Hotel Rooms

Kelly Brooks is an ordinary girl, working at an ordinary hotel, making a fair amount of money.

Kelly hates One Direction. Well if you we're in her situation, you would too.

It all started when a misterious man named Paul checked in....


1. Paul

Chapter 1: Paul


Kelly’s P.O.V.

“Kelly!” I hear my boss scream. I leave my desk at the lobby (it was a really slow day today) and head to where my boss was sitting.

“Yes Sarah?” I ask, looking at my hands.

“Who gave you permission to call me by my first name?” She snaps.

“Oh, uh, sorry, Mrs. Burgess.” I try not to laugh as my best friend’s (and fellow worker) nickname for Sarah come to my head. You see, her last name is pronounced “Burg-ess” But Jess (that’s her name) likes to call her Mrs. Big-Ass. It’s actually pretty funny when she says it.

“Thank you.” She says as if she couldn’t care less. “Okay, going on a....long...’break’.” I knew better than that. She fired Jonathan yesterday because he forgot to put whipped cream on someone’s hot chocolate when we are not supposed to anyway. “So I’m going to have to get you to do room service.”

“Will I get a raise?” I ask.


Mrs. Big-Ass slaps me across the face. “What the hell was that for?!” I yell.

“Kellasandra! How many time must I tell you not to yell in the lobby!?” Sarah yells.

“NEVER! You never did! And DO NOT call me Kellasandra!”

I swear that this would have continued for hours on end if the little ding saying that someone came in went off, causing me to rush to the front desk. The man was a little plump, and came up to me, wearing sunglasses.

“Hello, how my I help you?” I ask politely.

“Um, I made a reservation. It’s under, Paul.” Cool! He has an accent!

I flip through my binder and fin his name. Whoa! A 4 suit room!?

“Room 6A, on the sixth floor.” I say passing him his card. “Just sign here, initial here, and full name here.”

I pass him a paper form and a pen. He fills it out. “Okay, so the pool’s open between 8am and 9pm, and the breakfast bar opens at 7am and ends at 11am. If you have any questions, just dial 1 on the phone.” He nods his head.

“Um, could I have 5 more room keys?” Whoa! Why does this guys need 6 room keys?

“Um, sure...” I go though one of the drawers and pull out 5 more key cards. I pass them to Paul. “Thank you.” He says.

“No problem. Do you need any help with your bags?” He looks at me confusedly, and it’s then that I notice he doesn’t have any bags.

“When  everyone else gets here they will probably need help, so even if they say no, help them anyway.”

“You got it.” I say to Paul.

“They won’t be here for a little bit though.” Paul adds.

I nod my head. “Okay.”

Paul was about to walk away when he asked me what my name was. “Kellasandra. But I go by Kelly.”

“What a nice name.” Paul comments, and leaves the hotel.

“Now where were we?” Mrs. Big-Ass says walking over.

Rrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg! I pick up the phone thankful  for this interruption.


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