Hotel Rooms

Kelly Brooks is an ordinary girl, working at an ordinary hotel, making a fair amount of money.

Kelly hates One Direction. Well if you we're in her situation, you would too.

It all started when a misterious man named Paul checked in....


5. The Deal

Chapter 4: The Deal


Kelly's P.O.V.

I slowly open my eyes and look around me. Where am I? I sit up and get a sharp pain on the back of my head. "Ow..." I mumble to myself. "Guys I think she's awake." I hear someone whisper. "Who's there?" I ask, looking around for where the voice could have come from. "oh you know." I hear another voice say. Oh shit. I reconzie the voice. "Niall?!" I exclaim standing up and grabbing what ever was closest to me...A block of cheese. Yay. "Yeah Kelly. It's me. and the other guys too." MY mouth falls open as the other boys apear. "where are we?" I ask, looking at Liam. "We're on the tour bus." "Why the hell am I on the tour bus?!" I scream. "We kiddnapped you. Duh." Harry says, as if it should be ovious. "WHY?!" I scream and point the cheese at Zayn. "Well we weren't orriginally going too, but you've got something Kelly." Zayn says. "Excuse me?" I ask, confused. "You're going to be our maid, featured dancer, cook and everything inbetween." Harry says. "You could even be my se-" I cut Harry off. "whoa whoa whoa. there is no way, god FORBID that I would have sex with you." I scream. "That's what they all say." Harry says winking. "Niall slap him!" I scream. Niall does nothing. "Niall." I say, a hint of saddness creeping in my voice. Niall looks down at the floor. "What if I don't want to do this for you?" I ask, becoming serious again. "Well then we'll keep you hostage for the rest of your life." Liam answers. "And what if I do?" I ask, crossing my arms. "When the tour is over, We'll let you go." "When is the tour over?" I ask. "2014." MY mouth falls open. "THAT'S A WHOLE YEAR!" I scream. "No shit sherlock." Louis says. "Guys I have an actual JOB! my boss is going to kill me if im not there tomorrow!" I exclaim. There was a silence. "we can pay you." Liam says. "Um, yeah totally. Like I'm going to trust you again." I roll my eyes. "Suit yourself. You'll be doing anything we tell you to do, without pay." My mouth falls open. "Fine. I'd like money." Liam nods. "Okay. We'll pay you every week, let's say, $100?" I nod. "Okay. And anytime you whine or don't do what we say, then I'll remove 2 dollars for that week. You'll also always have to be with one of us at all times." I nod. "Okay my turn for boundaries." They all stay silent. "I will not do anything sextual, and I will NOT dance at your concerts. I get my own bed, and and hour of privacy everyday, where I don't have to do what you guys want me too. If I have to go out or something and I have to be with one of you, then I get to pick which one." They all take this in. "Deal."

* * *

We arrived at the new hotel 5 minutes later. I can't believe I agreed to be the maid of 'One Direction'. I can't understand  why someone would be obbessed with them. They're so selfish, and they freaking kidnapped me! I wish I had a cell so I could call the police and get them arrested. Ugh. Right now though, I'm popping popcorn for Harry and making lemonade for Zayn. I thought Zayn was all quiet, but hayl no. "HURRY UP!" He screams at me. Just then the microwave dings and i pull out the puffed up bag. I find a bowl and pour out the contents of the bag. "Harry your popcorn!" I eclaim putting it on the counter. "What about my lemonade!?" I hear Zayn scream. "One sec!" I answer and put one more spoonful of sugar in the cup. I run over to the couch and passs the cup over to Zayn. "Thanks Kelly." I sigh and head off to my room. "1 hour!" Louis screams. I sigh again and flop down on my bed. And to think I actually thought they were cute.
And Niall...I sigh again and put my face in my pillow. I let the tears fall into the pillow as I sob, somewhat quietly. I hear a knock on my door. "Go away!" I exclaim, my voice rough. "It's me." I hear Niall's voice. "GO AWAY!" I yell, falling back into the pillow and sob, not caring about the noise.
The next thing I feel is someone rubbing my back. I lift my head up and see I got make-up all over the pillow. "I told you to go away." I say, knowing it was Niall. "I heard you crying." He answers. He attempts to move my head to face him, but I don't let him. "Niall I look like shit." "No. That's not possible." I feel a slight blush coming on my cheeks. NO. don't you dare blush. He used you. He just wanted to kidnapp you. He doesn't really like you. "Come on. Kelly you're goregeous." I feel a slight smile creep up on my face, and I let him turn my head. He smiles. "And I was right." I feel my cheeks redden again. Goodness! Kelly what's wrong with you!? I feel another tear fall down on my cheek. "Why are you sad?" He asks me. I snort. "Like you wouldn't even know."

Niall's P.O.V.

"Like you wouldn't even know." She says. God she's gorgeous. I can`t believe I agreed to kidnapp her. I swear if we didn`t I would have asked her out. "Yeah...Sorry." I answer, looking at my hands. She shakes her head. "You're not. You're  just glad you have a new maid. You're a dick you know? To think I actually liked y-" She covers her mouth before she could finish her sentence. My mouth falls open. "no no no no no I didn't just say that." She says, shaking her head nervously. "You did." I whisper, bringing my face closer to hers. "Niall what are you doing?" She asks, her eyes sparkling. "I have something to say to." I say, smiling. She raises her eyebrow in confusion. "I like you too." And then I close my eyes and press my lips to hers.

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