Hotel Rooms

Kelly Brooks is an ordinary girl, working at an ordinary hotel, making a fair amount of money.

Kelly hates One Direction. Well if you we're in her situation, you would too.

It all started when a misterious man named Paul checked in....


3. Midnight Cake

Ok so I know it’s been like 4 months since i updated, but honestly, I like totally forgot about this story until I got an email from here saying this story was on the One Direction Fanfiction app, I was like, “I MUST UPDATE” so yeah. And then like 3 weeks passed and I finially finished it. Lol so uh, here it is!!!!


Chapter 3: Midnight Cake


Kelly's P.O.V.

So here I am sitting on the couch in the hotel room of 5 people I just met. But they look nice enough. And aparently they're famous, so yeah...
Harry returns with a bag of ice and Liam presses it  against my cheek. I sigh in relief. "Oh my god that feels so good." Louis giggles into his hand and Harry say under his breath, "that's what she said." "ha ha Harry." I laugh sarcastically. "Like you would even know what girls would say." I roll my eyes. "What are you? Like 16?" I give Harry a once over. "Actually, I'm 19, and how would you know if I haven't slept with anyone?" I give him a confused look and Louis speaks up. "Yeah! Harry here has slept with plenty of w-" Harry prevented Louis from finishing by elbowing him in the stomac. I roll my eyes again and turn to look at Niall, eating a chocolate chip cookie. "Niall, give me a peice of that." I reach over to grab the cookie and everyone gasps. "NOOOOO!" Niall screams before running away. "Whoa, what was that?!" I ask, looking over at Zayn. "Niall just LOVES his food." He explains. "Well then." I stand up, taking the ice bag from Liam. "I should just let you guys get your sleep. I'm sure you have something to do tomorrow." I grab my trolly and head for the door. "Hey, we'll see you tomorrow right?" Harry asks. I roll my eyes and leave without answering.

* * *

RING RING RING I slowly open my eyes and hear the phone ringing. "Hello?" I grogily answer. "Kelly is that you?" Oh great. Niall. "Yeah it's me what do you want?" I answer. "Whoa, someone's annoyed!" "Dude, I just woke up, give me a break!" "Why are you still here anyway?" I sigh. "I have to work the night shifts too." I answer. "So I kinda just sleep on a matress under the front desk. It's actually quite cozy." I answer. Yeah that's right. I don't have a house. It's not that bad, I mean, I don't get payed a lot, so I don't even know if I would even be ABLE to pay rent, plus I also don't have to pay for food. The only downside is that I can't exactly sleep in pjs... I mean I have some. I just never use them I just sleep in my uniform, and i have 3 of them, so I just do the wash a lot. "Oh um, well I was calling for room service." MY mouth falls open. "Niall are you serious?!" I exclaim. "Yeah." He answers. I look at the clock beside me. "Niall it's midnight!" I exclaim. "Yeah. So?" I sigh. "Okay fine. What do you want?" I ask. "Chocolate cake please!" "Um, how many slices?" I ask, heading to the kitchen. "CAn you just bring up the whole cake?" MY outh falls open, but none the less, I take the whole cake and put it on the room service cart. "Anything else?" I ask. "A big jug of milk, and 2 glasses." He answers. I grab the milk and two glasses. "Why two?" I ask, while grabbing some utensils. "Aren't they're 5 of you?" "Yeah well it's all for me, but I though you might want to join me." I smile to myself. "Are you sure about that Niall? We kinda only just met." "Oh that's okay. I mean you don't have to if you don't want too..." His voice trails off. "No no, that's nice. Sure. Okay, I'll be up there soon." I hear Niall smile through the phone. "Okay, see ya." I hang up and head towards the elevator. I press the 6 button. "wow this guy sure can eat." I say to myself.
I reach his room and knock on the door. "roomservice!" I whisper loud enough so that Niall can hear but I don't wake up the other boys. THe door swings open to reveal Niall. "Oh yum! It looks so good!" Niall exclaims, pulling the cart into the kitchen. I grab the milk and the cups while Niall grabs the ake and the utensils. I reach under the cart and pull out two plates. I put them on the table with the rest of the stuff. I then notice only a single lamp is on. "So is this kinda normal for you?" I ask. Niall laughs to himself. "Yeah." Niall cuts himself a slice, and then one for me. I grab a fork and dig in.

* * *

Niall and somehow had gotten so that we were sitting so close to eachother our thighs were touching. We were sharing the last peice of cake. "Mmm this is so good." Niall says again. I laugh at him, and smear iceing on his nose. He gets iceing on his finger and smears it on my...lips? "Nialll what what that for?" I asks, reaching for a napkin. Niall stops me. "So that when I do this I'll taste chocolate." At first I was confused, but then Niall started leaning closer, and closer. I closed y eyes, realizing I wanted this too, and before I knew it, Niall's lips were connected with mine. Our lips moved in perfect synch, and I soon felt his tounge licking my bottom lip. I wasn't sure if he was just tasting the chocolate or wanted entrance, but I still let him in anaway, and he smiled into the kiss. I could then taste the chocolate cake we had just eaten. I smile into the kiss.

Niall's P.O.V.

I can't believe that I actually got her to come up! "Guys, she's comming!" I yell into Liam's room, where everyone was hiding. "Good. Okay so you know the plan right?" Harry asks me. "Yeah, she comes up, we share the cake, I kiss her, then knock her out, so we can grab her and go." I answer. Yeah yeah. It's true. we're kidnapping Kelly. I hear I knock on the door and run to grap it, knowing it was Kelly. "Oh yum! It looks so good!"I exclaim, not lying. I pull the cart into the kitchen

* * *

We were sitting so close our thighs were touching. We were sharing the last peice of cake, and the worst had happened.
I was falling for Kelly. This was not suposed to happen! And then I had to kiss her! oh man. I get to kiss her! She smears iceing on my nose, bringing me back to reality. I dip my finger into the iceing on the cake and smear some on her soft. "Niall what was that for?" She asks, reaching for a napkin. I stop her. "So that when I do this I'll taste chocolate." I did this cause I didn't want to taste her soft lips. They proably tasted so good, and I didn't need another reason to fall for her. I started leaning closer and closer, and I closed my eyes. Our lips suddenly connected, and moved in perfect synch. I licked her bottom lip, wanting entrance, (and also the taste of chocolate) and luky for me, she knew what I wanted more. She let me in and I smiled into the kiss. She smiles too, and I feel around the table for the lamp. USually I would open my eyes but I didn't want to ruin the kiss...although I was going to smash her on the head with a lamp... I finally find the lamp and pick it up, still kissing Kelly. I raise it up, to where I hope her head is. I didn't want to do it. The boys would get so mad at me if I didn't. But then she pulled back. I open my eyes, and see her face flushed. "I'm sorry." I whisper, before hitting her head with the lamp.

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