Secret love!

Lindsay Jones is 'the popular girl' in school, she fancies a boy in her school named Harry. The only problem is her father won't let her have a boyfriend!!!


2. Shock!

I had been chatting to Harry that day and he was so kind. He approached me in the corridor later that day and asked "Do you want to go out sometime? Maybe tonight?" I couldn't help myself "Yes, of course. What shall we do?" I was so glad he asked me out! "Maybe we could go see a film?" He replied. I thought that was a good idea and hugged him to make the girls 'round me, starring at Harry, mouths wide open, way jealous! I sat next to him in classes, we held hands underneath the table. I gave him my number and he text me later on he said "I'm really glad I've found you to be my girlfriend!" I sent him a smiley face.

Later on he rang me, he said "I can't wait, text me when your ready babe :) "

"Ok babe, I love you!" I replied   Then the call ended...

When i was ready i text him. 5 Minutes later he arrived in his beautiful car. I was wearing my white short skirt with a pretty pink flowery top.

As soon as i got in the car, Harry kissed me, he was wearing some black ripped jeans and a Superdry top that was black with white writing on.

"You look beautiful Lindsay!" He complimented me

"Aww thank you babe!" I replied and hugged him.  We set off to the the cinema. He turned up the music whilst i went on my phone texting my best friends, Megan and Brittany.

Do some more later :)

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