Bad Boy

Lucas was a bad boy. Everyone knew it, especially me. I was determined to stay away from him and concentrate on college. But he certainly didn't want to stay away from me.


7. He actually does have friends

I handed the attendant my money, taking my croissant over to where Lana, Tash and July where sitting. "Have you started the coursework yet?" I asked, wincing as the metal chair screeched across the floor.

"No. I've started to read over my notes, but it's hard to find the motivation to actually start it," July replied. She was also on our course, I had sat next to her in a few of the lectures. She was fairly posh, from London somewhere, but incredibly kind.

Tash leaned in, about to speak. "What did you think of t-"

The chair next to me was pulled out, then sat in. "Hello ladies," said Lucas. Just my luck.

Right, ignore him. That's what I'm supposed to do.

"Excuse me?" Lana turned to face him, annoyed. "Would you be so kind as to, I don't know, fuck off?"

"Nah. I'm good, but thanks anyway. How're you doing, Evie?" Lucas turned to me, but I kept looking straight ahead, resisting the urge to look at him. It really didn't feel like this would make him go away. He didn't seem like the kind of person that would take kindly to being ignored.

"So, July. What did you think of today's lecture?" I deliberately leaned across him, winking at July.

She panicked, scrambling for something to say. "Um, yes. It was very, um, interesting."

"Hey babe, why are you ignoring me?" 

I continued ignoring him. Please give me the strength to stay silent.

"Don't you have any friends of your own?" Lana snapped. 

Lucas gestured behind him. "Sure I do. Right back there. I thought I'd hang with you for a while though." Despite myself, I turned around. There were 2 other guys sitting at a table a short distance away, deep in conversation. One had a shaved head, tattoos stretching across it. I shivered. The other had multiple piercings and black hair, clearly dyed. Neither looked friendly.

Lucas pulled something out of his pocket, something flicking out of it as he pressed a switch. A knife. That was a comforting thought. I stared at the shiny grey metal, the sharp edge, the ease which he handled it with. I may have to change my behaviour around him a little. He used it to slit the side of his muffin wrapping, pulling it out and putting the blade back in his pocket. I breathed a small sigh of relief.

Lana looked scornfully, then turned back. "Well, go back to your freaky little friends, and leave us be."

"I didn't come to talk to you, sweetheart. I came to talk to Evie." Lucas turned to me expectantly, smiling that smug grin of his. I looked down at my croissant, beginning to pick it to pieces with my fingers. Please make him go away.

Lana really seemed to be irritated by him. "Go stalk someone else." 

"You offering?"

"Sure. Come a bit closer and let me get my pepper spray out."

Lucas ignored her, turning back to me. Please keep arguing with her. "Evie?"

I kept ignoring him, focusing on picking my croissant apart.

His jaw clenched, but then he smiled, his eyes gleaming. "Evie spent Friday night at my house. We slept together. I saw her in her underwear." 

My mouth dropped, hardly able to believe that he just said that. Tash looked up from her notes, all of them staring at me, with the same question burning in their eyes.

So much for ignoring him. I grabbed his wrist, standing up and pulling him over to the corner of the cafe. "What the fuck? Why would you say that?"

He shrugged, smiling. "It's just the truth, babe." I drew my hand up and slapped him, the crack turning the entire room silent. His cheek was red, but I didn't care. Idiot.

"What is your obsession with me? Friday night never happened, okay?" I lowered my voice, as the girls looked over, curious at our conversation.

Lucas laughed, the sound easily carrying. I pulled him away from prying ears, towards the entrance to the bustling kitchen. "Babe, it happened. You can't forget the truth."

"Just stay away from me! How many times do I need to tell you?"

"You wanna go get lunch together?" 

What? After the number of times I've told him to go away, he was asking me out? Was he deaf, or just plain stupid?

"No, I fucking don't!" I didn't normally swear, but he really brought the worst out in me. Please forgive me.

Lucas pulled something from his pocket. "Y'know, there could be... consequences. If you don't." I jerked, realising it was the knife. He took my hand, opening it out. I didn't dare snatch it back. I started shaking as he lightly traced the lines on my palm with the knife. I was almost a statue, not wanting to jerk and get cut.

"Please." I slowly reached out with the other hand, then snatched, trying to grab the knife. Lucas saw it coming and moved it out the way, leaving me with a handful of empty air.

Lucas held my wrist tightly, his fingers curled around my arm. I was already beginning to lose feeling in them. He brought the knife back, stroking along my palm. "That was a mistake."  He clenched his hand tight, squeezing my wrist. I could feel my insides being crushed.

I reached up with my other hand, groping for my cross, closing my fingers around it. I tried to pull my other hand away, but he clenched his hand tighter, the muscles standing out along his arm. I rolled the small cross between my fingers, focusing on the cold metal, trying to forget the pain.

I yanked at my hand again, but it was no use. He squeezed harder and tears came to my eyes in pain. I could hear some kind of crunching.

Keep rolling the cross.

I looked up at Lucas, tears pooling in my eyes. "Why? Why are you doing this?" Please, just kill him. For me.

Keep rolling.

"Come tonight. Then you can make up your mind about me, and I'll go away. I'll see you outside here at 8. " Lucas said. He let go of my wrist, before walking swiftly out.

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