Second Chance.

Niall horan fell inlove with a girl three years ago. Selma.
on Their Third enversery they decided to play outside their new house , he asked her to marry him and she said yes. but the moment after when they crossed the street laughing together, they both got hit by a car, and selma didn't survive.
Niall felt terrible and got mad, "IT SHOULD BE ME , I SHOULD'VE DIED."
He meets another girl that reminds him of her, but no he dosen't want to be in a realationship if it wasen't with selma. but what will happend next , why did he acctully get a second chance in life, was it to find love. No. I want selma. or..



7. beach pt 2 - 6

Cassies POV.

"WHAT. IS THE BIG ASS BITCH DOING HERE?!?!" Told you he was lying. the blonde one stood up and his face was inches away from mine. I was furius, why does he keep calling me a bitch and asshole, I got enough from that from my fucking dad that now was in prison, and it didn't help that my mom has cancer and is going to die in  7 days. but as i told you , I am strong. 

"YOU LIED!" I said turning to liams face. I didn't want to look at Niall ugh. "I HAD TO, YOU GUYS NEED TO TALK YOU DONT EVEN KNOW EACHOTHER." "ok, you want us to talk you want us to get to know eachother, fine" I said turning to Nialls fucking angry face. " MY DAD FUCKING RAPED AND ABUSED ME , AND WHEN HE TRIED TO KILL ME HE GOT CAUGHT BY THE POLICE, SO I DECIDED TO MOVE AWAY, AND MOVED TO A FUCKING BEAUTFUL HOUSE THAT TURNED OUT TO BE NEXT TO A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GUY, BUT HE TURNED OUT TO BE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I'VE EVER MET , AND MY MOM HAS A WEEK LEFT TO LIVE  BECAUSE OF CANCER, AND I'M GOING TO BE ALL ALONE. AND THIS." I trailed uf and took of my jacket to let them see what he did to my arm, they all gasped "IT DIDN'T MAKE IT BETTER!" he came even closer and "Bitch" slapped me.  I was about to say something but he said something firts, "do you want to hear my story, fine love" he said "MY FUCKING FIANCE DIED 6 MONTHS AGO AND I WAS WITH HER THREE YEARS , I WAS THE ONE WHO CAUSED HER DEATH AND YOU FUCKING LOOK LIKE HER, AND THEN YOU  HAD TO MOVE NEXT DOOR TO, AND YOU HAD TO GET INTO MY HOUSE AND MAKE ALL MY FRIENDS THINK YOUR SOME NICE ANGEL THATS JUST WHAT SHE WANTS YOU TO THINK!"  he trailed of and turned around " THIS GIRL" he said pointing at me "IS A FUCKING ATTENTION SEEKER, ATTENTION HORE" he finished and I walked closer to, his face, it  was inches away from mine , "Bitch" I said and turned around. "what no slap?!" he said. I turned around "Your not worth my touch" I said and walked to the stairs, "If you don''t freaking want me close to you, I'm fucking going to stick like glue on you" I said before walking up the stairs. 

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