Bad Boy

Lucas was a bad boy. Everyone knew it, especially me. I was determined to stay away from him and concentrate on college. But he certainly didn't want to stay away from me.


4. A night together

Damn panic attacks.

I sat up, moaned and rubbed my head. Must've hit it on something.

I was in a large bedroom, lying on a double bed.

This must be Lucas's flat. Oh no. I needed to get out, now. I looked around for a weapon, grabbing a lamp, the closest thing I could find. The room was surprisingly plain, white walls and carpet, only a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in the corner.

Right, I just order him to let me go. Simple. As long as he wasn't a psychopath. I unconsciously reached for my necklace, letting the coldness of it sooth my skin. 

The door clicked, then slowly opened. Lucas poked his head round, smiling when he saw me awake. "Hey babe, how you feeling?"

I raised the lamp, trying to look threatening and ignore the frantic pounding of my heart. "Let me go. I won't tell anyone, just let me out now." I tried to keep my voice firm, but probably failed.

"What? I haven't kidnapped you, babe."

"I beg to differ. Why am I locked up in your flat? Let me out, now."

"Locked up?" Lucas snorted. "Did you try the door?"

That threw me.

I changed subject, hoping he wouldn't notice. "Then let me leave. Let him let me leave.

"Babe, it's 10 at night. You just passed out. It's raining, it's dark and you have no way of getting back."


"Take me on your motorbike!" I snapped back.

He smiled. "What if I don't want to?" 

A wave of hopelessness came over me, as I realised he wouldn't take me back. "Fine. I'll walk. I'll be fine." I tried not to let my fear show.

Lucas ignored me. "You can sleep here tonight. I'd take a shower, or you'll catch something. Here's a towel." He chucked the square of fabric at me and I caught it, slowly pushing myself off the bed.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice cracking.

He smirked, his fingers reaching out and stroking a piece of my hair. I stayed stock-still. 



I'd sat on the bed for the past half hour, contemplating my options. If Lucas was going to kill me, then he'd have done it straight away. Clearly he wanted something with me, otherwise he'd take me home. I decided to play along, just until I found out what was happening. I snatched up the towel, opening the door and walking down the narrow hallway.

"I'm having a shower now! If you come in I'll punch you!" I shouted in a random direction, heading to the bathroom. Well, the room that appeared to have a shower in.

I hated doing what he said, but sadly Lucas was right. I was freezing. I'd take a shower, warm myself up, then persuade him to take me home. Somehow.

I quickly stripped off my soaking clothes, though they were plastered to my skin. I turned on the shower and let the warm water soak over me, quickly warming me up. I took a bar of soap and scrubbed myself clean, making sure to use a lot of it. My tiny revenge. Please forgive me.

I stepped out and wrapped the shower round myself, stuck in a dilemma. I could get back into my freezing, soaking clothes. Or I could go outside, in a towel, and ask to borrow something off Lucas. I sighed, reaching down to pick up my clothes, but they weren't there. In their place was a pair of jogging bottoms, pants and a large t-shirt, my other clothes gone. 

That meant he'd come in here while I was showering, the creep. I wondered if he'd looked. Probably. I picked them up, as it appeared I had no choice but to put them on, though it felt like giving in. It was that or beg for my wet clothes back.

They were much too big for me, but at least they were warm. I'd have to go braless. I imagined he'd intended that.

This wasn't exactly how I'd planned to spend my third day of college, or my Friday night. In a stranger's house, with no way of getting home, stuck with a guy who stalked and terrified me. 

Fun times.

I slowly walked into the living room, where Lucas was sprawled on the sofa, flicking through channels. "Hey babe. Nice shower?" He leered at me, while I quickly folded my arms over my chest.

Right, I knew my argument. I just wanted to get out of here. "This could be counted as kidnapping, you know?"

Lucas straightened up, turning away from the telly. "How so?"

"You're holding me against my will."

He gestured to the door. "Fine, go. In the dark. All alone. Who knows who could be out there." He wasn't supposed to scare me like this.

"Sure." My heartbeat quickened as I walked over to the front door, slowly opening it. It was dark. Very dark. I heard slurred laughter, the sound of bottles breaking and the loud beat of the nearby club. Keep me safe.

"You going?" Lucas's voice came from behind my shoulder. I shivered as a cold blast of air flew through the open door.

I slammed it, turning around to face him. "Why would you just run off with me on your motorbike? It was terrifying!" I shouted, trying to scare him into taking me. It probably wouldn't work.

