Second Chance.

Niall horan fell inlove with a girl three years ago. Selma.
on Their Third enversery they decided to play outside their new house , he asked her to marry him and she said yes. but the moment after when they crossed the street laughing together, they both got hit by a car, and selma didn't survive.
Niall felt terrible and got mad, "IT SHOULD BE ME , I SHOULD'VE DIED."
He meets another girl that reminds him of her, but no he dosen't want to be in a realationship if it wasen't with selma. but what will happend next , why did he acctully get a second chance in life, was it to find love. No. I want selma. or..



6. beach - 6

Harrys POV

Zayn came out of the room , and he was pretty disapointed. We all decided to forgive Niall for what he did. Maybe he was just still sad about selma. Oh poor selma. We all missed her. That's why we all klicked so well with Cassie , She reminded us of her. I don't get it, why does Niall take it all out on Cassie? She is wonderfull!

"hey guys I have an idea" Liam said entering the house "Let's go to the pool! You know the pool next to my aunts house," That pool was amazing , It was inside , wich is good cause it's december, and I practiclly looked like a beach, It was huge too! And it had a big Fake soon at the roof and it was just amazing, It had sand a Pool that looked like the sea! I woulden't call it a pool! I'd call It an inside beach.

"YEAH!!" I practiclly screamd."Whit Cass." "No way bro what about Niall" Louis said. "It's god way for niall, I mean all of us to acctully get to know her, she dosen't seem bad ,guy's come on , I've already talked her into it, And you should see her arm where niall grabbed her, It's awful!" Everyone looked at each other and then back at niall "Why not, It seems like an good idea!"Zayn said, just when we said that Niall came in. "Seems good to do what?" He said walking to "Were going to the beach with" Liam stepped at nialls foot to  make Louis stop "With..Out paul"  He said smiling , "seems fun , I'll go pack the stuff," he said, "WAIT everybody go pack everything were staying at my aunts house for a month." everyone agreed and went home to pack , we decided to met there tomorrow 3 p.


everyone was now infront of Liams aunts house. Exept for Liam. "Where's liam?" Niall asked. "His weent to pick up.. some stuff" zayn said making us all understand what he mean.

Cassies POV.

I was now standing outside my house waiting for Liam. He told me that Niall wanted to say his sorry for how he reaccted yesterday.

I was quite shocked when he said it but liam would never Lie. Would  he?

"GET IN BEAUTIFUL" I heard him shout from the car, I sat at the seat next to him and we drove of.


We grabbed our laugage and stepped inside, Everyone was gathered on the coach waiting for us talking. When they saw us everything went quiet, They looked at me first and then at Niall. Liam Lied.

"WHAT. IS THE BIG ASS BITCH DOING HERE?!?!" Told you he was lying. 

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