Halloween High

Get ready for this new school...


2. chapter 1

It was a normal day, in Dreamland, the only place on earth with a mistic school, Halloween High.

Everyone can go to Halloween High, the problem is survive.... The school is full of vampires, wizards, pegasuses, quimeras, fairies, werewolves, witches and three or four normal people.

In Halloween High's hierarchies, and struggles between various species, very old rivalries. The school was established to educate and protect the future rulers of each species, but over the years began to see a need to integrate more students.

Protect those "children" was the biggest goal, and managed. Who is in need of protection, I explain, needed protection greatest hunter of creatures already seen  Alaric Creepy.   But in all this we have our director Lady Decapitated, and all the other teachers to put that school in the right place.   But it's something happening right now in the shcool.....

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