Halloween High

Get ready for this new school...


4. Chapter 3

Another day in Halloween High, i go to the classrom with all the other students, and when i came into the room the teacher Miss Blood say that i have to see the director, so i go.
-Can i...-i asked
-Yes dear, sit there please.-She says.
-What happen?
-Jade, we have a proble, and just your family, you can solve him.
-What problem?
-You know the story of Halloeen High??
-Yes i know the school was created to protect us form Alaric.
- They don't tell you all the story.... You need to speak with the vampire king, he'll tell you all the story and after that you came to speak with me.
-Ok, but i can't go out of the school. Its the rules.
-You're right , Dracu go with you.
In that moment i just think, not him, Dracu was Vampirela's old brother, he have my age 16, but we are always fighting because i can't like Vampirela, she treats everyone like trash, they respect me because who i am, and respect my grou, i forget to talk about him, but i'll say everything now, so we have me a princess with all the super powers in al the world, imortal, and i'm a little of each specie, i'm a little vampie too (one of the reasons that i always fight with Dracu), and then we have Blue, she's the doughter of the see monster, Ice, the yety son, Laura and Josh the vampires, Gorgon the mesusa's son, Holt, the humanfire sun, Operetta the gost oppera doughter, Nefera the mumies doughter, Jack the human (he's the only normal person i know),Frankie, the frankeinsteyn doughter, Spectra the gost doughter, Wolf the werewove, Gouly the Zumby doughter, Megan, and Bonnie, in my group many of the members are the future kings and queens other are just like Josh, Bonnie or megan, and we are the biges group in all the school.
I'm a little afarid to know the story of Halloween High, my mum is a godness so i'm imortal like she is, and i'm one of the last Hibrids in my family, my father try to protect me because he's afraid, he don't want to hurt me but he forget i have to grow up.
I go with Dracu and he was quiet all the trip, it was creepy because he's always talking about something. We went in the Vampire castel and everyone was loking at me, i know i'm not the perfect girl but in that moment i realize somethin happen
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