Hotel Rooms

Kelly Brooks is an ordinary girl, working at an ordinary hotel, making a fair amount of money.

Kelly hates One Direction. Well if you we're in her situation, you would too.

It all started when a misterious man named Paul checked in....


2. One Direction

Chapter 2: One Direction


Kelly's P.O.V.
It was about 10pm when I realized that Paul didn't tell me what the boys looked like. Oh yay. "I'm leaving." Sarah says before walking out the door. I hear her talk to people. "Um, is Kelly still here?" I hear someone ask.
"Ya the bitch's at the front desk." Sarah says. I hear the shuffle of feet, and then 5 (very good looking) boys step into view, all towing 2 suitcases each. "Um, we're looking for Kelly?" The one with a buzz cut steps forward. ANOTHER accent!
"You're looking at 'er!" I exclaim. They all smile.
"Um, we were sent here by-" he tried to start again but the blond one interrupted him. "A fat man." He said to himself, causing the curly haired one to chuckle.
"Niall!" Buzz-cut exclaims. "Just excuse my friends." He says again. "I'm Liam." He says. I smile. "That's Niall," he points to the blond one. "That's Harry." Okay. Makes sense. Curly's name is Harry. "That's Zayn." He points to the shy looking one with the quiff. "And that's Louis." Louis was wearing stripes, a beanie, bright red pants...and suspenders?!
"But you probably knew that." Harry laughs.
I shake my head. "Actually, I didn't." I say. All their mouths fall open.
"Does One Direction ring a bell?"
"Oh!" I smile.
"Remember who we are now?" Niall asks with hopeful eyes.
"Nah not at all."
"Anyway," Liam says. "As I was saying, a man named Paul came here?" I nod my head.
"Need help with your bags?" I ask. They all shake their heads. "No no, it's okay." Liam says.
"Well to bad, because Paul told me that no matter what I have to help you with your bags."
"Then why did you ask?" Louis asks.
"I don't know. To be polite I guess." I shrug.
I grab a little trolly thingy, and load all their bags on it. "Have your room keys?" They all nod. "Okay. Follow me to the elevator." I push the trolly to the elevator and Niall presses the elevator button thing. I smile at him, as if to say thanks, and then the doors open, and they let me go in first.
Liam presses the button for the 6th floor. To fill the awkward silence, I speak up. "So you guys asked me if One Direction rang a bell. Why exactly?"
"Cause that's the name of the band we're in." Harry says.
"So like, you sing and play instruments?" I ask.
"We're more of a boy band. We only sing. Well, Niall is amazing at the guitar, but that's about it."
"You play the guitar Niall?" I ask. He nods his head.
"Oh my god, I LOVE the guitar." He smiles as big as his face will let him.
"So like, you play?" He asks.
I nod my head proudly.
"Maybe you could come visit us..." Niall suggests.
"I'd love that." I say. They all smile this time, and the doors open on the 6th floor. They all get out and Louis helps me pull the trolly out. "Thanks." I say. He smiles.
"Alright!" I exclaim and they all look at me like I've gone insane.
"There's no one on this floor guys." I explain. Niall chuckles and we start walking towards their room. We find the room, and Liam swipes his card, and we enter the room.
I push the trolly in, and am about to leave when Harry says, "stay just a little while."
Everyone else groans, and Louis says, "here we go again."
"Um, okay. I mean, Mrs. Big-Ass - I mean Sarah isn't here so I'm sure she wouldn't care." They all smile, and I shut the door behind me.
"So guys, why do you have 4 rooms, but they're five of you?" I ask.
"Well, Zayn likes, no, LOVES his sleep, so he gets a room to him self. Niall snores, so he gets a room. And then Lou and Harry share another, and then because apparently I talk in my sleep, I get my own room." Liam explains.
I try not to laugh.
"And Paul will sleep on the couch. When he stays here. He and all the stylist people get a different hotel to confuse the stalker fans." Louis says. I nod my head, though I'm completly confused.

I turn to leave but Liam stop me. "Oh m god! Are you okay?!" I turn to look at him, and he puts his hand on my cheek, right where Sarah slapped me.

"Oh yeah. Totally fine."

"Then why do you have a big buise on your cheek?" He asks, getting the attention of all the other boys.

"Um," No sense in lying. "My boss slaped me because I was yelling in the lobby." I say, looking at hr ground.

All their mouths fall open. "Harry get her some ice." Liam comands.

"Whoa, dude, settle down, it's no big deal!" I exclaim.

"Havd you seen your cheek?!" He exclaims. I shake my head. "Zayn." He says, and extends his open hand toward Zayn who places a little hand mirror in Liam's hand. Liam hods up the mirror to my face, and I get a good look at my cheek.  Holy poo! He wasn't kidding! I look horible!

"Uh, Harry hurry up with the ice please!" I yell in the direction that Harry went.

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