Second Chance.

Niall horan fell inlove with a girl three years ago. Selma.
on Their Third enversery they decided to play outside their new house , he asked her to marry him and she said yes. but the moment after when they crossed the street laughing together, they both got hit by a car, and selma didn't survive.
Niall felt terrible and got mad, "IT SHOULD BE ME , I SHOULD'VE DIED."
He meets another girl that reminds him of her, but no he dosen't want to be in a realationship if it wasen't with selma. but what will happend next , why did he acctully get a second chance in life, was it to find love. No. I want selma. or..



3. hate - 3


Nialls POV.


it's been a half year sence she died. sense my fiance died.

I've been out doing some concerts and I really tried to stay strong and be happy for my fans. I  really love them. They didn't throw hate on selma. or that's atleast what I think. And I tried to stay strong for selma. that's what she'd want.

If she was alive. If I wasen't stupid enough to carry her with me to the fucking street. why the hell did I do that?!. I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I stood up and was about to leave the room. "where are you going.?" Lou's voice stoped me. "I'm just getting some air" "You know you got to let go sooner or later" i heard Liam say. " it was my fault!" i said before closing the door and walking outside. I sat down at the hammock and stared at the sky. I could see the stars. I counted them, one by one, I lost track when I came to 24. I saw the biggest one. "Hi selma" I could feel one. only one tear down my cheek. 

""Thank you mom I'll be home the 23" I turned around to see a beautiful girl, she was about 8 cm shorter than me and she had beautiful brown hair, the lenght of her hair stoped righr under heer boobs. She reminded me of selma. And that's not a good thing. From the moment I saw her, I imedietly hated her!does she really have to look like selma. my selma?. Fuck. 

Cassie's POV.

""Thank you mom I'll be home the 23" I said and closed the door. I walked over to my new apperment. It was acctully next to Nialls house. I knew who he was. Niall horan. He seemed nice but I'm not really a 'directioner' or what ever you call it. I've only heard the song. "Irresisteble"and It sounded pretty good.

"Who are you?" I heard an angry irish voice. I turned around to see the most beautiful guy I've ever seen. He was perfect. Was that the niall horan. Gosh I think.. I think I kind of like him.. But why is he so angry?

"Um I'm Cassie Freeman and I just moved in next door." I could hear him say 'oh great' sarcasticly and quiet. what did I do wrong?

"Nice t meet you too" I said a bot harsh. He Laughed sarcasticlly and walked inside. smashing the door afterwards.

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