Update news for ONE DIRECTION

Ok guys so this is.....well...... Lets say a magazine all about one direction and how they're doing right now. So If u would like to hear the new news then go ahead and read. Might be late but well let's see what happens. I will update everytime I hear something new. Thank you.


3. Taylor swift cursing at directioners?!?!

We seen Taylor swift, on twitter saying "fuck you directioners" not really nice huh? Though she deleted soon after. But before she deleted it, Harry saw it and commented,"bitch, just stay in the fucking united states and stop chasing me. I fucked you once but I don't love you." We'll Harry got Taylor really good. But how do you guys feel??? Tell me. I'd like to know. Here's a link of proof of what harry and Taylor said. http://twitter.com/isisaguilar00/status/280482417486221312/photo/1
You guys could feel free to follow me on twitter. I do need some followers hehe. Well more news coming up soon. Thanks for reading the one direction news.
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