Update news for ONE DIRECTION

Ok guys so this is.....well...... Lets say a magazine all about one direction and how they're doing right now. So If u would like to hear the new news then go ahead and read. Might be late but well let's see what happens. I will update everytime I hear something new. Thank you.


1. Harry and Taylor swift?! What's going on?!

Harry styles and Taylor swift dating?! Hmmmmmmm. How do you guys feel about this?? We've seen pictures of famous singer, harry styles and popstar, Taylor swift, holding hands or hanging out with baby lux. Do you guys think something's going on? We seen videos were harry has declined HAYLOR (harry and Taylor's name combined) 3 times. But seen one video were said a "maybe" to HAYLOR. How do you directioners feel about haylor??? More news coming up soon.
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