He remembered...

My name is Amora. It's Spanish and the ironic thing is, it means love. I'm 17 now. I'm dreaming about my ex-boyfriend. The last time I saw him was Christmas 2010, when we were under the mistletoe, when he promised he'd never forget about me. He got a new phone and I was that one person that didn't get his new number. He was too busy to go online and only last week, I heard that he'd been on a few dates with some models. Obviously we're over and he's forgotten. I'm just waiting for something from him. A text, email, or even a letter. Oh yeah, I have to say one more thing about my boyfriend: His name is Niall Horan...


13. I remembered that it was hard to perform

I was so nervous. I was in the O2 arena about to perform to countless fans of One Direction. The spotlight was shining directly on me and you could see me shaking. I explained to the large crowd that Niall was my boyfriend and I was opening for the band. "This song is dedicated to all of One Direction. Loads have people have been saying things about them. Rumors about Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam. I will always love those guys no matter what. Who's with me?" I shouted out to the crowd. There was a roaring cheer in response. I sang Perfect by P!nk and everyone clapped. One Direction walked out on stage. "Thanks for that Amora," said Liam. "You were amazing," said Harry. "Great performance Amora!" said Louis. "You have a really good voice Amora," said Zayn. Niall just hugged me. I could see Sunny, Destiny and Felicia sitting in the front row. They all praised me about my performance. We enjoyed 1D singing Heart Attack, Still the One and Summer Love, when Niall said "I'd like to welcome Amora Kinely back onto the stage!" I was confused. I did my performance... I climbed up onto the stage and I heard familiar music. They were singing Kiss You! To me! It was amazing and during Niall's solo he approached me and handed me a note before he winked and walked to the other side of the stage. 'Meet me backstage after the concert. Again. From your Nialler xox' The girls and I were whispering during the rest of the concert. "Destiny! This is my dream come true. Niall Horan is my boyfriend AND I just performed in the O2 arena!" I said to her. " You are so lucky Ams! I seriously wish I was you." she replied. That night was amazing. After Kiss You they sang I Would, Rock Me, and to finish they sang Live while we're young. Even to this day I'd say it was the best thing that ever happened. During the last song, all the guys threw out 1D T-Shirts and hoodies to the crowd. I didn't want to try and catch one. What I had was better. My friends and I were on tour with one of the world's biggest bands. I didn't need anything else. I had what I needed right where I was.

Shout-out to Hannah Darroch who helped me to write the last 2 chapters. She gave me really good ideas because I had another writers block. She's not on Movella but she makes Youtube videos. Here's her channel.



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