Second Chance.

Niall horan fell inlove with a girl three years ago. Selma.
on Their Third enversery they decided to play outside their new house , he asked her to marry him and she said yes. but the moment after when they crossed the street laughing together, they both got hit by a car, and selma didn't survive.
Niall felt terrible and got mad, "IT SHOULD BE ME , I SHOULD'VE DIED."
He meets another girl that reminds him of her, but no he dosen't want to be in a realationship if it wasen't with selma. but what will happend next , why did he acctully get a second chance in life, was it to find love. No. I want selma. or..



4. nice - 4

Nialls POV.

I offically hate her now. and she is going to be my neighboor?! Hell no!

"You guys there's this ashole that moved in next door her name is cassie freeman and she has a big attitude, watch out" I said and walked to my room. "What did she do then?" I heard zayn ask. I didn't answer and just closed the door.

Zayns POV.

He closed the door without answering my question. It's 1 Am and everyone was tired so we all dicided to go to sleep. I'll talk to her tomorrow. I mean she can't be that bad . Right. **

10 am? I need to talk to her. I walked to the bathroom and when i got out it was 11 am , Wow I guess I got distracted while fixing my hair and.. admiring myself.

I opened the door and then heard Louis groan. "Where are you going?" he asked smashing his face at the pilliow. "I'll go look at the asshole next door." I said and laughed at my own joke.

When I arrived to the door I slightly knocked on it. No answer. Then i rang the doorbell. a minute after a beautiful brown haired girl opened the door. Her eyes were red and her hair was in a messy ponytail. She wore grey sweatpants and a purple crop top. She looked stunning. And obviously she just woke up. She's just like us. Five lazy asses. "May I help you?" She asked scratching her back and squinted her eyes. I didn't say anything. I draged her arm and pulled her With  me to Niall's flat. "What the heck let go!" she screamed and tried to get out of my grip.

I opened the door and the puched her at the boys that were sleeping on a madrass on the floor. They all groaned and I just laughed. Hoping that we all could be friends. 

"What the heck zayn?!" Harry groaned. "I'm not the one laying on you" He looked at cassie and so did the other boys "Who are you?" harry asked her. "the asshole" I said answering his answer. "hey" She said throwing a pilliow at me. I took It and threw it back at her, or I tried but It accidently hit harry sense he was so close to her. "PILLOW FIIGHTT" Louis screamed. and as he wished, we did. "WHAT THE HECK?!" everyone turned around to see a angry niall face. Everyone staired at him while he was only staring at Cassie. "You.. you ruined my pillows and the madrass!" He screamed at her, she looked down and said a quiet sorry. I was about to say that It wasen't her fault when niall grabbed her arm and screameed at her "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BITCH" he dragged her hard and threw her out the door, causing her to fall on the snow outside. 


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