He remembered...

My name is Amora. It's Spanish and the ironic thing is, it means love. I'm 17 now. I'm dreaming about my ex-boyfriend. The last time I saw him was Christmas 2010, when we were under the mistletoe, when he promised he'd never forget about me. He got a new phone and I was that one person that didn't get his new number. He was too busy to go online and only last week, I heard that he'd been on a few dates with some models. Obviously we're over and he's forgotten. I'm just waiting for something from him. A text, email, or even a letter. Oh yeah, I have to say one more thing about my boyfriend: His name is Niall Horan...


6. I forgot about him

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH" screamed a familiar voice. It was 10 o'clock in Mullingar's finest hotel and now one of the best rooms were trashed. Sunny and I had just come back from getting a load of pizzas for the 300 people in the boys' massive suite and the first thing I saw was a 21 year-old musician who was part of one of the world's biggest boy bands."I guess the party's in full swing!" I yelled at Sunny. A strangely familiar figure stumbled up to us. It was Martin, Sunny's brother. He picked me up and spun me around. "Hello there beautiful."  He smelt of beer. "How much did you drink Martin?" asked Sunny "Only two." he replied drearily. "Pints?" I asked. "No liters!" he yelped, laughing. God knows how he got there.

Up until 1am, we were dancing to the music and we kept posting random pictures online. At 10am I realized I still didn't know the name of my song, so I went to find Niall. But I couldn't find him anywhere in the room. The guys didn't know where he was. Neither did Sunny. "Don't worry Amora. Just go back to your room and relax he's probably running errands." said Liam. I trusted Liam. I thought of the best. I went back to my room alone. Sunny was busy with Harry. "No no no! You need some advice and someone to help you relax!" she said to me as I left. "It's okay. I think what's best for me is to be alone for a bit." I replied, disappointed. So off I went. I trudged along the hall feeling alone. Unwanted. Mistreated. Misplaced. Misunderstood. Underestimated. And most importantly... Ashamed.

I opened the door and turned on the lights.

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