Second Chance.

Niall horan fell inlove with a girl three years ago. Selma.
on Their Third enversery they decided to play outside their new house , he asked her to marry him and she said yes. but the moment after when they crossed the street laughing together, they both got hit by a car, and selma didn't survive.
Niall felt terrible and got mad, "IT SHOULD BE ME , I SHOULD'VE DIED."
He meets another girl that reminds him of her, but no he dosen't want to be in a realationship if it wasen't with selma. but what will happend next , why did he acctully get a second chance in life, was it to find love. No. I want selma. or..



9. beach pt 4 - 9

Nialls POV. 

What the heck harry?" I asked. "What?" He asked, Isn't it obvious. "You can't have a fling with HER" "And why not mate" he said with a smile on his lips, wich got me even mader, I was about to say something but then realised that this place had alot of people in it and i couldn't then they all came out. "Hey love" She said Winking at me. Why is she doing that.. Oh now i see.. she wants me to get mad, she knows that i hate her. "Bitch" I said. WHY DID I SAY THAT!!! I have the perfect idea, she seemed to hate me to! then why not play along with her and convince her that I love her - wich i dont-  she is going to get so mad! 

"Love!" I shouted at her, she was with zayn and they were about to get in the water. "You look beautiful!" She looked at me wierdly but somehow mad.

Cassies POV.

did he just.. compliment me.. I've got to make him fall inlove with me . Hard. and if he's playing along. well lets say it will all just get sooo much esier.

I played in the water with zayn, It was so much fun then somebody grabbed me from behind, he had strong arms and I saw his curls from behind, "Harry watch out my arm.." Splah he threw me on the water and When i got up I could see him laughing at me. "Fuck you." I said Splashing some water on him, I could see in the corner of my niall , he was looking at me.. was he.. jealous?.. he cant be.. oh god poor nialler..

When the beach pool turned a bit darker we all knew It was 9 Pm. I had my shorts on and I still didn't have my top on, only my bikini.

I decided to take a walk down the *Beach' All of my thoughts were on my mom, then niall came running towards me with a smile, and an evil smile. "hola" he said, "hey" "you know niall, I'm not really in a mood of talking about, the hate" i trailed of and looked at the sea, I sat down and he joined me. "but you know my mom, she Only have a week left and she is going to spend it with her mom, she dosen't want to be with me the last days she have left, It sounds a bit wierd but she didn't want me to miss her to much, like your missing Selma, zayn told me everythinng" "but I loved her" he said, "i love my mom to, " I said emidietly, the tears running down my cheek. I hate him. I still do. "You know.. you don't think of Selma," 

"what?" he asked getting angrier.

"you only care about yourself, yeah maybe you are the one getting another chance and she dosen't but do you think she'd want you to not be happy around others." 

"I am fucking happy with others." he said calmed. "Not with me, i just need to ask you, can please stop swearing at me, my dad, you now.. I dont really care if you like me or not, just stop swearing.

Niallss POV.

her words hurt, I'm a terrible person. I stod up and offered her my hand, she didn't take it, she stood up by herself, we were walking back, along the beautful 'beach' then something cold hit me, water , I turned around to see her wisseling and looking up at the sky, I splashed water at her, and then the water fight started. "AHH NIALL !!" she screamed when i fell and greabbed her with me. She was now laying on top of me, kissing possison.

Cassies POV

kissing possion, He is going to pull away so why not let him get angryer.

Nialls POV

She is going to pull away so why not make her angrier.

I leaned up and pur lips touched, but she didn't pull away, we kissed, and my tounge slowly entered and it turned out to be a freanch kiss, why didn't she pull out, WAIT, THE BEACH HER LIPS FREANCH KISS, SELMA , THIS WAS OUR FIRST DATE. 

I pulled out of the kiss. "I HATE YOU!" I said getting up, "I hate you." 

a smile grew on her lips but I could see something that was defenetly oppsit of a smile. I got her trapped, but she kissed me.

I'm so sorry selma! "I LOVE YOU SELMA !" i said looking at Cass. Oh shit. 

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