Halloween High

Get ready for this new school...


3. Chapter 2

-Kids stop, c'mon, you don't have five years anymore! - Miss Blood the historical teacher said.

-I tell them to stop but they don't listen to me!- Megan a wizard girl say.

Morgan was a normal girl, not normal because she's a wizard, but normal.She have brown eyes and hair, shes not thin like the other girls but she have a heart and she know how to love someone. She spend all the time studing or alone, like a guy from the group of vampires Josh...

Josh was a popular boy, with blue eyes, black hair and a pretty smile in his face, he kill everyone who make him feel bad or something like that so he don't have problems. Josh doesn't know but Megan like him a lot.  Megan know she'll never date with him because they are diferent, but like Miss Blood use to say "if you never try you'll never know."

There are four speciall groups in the school, the vampire one when Vampirela is the little princess, she think she's better than everyone and she want Josh. We have the Wizards group were Luke is the master, he's a little creepy, thats what everyone think, the group of the witches and Morgana is the big girl, but she always fihting with Bonnie, the werewolves group and there we have Duce he's cute, nice, pretty and he know how to make a girl feel special.

And we have me, i'm not normal i'm sister of the king of Dreamland that makes me a kind of princess, to say the truth i don't like that, i'm tierd to have everyone doing what i want without say a  thing, just in Halloween High i'm normal. There none obey to me i'm another girl with a lot of powers and thats all, ok my hair is a little purple and i'm not the model of princess for none because i'm a little fat and that kind of things but i'm friend of speciall persons, i'm the only one who know how to kill Alaric forever, but thats just me, you can call me Jade.

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