Secret love!

Lindsay Jones is 'the popular girl' in school, she fancies a boy in her school named Harry. The only problem is her father won't let her have a boyfriend!!!


1. First day

It was the first day back to school. I couldn't wait to see my friends and to meet new boys! My friend had told me about a new boy moving to our school, his name was Harry Styles, i was hoping he would be fit so that i could maybe... date him? So i woke up at 7.00am, my usual time to get my hair straightened. My natural hair was curly and brown, but I've died it blonde, and i straighten it everyday, i don't like my hair curly it doesn't look very nice to be fair! I've got hazel colored eyes following from my mother who is the most beautiful person ever! It's fair to say i have followed in her footsteps!


So, after i went put my makeup on and did my hair, i went downstairs to find a plate of pain au chocolat waiting on the table for ME to eat it! I am so lucky, im skinny too, i could eat all the worlds food and still be skinny as a stick. But its disgusting to eat THAT much!!!!! I prefer salads and stuff but my breakfast on the first day of school is always special. My friends Megan and Brittany ALWAYS come 'round before school and we walk together. I heard a knock ate the door, it was them but with this boy. I've got to admit he was pretty fit! They said "Hey Lindsay, this is Harry, you know, the new kid?" "Yeh, i remember you saying. Hey Harry" I replied, staring at Harry with a smile on my face. I then realized he was from One Direction. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH! As you probably already know he has brown curly hair! HE IS SO CUTE!

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