Hotel Rooms

Kelly Brooks is an ordinary girl, working at an ordinary hotel, making a fair amount of money.

Kelly hates One Direction. Well if you we're in her situation, you would too.

It all started when a misterious man named Paul checked in....



hey guys it's me liv here.


so I never ever ever thought my story would get somewhat popular, and it makes me feel like even more shit because since I started it 4 months ago I can't remember where it was going to go. Ugh you have no idea how mad I am at myself.


I'm writing chapter 4 right now, and idk if I like it or not, but I will post it, idk when tho.

So please no mean comments if you hate it...

it's kinda just explain the whole situation that's going on and all that shiza.

So yeah.

If you want you can comment what you want to happen in the story or give me some ideas or something. I'll put ur username at the beginning and stuuuf.

I'm not saying that im completely out of ideas, I just want to see what you guys think.

oh and so so so so SOOOOO sorry if you thought this was the next chapter.




-Liv <3

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