He remembered...

My name is Amora. It's Spanish and the ironic thing is, it means love. I'm 17 now. I'm dreaming about my ex-boyfriend. The last time I saw him was Christmas 2010, when we were under the mistletoe, when he promised he'd never forget about me. He got a new phone and I was that one person that didn't get his new number. He was too busy to go online and only last week, I heard that he'd been on a few dates with some models. Obviously we're over and he's forgotten. I'm just waiting for something from him. A text, email, or even a letter. Oh yeah, I have to say one more thing about my boyfriend: His name is Niall Horan...


11. I remembered it's hard to talk to Hope about these things

"HOPE CRYSTAL!" I screamed. I was really mad at her. She lied to me, she kissed my boyfriend, she made me run off in tears, almost break up with the guy I can't live without AND told everyone that I wasn't straight anymore last year. That girl has problems. "Who do you think you are trying to hook up with my boyfriend!?!?" She better have a good reply to that. "I think that I'm me?"she said timidly. I sighed and stormed out. "Don't talk to me!" I yelled as I left. How would you feel if someone tried splitting you up with the person you're in love with. I had loved Niall for 3 years now and when we're FINALLY back together that is when she tries to break us up.

"I hate her now!" said Destiny with a mad look  in her eye after I told her about what happened. "What am I going to do Dee?" I asked her. What would happen? Would I spend the rest of my relationship with Niall worrying if Hope was spreading rumors to the guys that I was cheating on him? "You could distract her." said Destiny. "I'm listening." I replied. "Find another guy. Get him to get her attention. Then they flirt with each other for a while and the guy asks her out. Then she's busy with him and BAMM a new couple is created. Happiness for you, for her and for the guy who want's to go out with her." There was one flaw in this plan. Who was desperate enough to go out with Hope?

"WHY DO I NOT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE?" cried Jordan, Destiny's cousin. He was staying with her over the summer break. "And happiness for you because Jordan won't be moping." I said. We looked at each other and instantly knew what we were going to do. This plan wasn't good. It wasn't amazing. It wasn't perfect. It was legendary.

"Hey Jordan..."

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