Little story's

If you want me to write a story about you and one of the band members comment your name and which 1D memeber!!
Thanks! ❤xx


2. For Kristina Borch!

"AHHHHHHHHH!!" I screamed.
"Did you really get tickets!?!?" I asked my mom for the one hundredth time.
"Yeah honey and the concerts tonight at 6:00" she says smiling.
"OMG I have to go get ready!" I said running up to my room.
I layed out my clothes first, which was a "Future Mrs.Horan" shirt and some red skinny jeans.
I hoped into the shower and washed off.I started to sing NIALL'S solo from little things,like always.
I hoped out and grabbed a towel. I started to blow dry my hair.I put on my everyday makeup which was,Foundation,eyeliner,mascara,little bit of blush,and some lip gloss.
I looked into the mirror."Perfect." I said to myself.
"10 mins till we leave!!" I heard my mom yell.
"Ok!!" I yelled back. I put my outfit on an grabbed my black converse.
I up some "Paris amore" perfume on to smell good for Niall.
I grabbed my wallet and my phone and went to find my mom waiting in the car
*skip car ride*
We got there really fast.Plus it was just down the street.
We started to walk in."what row do we sit in?" I ask
"Front row." She says I start freaking out and jumping up and down."tame yourself." She says laughing.
We walk In and to the front row. The concert starts 5 minutes later.
I was listening to the music when I saw Niall point I me. I didn't know If he was pointing at me.
"Me?" I mouthed. "Yes he said pulling me up on stage.
"Here is your back stage pass." He says handing me a pass.
"Thanks"I said
They started to sit down and I just stood beside Harry. "Kristina!" Niall yells from where he's sitting.
He pats his leg for me to come sit on. Which I do.
"Thanks I say smiling.
"Your welcome love." He says rubbing my arm. When Naill started to sing his part ,I was looking into the crowd. I felt a hand on my chin moving it. I see Niall.
He sings his solo to me.I start to tear up, he wipes the tears away.
He leans in and I lean in to.Our lips meet and sparks are all around the room.
It was a long passionate kiss. One of the things I will never forget...ever.

((((((Hope you liked it Kristina! Please comment if you did!)))))))))))
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