loudly. 

"Tell me when you figure out what you want!" He shouted to me, before pulling out into the road, and disappearing into the jungle of headlights.

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