He remembered...

My name is Amora. It's Spanish and the ironic thing is, it means love. I'm 17 now. I'm dreaming about my ex-boyfriend. The last time I saw him was Christmas 2010, when we were under the mistletoe, when he promised he'd never forget about me. He got a new phone and I was that one person that didn't get his new number. He was too busy to go online and only last week, I heard that he'd been on a few dates with some models. Obviously we're over and he's forgotten. I'm just waiting for something from him. A text, email, or even a letter. Oh yeah, I have to say one more thing about my boyfriend: His name is Niall Horan...


5. I remembered an obsession

We were so scared. She was my best friend and I didn't know where she was. I felt so guilty. We knocked on Louis' door and he just said he had been on the phone to his mate Stan, remembering all the great times they had. "I think we should check Liam's trailer. I think he would be the sort of person to help out someone lost and keep her safe." said Louis. So next we checked Liam's door. "Me? No I haven't seen her," he told us. "We really need to find her. Maybe we could check Zayn's trailer?" So we looked in Zayn's trailer and Perrie was there! "There's a missing person? We should let Harry know," he suggested. "Yeah," added Perrie. "We have to find her. We can't just leave a missing person..."

"Amora! There you are!" answered Sunny when we knocked on Harry's trailer.Then Harry came up behind her. "We should have checked here first! I just remembered. Sunny loves Harry" I mentioned to the others. "Since we're all here and Harry, Zayn and I have visitors, why don't we all hang out together now that we've found Sunny." suggested Niall. We all loved the idea so after we rode to the boys' hotel room, we hung out for the rest of the night. Then after awhile Niall and I caught up with each other, Harry and Sunny got to know each other, Zayn and Perrie hung out together and Louis and Liam planned a huge party. They were booked into the hotel for one last night, they managed to get me and summer a room and seeing as nothing was planned tomorrow they decided to have a party. All of us knew it was going to be amazing.

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