"Babe, you needed a ride," he replied coolly, still smiling. He was annoying.

"Stop calling me babe! And why would you take me to your house?" Lucas reached out to me, but I hit his hand back.

"Come on, babe. Let's go watch something." Lucas turned on those eyes. The terrifying eyes. The ones that made me cower in fear, that made me realise just what he was capable of. 

"O-okay," I stuttered. I shrivelled like a balloon as I followed him into the lounge, sitting next to him in the spot he patted. 

He put on Friends, but I didn't watch it. I sat up straight, muscles tensed, feeling the electricity crackle from him to me. Was it fear? I wasn't sure.I stared straight ahead, attempting to ignore it, but it was impossible. Lucas didn't seem affected, he seemed perfectly relaxed as he brayed at the telly. I could smell him, leather and oil, aftershave and smoke. The smell of someone dangerous. To be fair to him though, he didn't once reach out to me during the programme. He didn't try to touch my hair, stroke my neck, or any of the other creepy things he seemed to like doing.

"Right. Time for bed." I started, not realising the show was over. Lucas leered at me and I cowered back into the cushions, terrified of those eyes. He turned off his eyes, laughing at me. "I didn't mean it like that. But it's always on the table."

Yeah right.

"Where am I sleeping?" I asked tentatively. Please let him have a spare room.

Lucas smirked, sweeping my entire body in one look. It felt as if I was being x-rayed. "You can go in my bed."

Well, I wasn't going to refuse him. Especially as he'd basically locked me in his flat. "Where are you sleeping?" Please be on the sofa.

Lucas laughed, though I could see nothing funny about the situation. "I'll be in there too. You're not kicking me out of my bed, babe." He snorted as my cheeks reddened. "Are you embarrassed?"

I stood up, trying to be brave. "I'll sleep on the sofa." There was no way I was spending the night in bed with him. No way. I'd rather sleep on the floor.

Lucas gripped my arm tight, pulling me towards the room I had woken up in. "Babe, you're sleeping in my bed, or I'm carrying you there and tying you to it."

I gulped, unsure if he was being serious or not. From the look in his eyes, I think he might have been. I let him tug me in, leaving me to stand limply on one side of the bed. Lucas walked around to the other side, quickly pulling his t-shirt off. Hard muscles covered his tanned chest, there was even the hint of a six-pack. Just another reason not to cross him.

He turned to look at me, grinning at my stillness. "Do you like what you see? Because it's always on the table, babe." I shook my head, looking away from him, unsure what to do. "You know, you're going to have to get in bed sometime soon." I'd been considering running, but he'd probably bring me back.

Right. Yeah. Did I really have to strip in front of him? I couldn't sleep in my underwear, as he had my bra. Somewhere. No way was I going naked. I pulled off the baggy tracksuit bottoms, deciding to sleep in his t-shirt and pants.

I slowly lifted the corner of the cover, eyeing it distastefully. Lucas looked at me, the same look in his eyes as when he'd threatened to tie me to the bed. I quickly got under the covers, lying on the very edge of the bed, to stay as far away from him as possible. I could get up in the night and get onto the sofa.

I think Lucas had kept his jeans on, which was definitely a plus. I heard him get in behind me, sighing heavily as he lay down. My body remained stiff as I lay there in the dark, unable to relax with him a few inches away. I tried to keep my breaths deep and even, hoping he'd think I was asleep. The same electricity was in the room as before, tingling up and down my skin.

The mattress moved as he shuffled closer to me, but I squirmed further away. I could feel his body heat radiating out, but I tried to ignore it. And failed. Don't let him hurt me.

"Babe, are you asleep?" Lucas whispered to me. I stayed silent.

I jerked as a warm arm touched my shoulder. Lucas wrapped his arm around my back, while the other snaked under my side and pulled around my stomach. He slowly pulled me closer to him, my body sliding across the soft mattress. Soon I was pressed against his warm chest, his arms wrapped around me.

I could barely breathe. I remained stock-still, fighting between pulling myself closer and running away screaming. Small shocks danced from where his skin touched mine, across my back and chest. My heartbeat was bursting so loudly through my body, I was surprised he couldn't hear it.

Lucas slowly pulled my head forward a little, until my head was tucked under his jaw, his chin resting on the top of my head, his stubble scratching my scalp a little.

We stayed like that for the rest of the night.

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